2 Weeks Post-op + Male Tummy Tuck

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HEAVY Weight TRAINING .. Extended Abdominoplasty for Male

Male 21. 6f 2i 230lbs off pain meds, drains still in 1.5 weeks post op from extended abdominoplasty. Deadlift and Squat are my heaviest lifts, i love... READ MORE

Masturbuation after Tummy Tuck and Chest deformation after lipo? (photo)

Hi, I am a male in my 20s and I had a TT surgery without muscle tightening 16 days ago. I would like to ask two questions: 1- Is Mastrubation now safe... READ MORE

Upper Abdomen Bulge Following Tummy Tuck on Male Patient? (photo)

I am 12 days post op and from the very beginning following the procedure I have noticed my upper abdomen is not as flat as the lower. Also my lower... READ MORE

Bleeding from Seroma after Male TT?

The 24th my drains came out 14 days post op. The 25th I woke up bloated and swollen. I went to see the doctor but the assistant attempted to drain the... READ MORE

Male Tummy Tuck & Pubic Lift - When is it safe to masturbate and when does swelling caused by pulic lift go down?

I'm not in any hurry, I would just like to know. Online consensus seems to be 4-6 weeks. I prefer playing it safe so would 6 weeks be safe? I'm just... READ MORE

Is this necrosis or a scar? (Photo)

I am 12 post op. I have been spending too much time reading and i just need clarity on th images below. Additionally, my belly button has been "wet"... READ MORE

Normal swelling 2 weeks post tummy tuck with lipo? (Photo)

I'm a 47 y/o male. This is me 2 weeks post tummy tuck with lipo. I had my second drain removed yesrerday after it got down to READ MORE

Two weeks post-op Tummy Tuck not sure of results... Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm a 26 year old male. lost 120 pounds on my own. Current weight hovers around 160-170 range. I had a tummy tuck done two weeks ago and I'm not sure... READ MORE

What is "typical" in the amount of swelling and draining following a tummy tuck for a healthy male aged 28, lost 100 lbs?

It has been two weeks and my drain is still flowing like old faithful. It is very dark and no longer as bright as in the first week. My PS is... READ MORE

23 year old Tummy Tuck and gyne recovery questions - 2 weeks post-op. (Photo)

1. Is this much swelling bad for the scar? 2. Is the wound healing fine? 3. I am gaining bit weight during recovery, is it bad? 13 days postop. READ MORE

Male abdominoplasty 18 days post op - lots of fluid and incision opened up.

After 14 days my incision opened up over night in about a 1" area which caused a Huge amount of fluid to drain. The doctor decided the best course... READ MORE

How long after Tummy Tuck should I get pubic lipo and an arm and chest lift?

2 weeks ago I got a TT paid by insurance . Before the VERY BRIEF consultation the PS said that he would not be able to lift my pubic area but would... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about the flooding of my surgical drain? And I am bleeding from the TT scar. Why? (Photo)

About 2 weeks ago I had a tummy tuck. I was supposed to get my drains removed but my surgeon kept them in because they were still draining high. NOW:... READ MORE

Am I draining too much two weeks after a tummy tuck?

I am a healthy 23 year old male who lost 123 lbs naturally. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction exactly two weeks ago. About three days ago my totals... READ MORE

Post op on my tummy tuck 14 days. It looks like there is sediment in my fluid from my drain. Is this normal? (Photo)

Im a male, 32 years old, weight is around 225 and I'm 6'3". I also have a low grade fever of 100.0 READ MORE

When can I get back to lifting weights post a tummy tuck, liposuction and muscle repair ?

I lift really heavy weights. Also can I lift my 25 kg luggage since im traveling in 4 weeks. It's been 2 weeks post op already. Thanks. READ MORE

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