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16 Days Post MOHS Surgery/reconstruction - to Cover or Not to Cover?

A skin graft from behind my ear was used after MOHS surgery to remove BCC - The oculop. surgeon who did the reconstruction has told me to keep... READ MORE

Swollen and Hard After Mohs Surgery

Had mohs 12 days ago. almost all swelling completely gone. 1cm Wound on side bridge of nose closed in linnear type fashion. Stitches from upper side... READ MORE

Face Healing Question After MOHS?

I had MOHS by fellowship doctor 2 weeks ago to remove basal cell cancer. Removal incision was along left side of nose along the natural seam there.... READ MORE

Can I Swim in a Public Pool or Go into a Hot Tub After Mohs Surgery? (photo)

The mohs site (about a quarter sized on my right ankle for melanoma) was not closed and it has been two weeks since the surgery. I know pools can be... READ MORE

No Eyebrow Movement Following Plastic Surgery to Repair of MOHS Procedure?

2 weeks ago, I had plastic surgery to repair a dime size hole in my forhead located just right of the midline on my forehead. The repair was... READ MORE

Is the lump permanent? Am I cooking an infection? (Photo)

In my twelfth day of recovery following Mohs surgery on my left temple. Cuts were examined 3 times before a clear slide. I have a 3/4" highx11/4" lump... READ MORE

Skin tension after Mohs surgery? Straight line closure, no skin graft. (Photo)

I had Mohs done 16 days ago, I had bcc in the corner between my eye and bridge of nose the wound ended up about the size of a cigarette butt. The... READ MORE

Does it appear healed enough to stop that and just go with sunscreen? (photos)

Had MOHs surgery 16 days ago for bcc. Been using Vaseline and covering with bandaid 24/7. Thanks READ MORE

After MOHs on the side of my nose with graft done, only using lots of Vaseline

I cannot use band aides as back reaction. Surgery done Oct. 14 th. Is it normal to have a gooey yellow covering of the wound. READ MORE

I am having severe headaches two weeks after Mohs. How long will they last? (Photo)

I had Moh's performed 2 weeks ago ,above my left eyebrow and about the size of a nickel based off pictures. I have random tear jerking headaches the... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Mohs on Scalp, why does the skin die? Will I have problems later?

It looks like a whole at the top of incision, and white skin that has died, Why does the skin die and will i have problems later? READ MORE

When can I get the site wet/shower on my Basel cell skin graft ?

Today makes two weeks he has me putting ceraVe now on it ,over the skin graft ,but the scab is still there ,as I did the Vaseline and bandaid like I... READ MORE

I had the MOHS procedure on 3/18/16. Although it appears to be healing well it is unsightly. How can I speed healing? (Photo)

The photos do not look as bad as it does in person. The Dr had to go in 4 times to remove all the cancer cells. I'm just washing with soap and water... READ MORE

I had a skin graft 2 weeks ago after Moh's surgery. Is the scabbing expected? (Photos)

I made an appointment and will be following up with the dermatologist in 2 days. What can I expect will be done if it has failed? READ MORE

Scar after Mohs surgery. What should I do? (Photo)

I had a Mohs surgery on May8 this year. Then week a go they removed my stitches. All looked good buy now the scar worries me,part of it doesn't heal.... READ MORE

My forehead is red and hot and my scar is throbbing 13 days after MOHs surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had MOHs 13 days ago, cancer removed from the tip of my nose and repaired with a flap. The tip still hasn't healed and today the upper part of my... READ MORE

My lip is pushed down in right side 2 weeks after MOHs surgery will it straighten out?

I had MOHs surgery 2 weeks ago and my lip is crooked. The scar is also hard under the skin at lip line where incision ends all the way to nose. Will... READ MORE

MOHS surgery: incision reopened, will it ever close?

On January 20th, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my head along with the stitches a week later. It's been exactly two weeks and two days, the... READ MORE

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