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Tight and Lopsided Skin Flap Reconstruction Results

I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose, and I had Mohs surgery to remove it. The following day, I had plastic surgery to close it up. The plastic... READ MORE

Dark Spots in Graft After Mohs for Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Should I worry about a graft with dark spots and some splitting around the borders 10 days post-op? Please see photo. Thanks!! READ MORE

Skin Graft After Mohs Surgery Split Open About 4-5mm the Day After Stitches Came Out

I had Mohs surgery near the corner of my eye for basal cell lesion 9 days ago. The nurse took stitches yesterday. She warned that if I rubbed it too... READ MORE

How long should swelling last after Mohs Surgery when it's near your eye? (photo)

I had the mohs procedure done 3 weeks ago for two bccs on the inside bridge of my nose very near the corner of my eye. I had dissolvable stitches and... READ MORE

Skin tension after Mohs surgery? Straight line closure, no skin graft. (Photo)

I had Mohs done 16 days ago, I had bcc in the corner between my eye and bridge of nose the wound ended up about the size of a cigarette butt. The... READ MORE

Had Mohs surgery on my temple/primary closure, but my eye no longer looks the same. Is this normal? (photos)

Doctor used skin from periorbital area to lift into temple, skin taken from the lateral end, also looks like ligament was cut and sutured to my tarsal... READ MORE

Mohs on nose. How long does it take the skin from the inside corner of my eye to settle down and look normal?

I had a dorsal nasal flap. How long does it take the skin from the inside corner of my eye to settle down and look normal? I look like something from... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my left eye bigger to match the other eye? Please help! (photo)

I had mohs surgery in June by my left tear duct. I have seen my plastic surgeon every month, for follow up. As the swelling goes down, my left eye is... READ MORE

Why Does my Mohs Surgeon Not Like Topical Scar Treatments Near Eyes?

Why Does my Mohs Surgeon Not Like Topical Scar Treatments Near Eyes? READ MORE

How long can the wound be left open if it needs to be closed by an Oculoplastic surgeon?

My lesion is close to my right eye, perhaps described as medial canthus. I am scheduled for a surgery on Wednesday, the Mohs surgeon thinks she can... READ MORE

Mohs, freezing samples to speed up time

I had Mohs surgery near my eye today. The first pass came back clear. Then the PA said, "Dr. X will take one more cut at the edges because we used a... READ MORE

Mohs surgery near eye

Had mohs surgery for basil cell about 3wks ago on my nose close to went well with very small scar but after removal of stitches and... READ MORE

My eye appears slanted following reconstruction of MOHs surgery, will this improve?

I had reconstruction surgery on my right temple to close a quarter size hole left from MOHs surgery. The surgeon was able to do a single line closure,... READ MORE

Should I wait to have Mohs Surgery? (photo)

My son is graduating from High School next month, I'm scheduled for Mohs surgery next week. It's to remove a spot of Basal Cell on my nose near my... READ MORE

I had ocular melanoma removed. Scar tissue has been the problem not that cancer is gone. What can be done?

My doctor used a ambeotic ring after surgery but it didn't workout. Scar tissue forms so eye doesn't move freely or open all the way.. My eye is... READ MORE

How can eyelashes grow from skin graft that came from a place where no eyelashes were growing? (photos)

I had a skin graft taken from the fold over one eye to fill in some of the area where a lot of skin was removed during a Mohs procedure for basal cell... READ MORE

What is the prognosis for BCC affecting maxillary and/or eye socket requiring localised radiation therapy - if unsuccessful?

My father who is 67 recently underwent MOHS surgery between nose and eye (including skin flap) for recurrent BCC growing underneath old scar tissue.... READ MORE

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