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How Will Apprearance of Penis Size Be Affected After Tummy Tuck, or an Other Tuck/surgury Around Fat Pad Be?

17yrs old. Use to weight 330, now 210. A lot of loose skin. Before I get surgery done, I want to build muscle and lose more weight. Noticed that skins... READ MORE

Recovery from a Male Tummy Tuck

What is the recovery for a male getting a tummy tuck? Similar to a womans recovery? Tying to figure out length to be out of work READ MORE

Male 30 Y.o. 6'3" 205 11% Bf with Rectus Diastasis? (photo)

I have rectus diastasis.Known this my whole life & am self conscious about it. Its genetic,passed down from my dad as he has the bulge too. No... READ MORE

28yo male, frustrated with loose skin after weight loss a few years ago. Considering options. (photo)

I'm 6-4 and lost 85lb a few years ago (in only 4 mo). I hoped the skin would recover but it hasn't. I'm tall and have a smaller frame and people often... READ MORE

What Should I Be Doing As Prep for a Tummy-tuck? (photo)

I'm a 32 year old male. Over the last year, I've transformed my body. I have lost 80lbs of fat and gained 15lbs of muscle through diet and exercise.... READ MORE

Will a Full Tummy Tuck Tighten my Pecks Any?

I have lost almost 100 pounds in the last year, from 265 to 175. I am a 19 year old male. I have scheduled a full tummy tuck for June. And I am... READ MORE

34 year old male, 6' tall, 300 lbs to 220 now. Abdominoplasty w/ Liposuction vs Belt Lipectomy? (photo)

 Plan for procedure in Nov. & take off another 10-20 lbs by then, tho not preoccupied w/ the BR scale just the final results. I feel maintainable... READ MORE

6 ft, 205 pound, 27 year old male who lost 45 pounds - What cosmetics surgery would benefit my shape most? (photos)

Lipo, tummy tuck. Or is just more hard work and diet my best prescription? I'm not sure. I am 6' 205. I started diet and exercise 1 year ago at 250... READ MORE

Is this normal following huge weight loss and tummy tuck? (photo)

After losing around 250lbs naturally, I had surgery to remove skin. After a year post-op, I am all healed up, but I still have quite a bit of loose... READ MORE

I plan on having Liposuction to my abdomen. Do you think I need a Tummy Tuck too?

I'm thinking of getting abdominal/flank lipo and wondering if I might need a tummy tuck as well? I'm 35 and have been as high as 245lb and as low as... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons that specialize in men? Specifically TT, lipo and fat transfers.. (located anywhere) :)

I'm a 24 yr old male from the US looking to get a TT and liposuction with a fat transfer to my buttocks area to give it a more rounder and firm look.... READ MORE

Excess skin after weight loss. Candidate for tummy tuck/lipo/breast lipo? (photos)

30 years old male, 115kg current weight, 180cm height. Pictures are after 33kg weight loss (physical exercise). I began a weight loss journey and lost... READ MORE

Would a Tummy Tuck be right for me? (photos)

I'm a 32 yr old male, consistent weight the last 3 years. My body fat has improved from 16% to 14% in the last 2 years. I have a consistent diet and... READ MORE

5 months post op Full TT--dogtags and lack of contour--should I seek lipo, or circum surgery? Thoughts? (photos)

Hello all, I'm a 27 year old male who lost over 100lbs from limiting carbs. Several months ago ( five to be exact) I underwent a full tummy tuck with... READ MORE

Tummy tuck 1 month ago, still have drains?

I am a 64 yr old Male nnever smoked, doesn't drink.....One month after surgery I still require a drain in my surical area. Is this normal? What can I... READ MORE

Full tummy tuck with liposuction + male breast reduction (Photos)

Hi, Im a 33 year old male Currently looking to book a tummy tuck with DR Adam Kelecinski - Europe Surgorey Poland . I'm currently sitting at 15stone 5... READ MORE

I am a male and had a tummy tuck. The old naval is now in my pubic area; will I gain weight there now?

So doc decided to make the incision super low and brought my old belly button hole down into my pubic area and stitched it up and created a new hole... READ MORE

23 year old male Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty - How soon before I can return to Les Mills BodyPump classes at the gym? (Photos)

Hey, On the 10th January 2017 I had a Maxi Tummy Tuck / abdominoplasty. I am 4 weeks post op today! I just did a 2 hour / 13k steps walk. I was doing... READ MORE

Any suggestion for body surgery or stick to exercise and dieting. (photos)

I am 34 Y Male, 97 KG, 5'7''. Trying exercising for last four months without any success, i am not regular because of routine but still doing... READ MORE

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