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Mentor's FDA-approved breast implants come in both silicone and saline, as well as a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures in order to provide each woman a customized fit. The collection includes products that accompany breast augmentation, such as sizers, expanders, and dermal tissue for breast reconstruction. Mentor has a comprehensive warranty and product guarantee for its full line of MemoryShape® and MemoryGel® implants. 

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34 YO, 2 Kids, 34a Omaha, NE, 450 Cc & 500 Cc - Omaha, NE

My surgery will be with Dr. Finkle in Omaha, NE on 2/6/15. It feels like forever away! I opted for silicon mentor memory gel with 500 cc on the left & 450 cc on the right to fix some asymmetry. Current stats: 34 YO, 2 kids, 5'7, 130 lbs, 34a Implant choice: Mentor Memory Gel, smooth, moderate... READ MORE

24YO, Asian, 5'6, 118lbs, Mentor 450 HP Round Silicone - Rockville, MD

From the moment I first spoke to Dr. Tattelbaum I knew he was going to be the right surgeon for me. He took his time at the first initial consultation, went over every complication, answered all of my questions (that I had at the moment) and really listened to my breast goals. I've been wanting... READ MORE

29 Yo Tubular Breast and Augmentation

Tuberous breast deformity in July 2016,included a perinipple (Not periareolar) augm (Mentor silicone, right br 350 cc; left br 325cc) but without traditional referenced here(perinipple round block technique,aesth. plast. surg.22:284-288,1998).at 2 months,everything looked great... READ MORE

26 - no kids - 5'5 - 123 lbs - Mentor cohesive gel HP smooth round 425cc - Riverside, CA

Body measurements: band size - 29 boobs - nonexistent waist - 25 hips - 37 i went to a few consultations around the orange county area to get a feel for the drs and only one stood out to me. he was the only one who didn't rush me out of my appointment and made sure I understood what i was... READ MORE

40 Yr Old Breast Implants (Mentor 425 ) Unders - Framingham, MA

I am a 40 yr old Mom of 3 who breast fed way too long ! 4 doctors said I was so saggy I needed a lift but as a mammographer I knew at my age I would probably getting a revision in 10 years and would cross that bridge later .Finally got my silocone implants from the amazing Dr. Hein . She was the... READ MORE

5’6,” 140 Lbs, 32C, Getting 425cc Smooth Round Mentor Implants

What little breast-tissue I have is very low and very wide, so technically I wear a C cup because any smaller makes the underwire dig in. However, if I get a bra with a comfortable underwire, the cup gaps. By volume (and appearance) I am much closer to an A cup. It is a battle to find clothes... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female Empty B Cup Due to Weight Loss & Breast Feeding

Hi everyone! I'm currently 7 weeks and 1 day away from my surgery and am so excited! I have been to see my surgeon once already and am due to go back to see him on the 1st of June. I'm 24 years old, around 5"3 and currently weigh 128lbs and HATE my boobs after having my daughter they are so... READ MORE

28 year old, 5'7, 115lbs, no kids Mentor Hp 425/400cc - Edmonton, AB

I just had my breast augmentation today around 10:00am. I had never been under before and I was very emotional and quite frankly scared leading up to this event. Long story short, going under was a piece of cake! My anesthesiologist was amazing. I woke up singing worship songs of all things and... READ MORE

19yo, 5'8", 130lbs 350cc High Profile Silicone Under

Hey guys! I'm about to turn 20, 130 pounds and 5'8". Right now, I'm a 32A in bras, XS in bralettes and I've always wanted a breast aug just to feel normal and fill out clothes and bathing suits. I'm getting 350cc high profile silicone (mentor) under the muscle, inframmary incision. I included a... READ MORE

Dr William Hedden in Alabama the Choosen One

I was doing my searches on breast augmentation surgery at least for a year.I am expected to have Saline Mentor breast implants via transaxillary insicion, dual plane, at least 800cc ,slightly overfilled. But this is my expectations and I hope I can get what I want.That will be determine ... READ MORE

27 Years Old/3 Kids/700cc Silicone - Atlanta, GA

Hi I am currently 1 week post op and am loving my new boobs :-) I started out 38A and I think I am around a 38D/DD now. Stats* -5'10 -200lbs -700 cc mentor silicone, under the muscle, mod plus profile, crease incisions. I couldn't be happier my recovery has been smooth. I have just stumbled... READ MORE

Subfascial 235cc's Mentor mod + memory gel , 45 Years Old, 5'3" 115lbs, Breastfed 1 Child. Irvine, CA

I've always had a small chest. Was never too self conscious about it, but there's definitely been times when I wished I was bit fuller. I'm an active person, who likes to exercise. Needless to say, that made my body look a bit boyish, especially when dropping bodyfat. I had the fortune to get... READ MORE

48 and Finally Deciding to Do It

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Called once to get a price a few years ago but that was it. A few weeks ago I saw a friend that had just had it done and decided to check it out seriously. Had a consultation and got so excited by the sizers and 3-D pictures . I wanted to ... READ MORE

24 Yrs, No Kids, 5'3, 132 Lbs, BWD 12 cm, 32B Pre Op, Mentor 325cc Mod+ Textured Cohesive 1, Unders - London, UK

Live in London, UK but originally from Denmark. Will be travelling back for surgery with a PS I met in DK last year. He specialises in natural looking breasts and reconstructions, and refuses to carry out a BA that he doesn't believe will give a natural result. I am going for a fuller look, as... READ MORE

38 Yr Old, 300cc Mentor High Profile, Smooth, Saline from B to D Cup - White plains, NY

Had my procedure this morning. Performed by Dr Cairdullo in White Plains, NY. Had a septo/rhinoplasty done at the same time. Everything has gone well so far. My breasts are both sore right now, but not painful. Just feel full and tight. Keeping up with my pain meds, as recommended. Very happy... READ MORE

30 Yrs. Old, 150 Lbs. 475cc Mentor HP Silicone Implants!

I've been contemplating getting implants for 10 years now. Last year I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I'm not getting any younger!!! I'm very nervous. A little over a month and I'm going to (hopefully) have my dream body! I'm a little worried about the elasticity of my skin.... READ MORE

Mentor Implants 440cc Dual Plane - Chelmsford, GB

I am booked in on the 30th of march with Harley Medical Group for a BA! My surgeon has suggested 440cc will be the best size for what I want to be. I am currently a 32B and hoping to achieve a 32DD. I am having my implants dual plane. I am really looking forward to my op as this is something... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mother of Two, 32aa to 275cc textured high profile

I decided to do this procedure several years ago but was waiting until the right time. Now in 2016 with two kids and financial stability I am ready...I think. I'm very nervous and have been researching and reading probably more than I should. I am hoping to have 250cc silicone moderate plus... READ MORE

33 years old. Pre-op 32A, getting 415cc, mod+ silicone unders

This isn't so much of a review yet. Just beginning my story so I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm 32, 5'7", 127 pounds. I just booked my consult with Dr. Hasell for August 17th!!!!! Can hardly contain myself. this has been a long awaited journey! I've wanted to do this since I was 17. I... READ MORE

Boob-birth Today...375CC Mentor High Profile Silicone . 44 Years Young , Two Children. Norwalk, CT

Every single one of stories I have read have been so encouraging and so informative so I won't bore anyone's lol. Surgery went very well. Ice paks, extra strength Tylenol and pillow with arms are my best friends other than my new "breast friends". Follow up tomorrow and will post pics. Before... READ MORE

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