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Mentor's FDA-approved breast implants come in both silicone and saline, as well as a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures in order to provide each woman a customized fit. The collection includes products that accompany breast augmentation, such as sizers, expanders, and dermal tissue for breast reconstruction. Mentor has a comprehensive warranty and product guarantee for its full line of MemoryShape® and MemoryGel® implants. 

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27yes Old No Kids Pre OP 34B/C BWD 13.5

Hello everyone! I can believe it is finally my time to give back to this community of amazing individuals who have helped me tremendously so far in my journey. I have wanted a BA for 10 years, seriously for about 3 and have done extensive research for 1 year. Yesterday was my first of two... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old, 5'0, 112 Lbs Silicone Round Mentor Implants 400 cc HP Under the Muscle - Chicago, IL

Currently I'm a 34B/32 C in VS bras. I'm 14 days out from my surgery and I'm unsure about the implant size . My doctor recommended 375 moderate plus profile round silicone implants under the muscle. My concern is that 375 might be too big for my frame? I want a natural size but a nice augmented... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female Empty B Cup before - having 345cc mentor high profile teardrop implants 1 child breastfed

Hi everyone! I'm currently 7 weeks and 1 day away from my surgery and am so excited! I have been to see my surgeon once already and am due to go back to see him on the 1st of June. I'm 24 years old, around 5"3 and currently weigh 128lbs and HATE my boobs after having my daughter they are so... READ MORE

Mentor CPG 322, 420 Cc Teardrop: 26, No Kids, 170cm, A/B Cup to D-DD

Since 13 I have always been self conscious about my boobs when they stopped growing at an 32 A/ small B cup. Over the past 5 years I have contemplated getting a BA but at the same time had a negative association and felt against enhancement and always said I would never get it done. However, in... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 5'7", 140 Lbs., No Kids, 34A Hoping for Full C, Mentor 400cc Silicone Implants

Like most people on this site, I have been reading everyone's journeys for years and finally decided it is time to tell my story for a couple reasons. 1) I feel like it would be helpful for me to have the support from a community of women who are going through or have gone through the process of... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 5'2, 350cc or 375cc Mentor Memory Gel - Scottsdale, AZ

Hey Y'all! Today I've made my deposit and selected my potential surgery date and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't quite decided on the implant size and profile yet. I will next week during the pre-op appointment. I'm thinking with 350cc I'll reach my goal size. Waiting for the surgical... READ MORE

27, 1 Child, 34b with 550 Mentor Implants , Hp over the Muscle

After having a baby , my body confidence went downhill. I decided after doing much research , I wanted a breast augmentation ,and I can honestly say I'm so happy with my decision. I am 5.5 , a size 10 and after pregnancy ended up a deflated 34b cup. I chose 550 mentor silicone implants , high... READ MORE

39 YR Old 34B Mentor Smooth Round 375cc High Profile Silicone - Houston, TX

I am hoping to be at least a full C post op. We will try to use 375cc implants if my tissues allow, since we are going under the muscle. If not, we will stick to the 350cc size. The three choices he gave me were 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. Once I chose the 350cc, the assistant said we should... READ MORE

5’6,” 140 Lbs, 32C, Getting 425cc Smooth Round Mentor Implants

What little breast-tissue I have is very low and very wide, so technically I wear a C cup because any smaller makes the underwire dig in. However, if I get a bra with a comfortable underwire, the cup gaps. By volume (and appearance) I am much closer to an A cup. It is a battle to find clothes... READ MORE

35 Y/O Mum of 2 - Exercises A Lot - 420cc Mentor Anatomical Dual-Plane - Melbourne, AU

Where to start... This has been a research project spanning four years (I knew prior to children that I'd get a BA one day) and so I started slowly with informing myself as much as I could prior to booking in consults with surgeons (yes, that's plural - I saw four before deciding on Mr. Richard... READ MORE

46 YO. Mentor Siltex 400cc HP subglandular / subfacial (on top of muscle) with local and sedation.

I never had boobs until I had my first child. Loved breastfeeding... think that's why I did it for so long! LOL I just adored that full feeling and how feminine I felt for the first time! Now I just feel that I need to be happy with myself. I just turned 46 and if I don't do it now, I never... READ MORE

27 Years Old/3 Kids/700cc Silicone - Atlanta, GA

Hi I am currently 1 week post op and am loving my new boobs :-) I started out 38A and I think I am around a 38D/DD now. Stats* -5'10 -200lbs -700 cc mentor silicone, under the muscle, mod plus profile, crease incisions. I couldn't be happier my recovery has been smooth. I have just stumbled... READ MORE

No Kids / 36A / 5'6" / 157 Lbs / 445 Cc Mentor MemoryShape: Tall Height, Moderate Plus - Newport Beach, CA

I have the body structure most men wish they had: broad shoulder and narrow hips (Inverted Triangle body type). All my life I wanted boobs for a feminine look. I consulted with 3 surgeons and was most comfortable and confident with Dr. Kyle Song. Just had surgery today and the pain is very... READ MORE

40 Yr Old Breast Implants (Mentor 425 ) Unders - Framingham, MA

I am a 40 yr old Mom of 3 who breast fed way too long ! 4 doctors said I was so saggy I needed a lift but as a mammographer I knew at my age I would probably getting a revision in 10 years and would cross that bridge later .Finally got my silocone implants from the amazing Dr. Hein . She was the... READ MORE

330 Cc Mentor round cohesive Implants - United Kingdom

I recently had my consultation after building up the courage for 10 years! My surgeon has recommended 350cc teardrop mentor implants (I'm a small b breast feed 2 children) . Just wondered if anyone has had similar implants? I do want a natural look bigger & fuller and would also like some... READ MORE

28 yr old, no kids, 5'6, 117lbs, under the muscle

I just had my breast augmentation today around 10:00am. I had never been under before and I was very emotional and quite frankly scared leading up to this event. Long story short, going under was a piece of cake! My anesthesiologist was amazing. I woke up singing worship songs of all things and... READ MORE

24 Yo, No Kids, 34A, 5'7" 127lbs - 350cc Mentor Mod Plus Unders

I've always been flat chested and been embarrass in swim suits or thigh fitting clothes. After talking to my doctor about what I wanted, he suggested the perfect size for me. I'm still early in my recovery but I can already tell I'm going to be very happy with my results! I can't wait to see the... READ MORE

30 Y/0 3 Kids, Breastfed

Dr robey will be doing my surgery. 300 mentor saline filled to 325. Concerned maybe not big enough? I don't want to look fake but I also don't want to regret not going a little larger.full c small d would look nice, I think. Also, hoping that not getting a lift is going to look ok. I don't want... READ MORE

50's, Married, Two Grown Children, Active with a Fun Social Life 300cc Mentor Under Muscle, silicone- La Mesa, CA

I made my consultation after researching the topic for over a year. I have always been embarrassed by not having any boobs. I have worn bras with tons of padding and underwire for as long as I can remember. I actually sew more padding into my bathing suits. On the plus side, I had no trouble... READ MORE

475cc Mentor Smooth Round Silicone Moderate Plus Submuscular - Coral Gables, FL

Such a fast recovery.. my scar is almost invisible. dr. Roudner and i had a consultatiom in may and my surgery was not until july so i think he forgot what we spoke about. I did not go over anything with him again, but i dont think he remembered me atall with so many other patients. I was back... READ MORE

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