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How to Repair Mohs Surgery Wound?

I had Mohs surgery on 8/14 to remove a basal cell cancer from my forehead. The wound is now open and covered and I'm weighing my options for repair. ... READ MORE

I Had Mohs Surgery Above my Right Eyebrow (On the Forehead) - Itching/Healing?

The Dr had to take 2 cuts to get it all, it went to the skull. I have a 2" hole in my forehead. The last bolster was taken out 2 weeks ago, it... READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait Before Having Mohs Surgery?

I had a small (3mm) raised pearly colored bump on my forehead for the past few months. My dermatologist removed it and sent if for a biopsy. It came... READ MORE

Wound Care After Mohs Surgery Repair?

I have read pros and cons regarding the proper care for a granulating wound on the upper forehead. A forehead flap procedure covered the large defect... READ MORE

Debating Forehead flap: how long until the flap comes down?

Hello, I have been given the option of a forehead flap for my mohs on nose reconstruction. I'm so scared of the forehead flap because it's so gruesome... READ MORE

Large scab 7 weeks post-MOHS - should I put Vaseline on it or just not worry?

MOHS for bcc on forehead Nov. 7. After stitches removed two weeks post-op, a large scab remained in center of area; this scab is still just as large... READ MORE

No Eyebrow Movement Following Plastic Surgery to Repair of MOHS Procedure?

2 weeks ago, I had plastic surgery to repair a dime size hole in my forhead located just right of the midline on my forehead. The repair was... READ MORE

Is Sentinel Node Biopsy Needed for Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

My dad had 6mm by 6mm lesion on forehead two months ago. It was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma (biopsy was done; pathology report said it was... READ MORE

When will the swelling resolve?? When should I start exercising again??

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the right side of my forehead at the hairline 1 week ago. The Dr had to go in 3 times to get clear margins... READ MORE

What are the best & most inexpensive options to reduce scarring post BCC MOHs - flap? (photo)

I had MOHs done in May 2012. Three reconstructive surgeries later.... I'm struggling with the scarring. I have a large raised scar on my forehead, a... READ MORE

Nervous about Moh's surgery

I was told to get Moh's but didn't because I didn't have money. I finally made my appointment, but I'm scared. It is on my forehead and it is about an... READ MORE

What can help ease the pain from the tightness after MOHS on the head?

I had MOHS on my forehead 9 weeks ago to remove a basal cell carcinoma. Then, I had the area surgically closed, which involved opening it bigger first... READ MORE

I had a biopsy in which the doctor completely removed what looked like a red pimple on my upper forehead.

The biopsy was positive BCC, The area has completely healed over without a trace. So I canceled my surgery. I am assuming that the cancer was only in... READ MORE

Is XOFT Radiation a Good Option for BCC on Forehead After Several Staph Infections? (photo)

My dermatologist suggested XOFT radiation instead of surgery. I had all the mapping and prep work done and was ready to start treatment, only to... READ MORE

Skin graft on nose bridge after MOHS. I have received 2 conflicting opinions. Which will give me the best result?

I have a BCC about a 1/4 inch in diameter on the bridge of my nose. The first doctor recommended taking graft from the forehead and to perform the... READ MORE

Chance of infection forehead post mohs surgery?

I had mohs surgery 1 wk ago and the incision is HUGE. I surfed the internet and cannot find one even close...They couldn't graft or stitch because... READ MORE

Mohs closure. What are my options and at what point is a forehead flap considered?

My biopsy on the side of my nose reads superficial with margins. One surgeon told me she would NEVER let anyone do the forehead flap on her and I do... READ MORE

Help on failed forehead Moh's surgery for longterm basal cell cancer. Any suggestions?

I have had an area on right side of forehead biopsied basal cell over 10 years ago. It has been frozen, excised, curetted, tried Aldara and Effudex... READ MORE

Is superficial radiotherapy a good alternative to mohs surgery for treatment of basal cell carcinoma?

I have recently undergone mohs surgery for a bcc on my cheek. I experienced a MRSA infection and an ectropion eyelid that will require surgery. I have... READ MORE

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