Recovery + Male Tummy Tuck

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Recovery from a Male Tummy Tuck

What is the recovery for a male getting a tummy tuck? Similar to a womans recovery? Tying to figure out length to be out of work READ MORE

HEAVY Weight TRAINING .. Extended Abdominoplasty for Male

Male 21. 6f 2i 230lbs off pain meds, drains still in 1.5 weeks post op from extended abdominoplasty. Deadlift and Squat are my heaviest lifts, i love... READ MORE

Acupuncture to Help with Post-op Tummy Tuck Recovery? (photo)

Post-op acupuncture is said to increase vascular & lymphatic blood circulation, reduce pain, reduce swelling, and assist with nerve regeneration.... READ MORE

Will Muscle Repair Be Necessary?

In the past 5 years I've lost about 75lbs, and I'm finally ready to get a TT. A buddy of mine had one done some years ago and cautioned... READ MORE

Sex After Tummy Tuck for Males?

Hi there, I'm a young male who had an abdominoplasty and mastopexy w/lipo 13 days ago. It's been quite difficult to find info on recovery for men. My... READ MORE

Diet Question - Post-Tummy Tuck

I am a 28 year old male, 8 days post TT. My exercise and nutrition plan pre TT had me about 10% bodyfat. I am concerned about weight gain during the... READ MORE

Will my Recovery from a Tummy Tuck and Gynecomastia Be Easier?

I am a 19 year old male, 5' 9", went from 265 to now 170. Planning on being around 160 to 165 for my surgery. I am a runner, in good shape, and my... READ MORE

Male Abdominoplasty- Recovery times. (photo)

I am a male, late 20's. I was an overweight kid, I imagine, and I've had a great deal of excess skin in the belly area for well over a decade now.... READ MORE

Who Performs Tummy Tucks for Men in Phoenix?

Who performs tummy tucks for men in Phoenix? and what are the cost and recovery time? Thanks, John READ MORE

I'm planning a cruise 4 weeks post tummy tuck without muscle repair. Will this be long enough to recover? (Photo)

I am planning on found my surgery the first of November. My ps said I don't need muscle repair. Is 4 weeks enough time befor going on a cruise ? I... READ MORE

Lipo and Tummy Tuck: How long is the recovery and how much work can I do?

My job consists of sitting for about 5 hours. I am having lipo and a tummy tuck done. I am 32 and a male. Can I preform these tasks after two weeks or... READ MORE

Any suggestions for male tummy tuck and muscle tightening?

I have seen a doctor that would like to tighten my muscles. He said he will know for sure during surgery if this is needed. Is this recommended for... READ MORE

How painful is a full tummy tuck post op on a male ?

Hi there , I am a male , 37 year old , considering a full tummy tuck early in the new year for excess skin after major weight lost . I am only afraid... READ MORE

Best option (liposuction/tummy tuck/other) for my case, considering results and recovery? (photos)

I'm on a process of loosing weight and i'm considering doing a procedure once i have lost all i can. I have three potential areas that i would like to... READ MORE

Recovery time for a construction worker needing tummy tuck?

I am considering a tummy tuck procedure but I work in construction, not necessarily a lot of lifting but for sure a lot of climbing ladders, walking,... READ MORE

What would you recommend? 36 year old male, Northern New Jersey. 5'8", 230 lbs (Photo)

Prefer non-surgical, however realistic that may need to go down the surgical route. what options would you recommend to a patient? estimated costs?... READ MORE

Can my TT scar be lowered? (photo)

The last few inches of my TT scar on my right side appears to too high and sticks out above my underwear. What are solutions to fix this, what is the... READ MORE

Male undergoing a tummy tuck, lipo + fat transfer. What are the best creams/random items for the best recovery ever? (Photo)

I am a male having a tummy tuck, lipo + fat transfer to my buttock in 2 months. I'm trying to buy the best creams and random items I may need for the... READ MORE

Hi , I want to get rid of of my love handles and stomach.

I am 27 years old guy with 6 feet height and 215 pounds weight.I would like to loose my love handles and stomach fat. What is the procedure followed... READ MORE

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