Stretch Marks + Male Tummy Tuck

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Full or Mini Abdominoplasty After Weight Loss for Male?

About a year ago, I lost roughly 70lbs and have maintained my current weight since then. However, I have bothersome stretch marks and loose skin that... READ MORE

Can I Still Have a Flat Stomach and a V Line? (photo)

I lost 130 lbs I still have 20 lbs to lose to reach my goal but I have a little excess skin and stretch-marks and I want to know is it possible that... READ MORE

Could I Get Good Results from Male Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Im a 22 year old man who have lost alot of weight the last year and im now down at my normal weight but i have some loose skin mostly below belly... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lipo Will Get Rid of my Stretch Marks with Loose Skin? (photo)

I lost 70 lbs and have been steady at 150-160 for over 8 years now and my skin has not restored itself. I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach,... READ MORE

Would You Do a Tummy Tuck on a Patient That Will Only Accept an Epidural with Twilight?

I have lost a great amount of weight through diet and exercise. At my age to get rid of the unwanted skin and stretch marks I can see only a tummy... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a Gynecomastia surgery & Male Tummy Tuck? (photos)

What would be my ball park cost to have these surgery done? How will my scaring heal? will my stretch mark go away? Looking for LA county surgens READ MORE

Stretch marks on stomach, hips and thighs from weight gain: Do I Need a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I have stretch marks on my stomach thick ones on my hips and on one side of my back and thighs from weight gain I need and honest opinion thank you READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for some type of tummy tuck? 30 yr old very fit male. (Photo)

Hi and thank you! I am 30 years old, male and lost 100 lbs ten years ago, i did have lipo on abs and flanks 5 years ago because i couldn't get a six... READ MORE

Stretch Marks Removal - Second Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hello Doctors :) I had a tummy tuck operation in August 2012. I like my torso, but not the stretch marks on it. Also, I don't like my pubic "fat".... READ MORE

26 Male, Lost 80lbs: Do i need a full or mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I don't think I look that bad, but the loose skin and stretch marks on my abdomen are really bothering my self image, specifically when I have to take... READ MORE

What course of action should I take? (photos)

I'm a 6'3'', 180 lbs, 26 year old male. I lost over 100 lbs 9 years ago and the pictures below are the results all these years later. I am very... READ MORE

Small amount of loose skin left over after trying 6 Exilis Elite treatments, and considering tummy tuck (Photo)

I lost 67 lbs since 2/3/14, and have some loose skin around my belly button. I'm at a very low body fat, and work out a lot. It is the only thing... READ MORE

What procedures would I need to fix the sagging skin after a weight loss? (photos)

I have some sagging skin that I am very self conscious about, after losing over 50 lbs, and also some stretch marks on the sides of my abdomen. I... READ MORE

Will I able to build muscle after circumferential tummy tuck and male mastopexy?

I had a circumferential tummy tuck now i am having male mastopexy! I want to ask one I am heal after the surgery. will body building, exercise will... READ MORE

Do I qualify for a tummy tuck? I'm 5'10" and lost 80 lbs to get down to 204 lbs

Hello I'm a 5 10 male who just lose 80lbs (all midsection) I now weight 204. I when to wear 3x shirts and a 50 pants to wearing a large shirt and size... READ MORE

My name is Isa Taylor. I'm 5'11 and I weigh 295 pounds. The front and side of my stomach is hanging

My name is isa taylor and im 21 years old and im a 5,11and i weigh 295 pounds. My stomach has stretch marks and its hanging in the front and... READ MORE

Should I gain or maintain weight prior to tummy tuck with BBL? (photos)

I'm a 30 year old guy, and I'm getting a tummy tuck with BBL on June 23. I'm undecided on what to do before the tummy tuck. I went from 210 pounds all... READ MORE

I hate Tummy Tuck Scars. What options do I really have? Also to reduce Stretch Marks? (TT does it?) (Photo)

My weight increased little by little since i was a kid up to 122 KG at 17 yo. Then in a period of 2 years i decreased 50 kG to a min weight of 69 KG... READ MORE

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