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28yo male, frustrated with loose skin after weight loss a few years ago. Considering options. (photo)

I'm 6-4 and lost 85lb a few years ago (in only 4 mo). I hoped the skin would recover but it hasn't. I'm tall and have a smaller frame and people often... READ MORE

I am a 26yo, 6ft tall male, lost 70lbs as a kid, and I'm fit and healthy. Should I fix my skin? (Photo)

When I was 16, I went from (not) to very active. 250-180lb by 18. Meds made me gain 28lb at 20.5. Only got rid of it at 23. Otherwise I've been fit 9... READ MORE

6 ft, 205 pound, 27 year old male who lost 45 pounds - What cosmetics surgery would benefit my shape most? (photos)

Lipo, tummy tuck. Or is just more hard work and diet my best prescription? I'm not sure. I am 6' 205. I started diet and exercise 1 year ago at 250... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a Gynecomastia surgery & Male Tummy Tuck? (photos)

What would be my ball park cost to have these surgery done? How will my scaring heal? will my stretch mark go away? Looking for LA county surgens READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck fix scar tissue from liposuction? (Photo)

I could be wrong but I think what i have is called "scar tissue." I obtained it from having a (bad) liposuction. The surgery was performed by a board... READ MORE

Male Abdominoplasty- Recovery times. (photo)

I am a male, late 20's. I was an overweight kid, I imagine, and I've had a great deal of excess skin in the belly area for well over a decade now.... READ MORE

Full tummy tuck or skin excision? (Photo)

A decade after losing 100lbs in my teens, I am considering a tummy tuck & chest lift (via "donut" lift) for loose skin. For the TT, one doctor offered... READ MORE

Will I get loose skin when I start my cutting diet 1 year post tummy tuck? (Photo)

I Did my 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction and this April I did my revision on my scars and been still doing cutting diet with... READ MORE

Normal looking Tummy Tuck swelling? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post-op from my full tummy tuck. I am just really concerned about the bulge that starts right about my belly button and continues to the... READ MORE

26 Male, Lost 80lbs: Do i need a full or mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I don't think I look that bad, but the loose skin and stretch marks on my abdomen are really bothering my self image, specifically when I have to take... READ MORE

Would you recommend revisions for my Tummy Tuck / Donut Lift? (photo)

I had a TT 3 months (lost 100lbs in my teens). While I am happy with the TT, I feel that I look fine naked, but hen I am wearing clothes, the loose... READ MORE

Liposuction or Male Tummy Tuck to remove stomach fat? (photo)

I'm going to be getting my breasts done in 8 weeks time and my husband is thinking of getting lipo or tummy tuck at the same time. Judging by the... READ MORE

Do I need a lipo or tummy tuck? (Photo)

I lost around 50 pounds 3 years agi. I used to weigh 205. I think I have loosee skin or fat. I have attached pics and like to know if I need tummy... READ MORE

What is the best surgery method for loose skin? Tummy tuck or lipo? (Photo)

I have posted my pictures before with a question reguarding on stretch marks about how they can be removed. however, i would like to know what surgery... READ MORE

I am gonna have a Tummy Tuck surgery in 2 weeks. Will I have good results after surgery? (photos)

I'm 5'7" 164 pounds . A year ago i lost 70 pounds in 2-3 months and i have loose skin my doctor told me that i can't get rid of the skin except with... READ MORE

Male tummy tuck (infection?) Is this swelling normal? (Photo)

I had a TT 1 month ago everything was fine except a small area had yellow fluid coming out , not much but it was on the gauze. My doctor said its ok... READ MORE

Is just the tummy tuck and front liposuction worth it? I do not want the extended tummy tuck/scar (Photo)

Otherwise, from my research known as the circumferential tummy tuck. I do not want this. I want the standard tummy tuck with abdominal lipo. I realize... READ MORE

Did I tear my muscle repair, or is it swelling? 2 years post tummy tuck (Photo)

Did my 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction and this April I did my revision on my scars and I been working out and dieting clean.... READ MORE

24 yrs old Male Tummy Tuck post 1 1/5 month progression, how long should I wear my compression belt on my workouts? (photos)

Thanks for the answer in my other question. i was lifting heavy(90-100kg bench - 120kg squat) before tummy tuck but now(did 3 train days) i take it... READ MORE

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