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How Will Apprearance of Penis Size Be Affected After Tummy Tuck, or an Other Tuck/surgury Around Fat Pad Be?

17yrs old. Use to weight 330, now 210. A lot of loose skin. Before I get surgery done, I want to build muscle and lose more weight. Noticed that skins... READ MORE

Penis Seems Smaller After Inverted T Abdominoplasty- Normal?

It's maybe a very weird question, but i'm worried. I'm a 28 guy from germany and had 4 weeks ago my Inverted T abdominoplasty. now, after... READ MORE

Would an Obese Man, Whose Stomach Has Dropped Below His Genitals Benefit from a Tummy Tuck to Undo the Shortening of His Penis?

My husband has gained a considerable amount of weight and his stomach is very large and hangs in the front and sides. His penis seems to have... READ MORE

Will this skin ever loosen up to the point that my penis regains it regular size and drape (down vs. sticking out)?

I am 6' 4" and 218 pounds. I had a tummy tuck (no abdominal muscles were cut) with liposuction a week ago. The skin below the incision (pubic area)... READ MORE

My TT incision is very low. I have tension on my penis and feel fat in pubic region. What can be done? (Photo)

Had TT 5 months ago. Didn't know doc was going so low/ I have no pubic area anymore and he stretched the worse skin all the way down to my penis area... READ MORE

Tummy tuck cause more hidden penis? (Photo)

Thx for your time ,, 30y complain 2ry hidden penis to obesity, with good penile shaft skin , wt loss, tummy tuck, pubic lipectomy and skin excision... READ MORE

5 months post op, Male Tummy tuck incision very low. (photos)

Had TT 5 months ago. Doc removed pubic area and left incision on top of my penis. I feel thick down there and seems odd to have this look. Feels... READ MORE

4 days post operative bad result more hidden penis? (Photos)

After losing weight still complain hidden penis .candidate for tommy tuck , panniculectomy and fat remval from pupic area ..and no need for skin graft... READ MORE

Penis Skin Swelling/Tenderness after Extended Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo of Flanks?

6 weeks post op. I know that some swelling is to be expected, and I will definitely bring up my concerns at next follow up. I am circumcised, for what... READ MORE

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