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How Well Do Skin Grafts Match From Inner Ear to Nose?

I will be having Mohs surgery next week, for two basal cell areas on the right side of my nose. I have fair skin that tends to be reddish on my face... READ MORE

MOHs - Inner Ear: Heal on Own Vs Graph?

Had MOHs surgery today to remove basal cell inside my ear. 42 yr old white male. Most of the inside skin was scraped out. At a glance it was missing... READ MORE

What is an Acceptable Wait Time for Basal Cell Cancer Treatment on Ear?

My GP referred me to dermatology for a biopsy after I pointed out a non-healing sore on top of my ear. It took a month to get in for the biospy and a... READ MORE

How Long Until the Finger in my Ear is Gone?

I had Mohs surgery immediately in front of my ear ten days ago and the scar is the length of my ear. Even though my ear wasn't touched, except for a... READ MORE

Need to Wait for Mohs on my Ear for Another Month, is That Wise?

Found a little sore on my ear about 3 weeks ago and saw the Derm last week. A biopsy revealed basal cell. It is located at the front, upper part of my... READ MORE

Does Procedure Remove Skin Cancer W/lift

Skin cancer located on side of face and behind ear on other side of face READ MORE

Skin graft on nose bridge after MOHS. I have received 2 conflicting opinions. Which will give me the best result?

I have a BCC about a 1/4 inch in diameter on the bridge of my nose. The first doctor recommended taking graft from the forehead and to perform the... READ MORE

I have BCC on my ear. Could they really take off my whole ear? Do these surgeons really release people with gaping wounds?

I know it has spread to the skull area behind my ear, and I'm pretty sure that it is eating through the cartridge on top of my ear as well. I'm really... READ MORE

Is it possible to increase ear size?

Hi, I'm a 42 year-old male. 9 months ago I had MOHS micrographic surgery to remove a squamous cell carcinoma from the upper helix of my right ear. The... READ MORE

My question concerns treatment of a basal cell carcinoma in the inside of my ear. Any suggestions?

I have been told I have a basal cell carcinoma on the inside of my ear. The options presented were Mohs surgery (which I have had in other locations)... READ MORE

Cancer removed from my nose, and a skin graft. Is this normal?

I had Basinal cancer removerd from my nose, and a skin graft taken in front of my ears to fill the area where they removed the cancer this procedure... READ MORE

How much light headedness and wooziness is normal, if any, after Mohs surgery? When is it appropriate to contact the doctor?

My 88 year-old dad had 3 mohs surgeries (yes 3!) in Monday. 1. Left temple, 2. Left earlobe, and 3. Right inside crease of outer ear.He spent 6.5... READ MORE

Does this brown spot in my ear look like basal cell carcinoma? (photos)

I have had this spot in my left ear for 1 to 2 years. At one point it disappeared and returned. I don't think it has grown bigger but it may have... READ MORE

Healing following Moh's surgery. Is such a long healing period normal? Thank you.

I had Moh's surgery on the upper portion of my ear about 6 weeks. Stitches were removed after 3 weeks. Could not remove all the stitches due to scab... READ MORE

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