No Eyebrow Movement Following Plastic Surgery to Repair of MOHS Procedure?

2 weeks ago, I had plastic surgery to repair a dime size hole in my forhead located just right of the midline on my forehead. The repair was necessary, as I had a MOHS procedure the day prior for basal cell removal. I just noticed that my right eyebrow is not working at all now, only my left side comes up when I move my eyebrows. I love my plastic surgeon but he did not warn me of this happening. I can feel the forehead when I touch it. Does this seems typical and are the outcomes for full recovery good?

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No Eyebrow Movement After Plastic Surgery Repair

Your best option is to discuss the situation with the plastic surgeon who performed the repair. It's hard to make an "educated guess" or give any opinion as to what happened or possibility of recovery without knowing exactly what procedure was performed. The plastic surgeon knows what he/she performed and what might have happened. There is a branch of the facial nerve (cranial nerve 7) that is known as the temporal nerve. This nerve becomes superficial in the temple area and can be injured, causing eyebrow drooping on the effected side. It's possible a distal branch may have been traumatized. Like I said, best option is don't be afraid to discuss the situation with your plastic surgeon. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, get a second opinion. Good luck.

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No Eyebrow Movement After Plastic Surgery

Thank you for your question. I would definitely follow up with your surgeon to explore this further, as often temporary nerve involvement may result after a surgery in this area, but it is possible there is more going on here that would explain your current symptoms (e.g.: perhaps the tumor invaded a portion of the nerve and that some had to be removed). The recommendation would be to see your surgeon for evaluation and possible treatment if needed. I hope this helps.

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Loss of motion to forehead after Mohs surgery

In all likelihood muscle function will return as the motor nerves to the large muscle on your forehead are fairly well branched by the time they reach this point on your forehead meaning there is a lot of reserve to allow for full recovery.  The greater risk is forehead numbness in this area and above. as the sensory nerve comes right out of the bone beneath the brow.  Even this problem improves in most cases over time.  Talk to your plastic surgeon and express your concerns.  My best advice is to give it more time! 

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Brow droopy after skin cancer surgery

It is possible that the nerve for brow lift is injured. It can take weeks to months for it to regain some or all function. Discuss it with your plastic surgeon.  Brow lift is possible if necessary after about a year of recovery.

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No eyebrow movement following Mohs repair

I would agree with Dr. Kaufman and suggest you consult with the plastic surgeon. There are facial nerves that could have been affected, which may or may not recover over time. But the surgeon will know exactly what he/she did in that area and the type, depth, and area that was treated specifically. 

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