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What Should I Expect After Mixto CO2 Laser Treatments?

Just had Mixto two days ago and would like to hear from someone who has done this as to what to expect day by day. I have just found this site and... READ MORE

Is MiXto Laser As Good As Fraxel Repair?

I'm a 35-year-old Asian, and I have acne scars and pigmentation all over my face. I'm wondering, is MiXto Laser as good as Fraxel Repair? Or is it... READ MORE

Can Several Mixto Laser Treatments Completely Smooth out Acne Scars?

I have bad acne scarring on my cheeks and chin. It's causing me to be very insecure even with makeup on. Is it possible to completely smooth out acne... READ MORE

Am I Evaluating Mixto SX Fractional Laser Results Too Soon?

I did my first Mixto SX Fractional Laser treatment about 12 days ago. Though my doctor did take my pics before treatment, I did not take any for my... READ MORE

Aquaphor Substitute for Post Mixto Laser Care?

I just had Mixto Micro Fractional Laser treatment yesterday. I'm using Aquaphor, but it's very greasy. I'm wondering, how long should I use it, and... READ MORE

MiXto Laser Pain and Downtime?

I've read a lot of good reviews on MiXto Laser. Is there really less pain and downtime with MiXto than other laser treatments? How much pain and... READ MORE

Bumps Post-Mixto SX CO2 Laser Treatment

I am still bright red, but the flaking has already started (day 4). First, my upper lip cleared but now I suddenly have developed two bumps. These... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for Pigmentation After Mixto Laser?

Four weeks after Mixto laser treatment, my cheeks are still pigmented. The pigmentation appears like the lines on the areas treated with the high set... READ MORE

Mixto Laser Vs Active FX or Deep FX?

Which between Mixto Laser and Active FX or Deep FX is best for for smoothing skin texture from aging, sun-damage, acne scars, and some sagging? If... READ MORE

MiXto for Pock Marks and Red Acne Scars?

I have some pock marks on my face, mainly between my eyes, and some red marks from acne scars. Nothing too bad though, since my acne is under control... READ MORE

Mixto Laser Vs Fraxel Restore or Repair for Dark Spots?

I have black spots, hyperpigmentation from acne. They haven't responded to peels or hydroquinone or Triluma. I am thinking of having laser treatments.... READ MORE

Mixto Laser 9 Months After Deep FX?

I am 22 years old and have a many boxcar and rolling scars on both of my cheeks and on the forehead as well (due to acne). Now I am considering a... READ MORE

Itching Post-Mixto Laser

I had the Mixto laser done on December 22, and I experienced nearly intolerable itching 2 days post-op, and it won't stop! Is this common or could it... READ MORE

Difference Between Mixto Laser and Active or Deep FX?

I am considering Mixto Laser for shallow acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven texture. Is there is a difference between this laser and Deep FX or... READ MORE

Is my Reaction to the MiXto Laser an Allergy or an Infection?

I had the MiXto laser resurfacing on December 27. Things looked really good but after two days, I became extremeley red and swollen. I called my... READ MORE

Clogged Pores Affecting Mixto Laser Results?

I had Mixto Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing done 2 weeks ago, but don't see any difference for my large pores and acne scars. Do clogged pores... READ MORE

I Have Keloids Scars on my Face Am I Eligible to Proceed With Mixto Laser?

I'm 26 Male Asian, my skin is very Oily & i have Acne scars together with Keloid scars all over my Face. I have done Laser before but sadly... READ MORE

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