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Mentor's FDA-approved breast implants come in both silicone and saline, as well as a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures in order to provide each woman a customized fit. The collection includes products that accompany breast augmentation, such as sizers, expanders, and dermal tissue for breast reconstruction. Mentor has a comprehensive warranty and product guarantee for its full line of MemoryShape® and MemoryGel® implants. 

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This isn't so much of a review yet. Just beginning my story so I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm 32, 5'7", 127 pounds. I just booked my consult with Dr. Hasell for August 17th!!!!! Can hardly contain myself. this has been a long awaited journey! I've wanted to do this since I was 17. I... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I've been following this website for months to help with my decison. Everyones reviews have helped me know to what to expect and what not to freak out about. Of course I was very nervous but my wonderful doctor helped put me at ease. I ended up going with 450cc silicone mentor HP... READ MORE

Writing my first review! I am 24 years old with one child. Breastfed for a year and now I'm flat, deflated and borderline lift. My husband is very supportive so I'm thrilled that my day is coming! Did 2 consults and chose the second surgeon. Discussed my goals and after trying on implants... READ MORE

I've always been self conscious of my breast (or lack of) but never realized until now how it truly affected me. I had my BA 6/27/16 and it was one of the best decision ever!! I did it for no one but myself! To put on a shirt, dress, a swimsuit and it FINALLY fit in ALL the right places!!... READ MORE

Ok so, I just went to my Pre-op appointment today. Just got back... So last time at my consultation, we decided on 350cc silicones... Today, I went down to 300cc and still indecisive! I'm 5'1; 105 lbs and quite petite. I've always wanted BA since 18 but was put on hold til I finished having kids... READ MORE

I recently had my consultation after building up the courage for 10 years! My surgeon has recommended 350cc teardrop mentor implants (I'm a small b breast feed 2 children) . Just wondered if anyone has had similar implants? I do want a natural look bigger & fuller and would also like some... READ MORE

Hey Everyone, I'm a 30 year old mum of 2 who's never really had big breasts, always wanted bigger! So after doing lots of research I finally took the plunge & booked my procedure for a BA. I decided to go with the Harley Medical Group - Dr Mahadev - my procedure will take place at the Pall... READ MORE

Hello ladies!! I figured I would finally update my page. I'm 5'8, 140 lbs and a mother of one. I'm looking at getting mentor gel 425 cc silicone under the muscle. Right now, I'm a 32 B, a 32 D in Victoria secret (which sizes are usually off). I'm looking to have a full D after surgery. My BA is... READ MORE

I can't wait to have my BA with Dr. Desai! Though I waited over an hour for my consult it was well worth it. Truth is he wasn't available for a consult until the end of the month but the woman who booked my appointment after asking him first squeezed me in. When I did get to pick his brain for a... READ MORE

I'm almost one week out from undergoing placement of 320cc under the muscle, inframammary incision, Mentor gel implants (this was the biggest my surgeon said would fit my frame, I do have a small ribcage). I'm pleased with how easy my recovery was (no pain greater than 2/10, only used half of... READ MORE

Hi all, I am a 39 year old mother who has wanted larger breast for a very long time, I have had my consultation and book for surgery in 8 weeks. I am 5ft 5inches, 10 stone 8lbs (around 67kg I think) and currently a 36 large B small C. I would like to be a full DD or larger as I am quite wide on... READ MORE

Hello! I’m Nui, I’m 27 years old. Today I’d like to tell my experience at The Sib Beauty Clinic, Thailand to you all in Real self. I’m not really satisfied my breast. They aren’t beautiful but so small. When I wear a lovely dress or some clothes, It’s not beautiful as well as it’s possible. I h... READ MORE

Ok here it goes....i found this site on night while googling implant pics so i could get an idea of where to start with. Once I got a general idea of what i wanted, I started my search for PS's. I called a few around the area we live in and made 1 consultation appt. with a PS in my town and... READ MORE

I'd been researching breast augmentation for 8 months prior to booking surgery with Dr Cooter. I've always been very slim with not much to fill out a bikini. I was actually ok with having small boobs and never thought in a million years I'd have a boob job. I'm 28 years old so I'd gotten used to... READ MORE

Ive been waiting so long for this time to come! A little over two weeks and I finally have boobies!! I've been stocking this website and everybody's reviews for probably two weeks now and I'm obsessed. My family isn't very supportive of my decision for a breast augmentation, so reading... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have my breasts enhanced ever since I stopped breast feeding. I was lucky enough to exclusively BF both of my babies, so I often joke from the financial aspect, the "girls" earned it! I recently started getting back into fitness, and wanted to wait on the BA until I... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I love this site and so many of you helped me along the way, maybe I can help someone. This site is wonderful. I had been wanting bigger breast since the late 80's, I have never been happier. Dr. Matt Hlavacek is the very best. He and his office staff were awesome, they made me feel... READ MORE

I am now 1.5 months away from my surgery. I am having a Breast Lift and Implants. With help from my surgeon, we have chosen the Mentor High Profile 400cc. My next appointment is in 10 days! Wore the samples around the house on Sunday and they were so comfortable! I have had 2 kids, both breast... READ MORE

I had searched for a few years for the perfect doctor to fix my specific issue. I knew it would never be a run of the mill breast aug. I had tuberous breasts. .. really tight &firm chest with big puffy nips. I had always hated them, I felt uncomfortable and not normal. Fortunately I ran... READ MORE

Always wanted bigger breasts.. when i was pregnant i was about a 34D cup size just from getting my milk in and it was amazing.. but then i stopped breastfeeding and my boobs deflated back to reality again. Just want a full D/ small DD. My pre op appointment is tomorrow and i get to pick out my... READ MORE

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