NLder Tired of Waiting 5 Yrs for Reduction-- Surgery Successful :) - Mississauga, Ontario

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I will try to make my review as brief as possible....

I will try to make my review as brief as possible...

As a young gal I loved my developing breasts. Big boobs ran in my family and it was normal. They blossomed way too big along with my weight at an all time high of 180lbs in 2008. I was 36HH, European styled bras and was developing a bad back and low self esteem whenever I saw people looking down at my chest instead of in my eyes, or when I saw myself naked. I decided to go to my Dr and get a consultation in NL to see a PS.

I had to wait to see Joy Cluett, and finally saw her in July 2010. By that time I was down to 135lbs and my breasts were very deflated due to the weight loss and looked almost worst than at my heaviest. They were deflated with areolas sitting low. When I put them in the bra cups, I could see my slack skin creasing under the lace. Losing weight was great, but my boobs sure did go south. My PS said, "Excellent candidate, age 41, non-smoker, good BMI, I'll put you on my wait list." Geez, another I called several times in 2011 and they were telling me yet another 3-4 year wait at minimum since the PS shares the OR with 4 other surgeons and gets one day a week OR time!! Oh my...I was not wanting to wait much longer. So January 2012 I started researching how to get my health care to approve for surgery was a nit of red tape, lots of phone calls, emails and letters of referral, but I got approved by April 2012, and researched some TO surgeons.

As for going to TO, I decided to try there since there were so many PS's and I figured I'd get a surgery date soon, and it worked out! :) I went to Mississauga May 24 for two consultations and had a surgery date of July 9th with one before I walked out of his office. (Dr. Michael Weinberg) My consultation was brief as he just took pics and asked a few questions and since I was already approved by MCP, said it would be no problem with OHIP, that papers just had to be forwarded. I booked my ticket to return to Ontario and did not see my PS until surgery day. In hindsight, not sure if I should have tried seeing him again before surgery day...honestly, I knew all there was to know about BR from my extensive research, but I never did get to see pics or tell him a shape that I liked. I just trusted him that after doing 1200 BR's he would be great. He did tell me he could do a great job and I liked his confidence. I also had a sister who had a BR and I KNEW all there was to know, I could have almost assisted him in surgery, lol. I knew he was doing the lollipop incision, with no drains and that he would lift me where I wanted to be. When marking me, I told him a C or D and his response was that I was a D! I told him I was a 32G and he said that I could go by bra sizes. I was a little worried at that point of how the outcome might result.

So, he marked me before surgery very fast and chatted about NL, possibly trying to relax me, but honestly, I was sooo relaxed, I surprised myself. I figured I would be a basket case since I had NEVER been in hospital or had any kind of surgery before. The nurse gave me two painkillers about an hour before surgery, then at 9:15am at the Trillium Hospital on Sherway Drive, I kissed my hubby and walked into the OR, laid on the table and just put my faith in the medical system. IV went in, I was calm, I was breathing into a mask and heard the nurse say, "See you in a few hours." I awoke at exactly 12:15pm, 2 hours! I was tired and was wheeled into recovery, not sure what time...the staff was so good, I felt very cared for. Hubby ran across the street to get my prescription filled for Tylenol 3 and returned as I was trying to sit up. I got a bout of dizziness and I laid back down. I was given something to prevent nausea and it worked like a charm. By 2:50pm, I was wheeled out of recovery with an old 36HH sports bra on over my bandages and got into a taxi with my hubby to our hotel where I stayed from Mon-Sat. It was Studio 6 Extended Stay Motel and met all our needs with a kitchenette, free wi-fi and renovated rooms.

The Tylenol 3 were only taken as I needed them, and that was just for the first few days. I was NOT in pain, honestly, just a little stiff and tender from Lipo done on sides and to shape the breasts. I had minimal bruising in my opinion and as I took off my bra and bandages on Wed for my first shower I was not oozing and stitches/staples looked in tact. I was pleased but a little shocked at how BIG I seemed still. I told myself I was swollen and bruised and to relax and let things subside. I figured I would be wiped out and sleep alot, but I only slept regularly, but rested with tv/books, etc. I drank lots and peed alot. My shower was not uncomfortable and I was able to wash and dry my own hair...actually I even shaved my own legs which I KNOW I should not have done but I felt good with no pain. The week in hotel was easy and my hubby and I walked to various restaurants so I was able to get out and do some light walking. By Friday, I went back to the hospital and had my staples out by the nurse after seeing my PS who was so impressed with my healing. As the staples came out there was no oozing and everything had gone together well. She put on some steri-strips and off I the MALL lol...

Yesterday marked 3 weeks for me post-op. I stayed in Ontario for a total of two weeks, and saw my PS twice for a follow-up. Each time I forgot to ask how much was removed...duh! My surgeon was very good to offer his continued help as I needed it via email, phone calls with my Family Doctor, and I thanked him for making me a happier woman. I do, however, have this one concern...size and areola right breast is larger (but it always was) and the nipple is much higher than the left. I guess one was more of a challenge as I remember him saying when he marked me that the larger one turned outwards. I mentioned this to him and he said to give it time for swelling to go down. My family says not to worry and that one of my breasts was always bigger so not it's no different...but I guess I just envisioned perfect breasts. I did pay $2130 and I was hoping he would have taken some underarm fat, but I think since it was the lollipop technique, lipo is used mainly to shape the breasts better since there was no anchor cut. I absolutely did not want that. I do realize that there is only so small you can go with lollipop incisions. I started wearing my underwire bras since I feel so great and my breasts fit perfectly in the cups with a little bit of room.They are my OLD bras!! So sizewise I did not go down a whole lot, but I have been lifted significantly, which makes me extremely happy. My back problems have not disappeared and I do not look much different in clothes. I am not stuffed into my bras like before and I have noticed a difference in my posture. I am very glad I chose to get a BR. I know I worried too much about the surgery and if anyone is considering it, go do it!! I took some pics and will try to add them. I am now at the point where I wonder if I should be putting anything on my scars...up to now I have just used a little polysporin. I welcome any comments and will help anyone who is considering going out of their province to get their surgery. Thanks to Piggles and Mommy for your comments as I was recouperating in my hotel. I read your posts daily and read the Grey Trilogy :) Happy healing everyone :))

It's been 8 months post-op and I am going to TO...

It's been 8 months post-op and I am going to TO for a follow-up with my surgeon at end of March 2013. I am feeling somewhat disappointed due to the breasts still being too large and the skin on the top of the breast mound still very slack. You can't notice this when I stand, but certainly when I am lying down or squeezing into a bra. I am still wearing a 32G bra. I am wondering what my options are, if there can be any second procedures to correct this. I know my areolas are uneven as well, but it's the size and skin looseness that is most bothersome.

Went to TO Easter 2013 for my first follow-up with...

Went to TO Easter 2013 for my first follow-up with concerns about size bigger than expected and slack skin still on top part of breast. He did not even examine me, but just looked at my pic saying I looked great. He couldn't tell me how much weight was removed saying that info was at the hospital. I wanted to know and had asked in two previous emails, still unsure. He figures I am now half the size I was and that I shouldn't go by my current bra size 32F...oh my...he says I must feel better,yes, and I do look better and had no complications. I walked out
agreeing somewhat but still wish my breasts weren't so floppy. Was hoping for smaller, higher, I being too particular????

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