Belly Button + Male Tummy Tuck

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Belly Button is Too High After TT Surgery?

Hello, I am a 23 years old male. I had a TT 2 months ago and I'm pretty satisfied with my belly, however, my belly button is about 2 inches higher... READ MORE

Just Had a Tummy Tuck. Concerned How a Low Belly Button Will Look.

Went into surgery and was supposed to get a full tuck. The PS said even if he thinks the skin wont make it all the way down (skin wasnt as loose on... READ MORE

Liposuction or Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Hi, I went for a consult today for abdominal liposuction. The doctor told me I need mini tommy tuck. I have a couple of questions: - how wide would my... READ MORE

7 days post op - Off Center Belly Button? (Photo)

I'm 27 male, today it's 1 week post op and im worrying about the position of belly button. It's slightly off center. I have some serious swelling... READ MORE

Should I get a second opinion about blood pooling in my belly button after a tummy tuck?

6 months post - I had a Tummy Tuck, Umbilical Hernia, Male Breast Reduction (Gynochamastia) surgeries all at once.I still have a lot of tightness in... READ MORE

Is this normal for my new belly button to heal so slowly? (Photo)

I'm almost 5 weeks post TT with lipo. Things are going well. The scar is healing. However, my new belly button is not. It's very red, not swollen, and... READ MORE

Is this necrosis or a scar? (Photo)

I am 12 post op. I have been spending too much time reading and i just need clarity on th images below. Additionally, my belly button has been "wet"... READ MORE

Small amount of loose skin left over after trying 6 Exilis Elite treatments, and considering tummy tuck (Photo)

I lost 67 lbs since 2/3/14, and have some loose skin around my belly button. I'm at a very low body fat, and work out a lot. It is the only thing... READ MORE

I am a male and had a tummy tuck. The old naval is now in my pubic area; will I gain weight there now?

So doc decided to make the incision super low and brought my old belly button hole down into my pubic area and stitched it up and created a new hole... READ MORE

Questions/concerns after my first Tummy Tuck Consultation, how long will the scarring be visible? (photos)

I'm 34 male lost about 100lbs w/diet and exercise I had a tummy tuck consultation. I got a good feeling about him personally but have concerns. He is... READ MORE

Discharge from Belly Button after Tummy tuck with incomplete closure. (photo)

I am now 8 weeks after abdominoplasty .. still not having complete closure of my belly button ( Hole ).. still a whitish discharge is coming out every... READ MORE

I could be a candidate for many things I just don't know which one until I have a consultation? (photos)

To summarize my life I am a 32-year-old male / Toronto - I'm at my ideal body weight and body fat percentage I've lost over 60 pounds since I was a... READ MORE

I want to get my sides of tummy tightened. Shall I go for small T incision below naval point? (Photo)

I want to get my sides tightened and removes as shown in Pics.Some doctors advice full tummy tuck and some advice mini tummy tuck .My only objective... READ MORE

Excess skin after abdominoplasty: revision advisable (perhaps a mini tt?) or is it an unsolvable skin elasticity problem?(photo)

Exactly three months post full tummy tuck, Vaser 4D, fat transfer to chest, suturing of abdominal wall and belly button repositioning, following Vaser... READ MORE

Ugly belly button post Vaser Hi Def plus tummy tuck? (Photos)

Hi. 13 months post Vaser Hi Def + tummy tuck. 1) Scar still there. What could I do? Perhaps fraxel? Tatoo? 2) Ugly belly button, you can see some sort... READ MORE

Tummy tuck, whiteish skin on the belly button (Photo)

I am 190lbs male and 4th week post op full abdominoplasty. Though i did not needed to have my ab muscle tightened because I'm very athletic and into... READ MORE

How much subcutaneous fat can be removed from a Tummy Tuck? I'm 25 year old male and have lost roughly 100 lbs.

I'm a 25 year old male (Weight: 176 pounds and Height: 5 feet 10 inches) and I have a consultation with a surgeon in a few months. I'm thinking of... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Does tummy tuck also remove external fat ABOVE the belly button? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old male (weight: 176 pounds and height: 5 feet 10 inches). I've lost roughly 100 pound of weight, but I still have great amount of... READ MORE

8 weeks post op today - 24 year old male tummy tuck / abdominoplasty - Tightness around belly button, lower abdomen?

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this and answer my question. It is much appreciated! I am a 24 year old male, from the United... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Had a tummy tuck done about 6 months ago. Can anyone tell me what this is and how it can be fixed? (photos)

More detailed... I have pain in my lower stomach starting at my belly button and below and just above my pubic hair...It looks like a indentation(its... READ MORE

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