1 Week Post-op + Male Tummy Tuck

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1 Week Post- Op and Not Very Satisfied with What I See So Far. I Like the Lower Area Its Tight, but the Upper is Flappy? (photo)

I had my tummy tuck fleur de lis a week ago after losing 150 lbs of my weight. 4 days after i had tummy tuck fleur de lis surgery, i took off my... READ MORE

Diet Question - Post-Tummy Tuck

I am a 28 year old male, 8 days post TT. My exercise and nutrition plan pre TT had me about 10% bodyfat. I am concerned about weight gain during the... READ MORE

Male, 28, 1 week PO Tummy Tuck: Are there side effects to masturbation this soon after surgery?

Im 1-wk post-op extended tummy tuck 28 yo guy, I had masturbated 3 times today while sniffing poppers (amyl nitrate)Is there any side effects on... READ MORE

Just Had a Tummy Tuck. Is Laser Scar Treatment Worth It?

I want to do everything i can to make my scar the best it could possibly be. right now my doctor has steri-strips on me and i think those will be on... READ MORE

Will this skin ever loosen up to the point that my penis regains it regular size and drape (down vs. sticking out)?

I am 6' 4" and 218 pounds. I had a tummy tuck (no abdominal muscles were cut) with liposuction a week ago. The skin below the incision (pubic area)... READ MORE

7 days post op - Off Center Belly Button? (Photo)

I'm 27 male, today it's 1 week post op and im worrying about the position of belly button. It's slightly off center. I have some serious swelling... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Muscle Repair Has Come Un Done?

I had a tummy tuck and unbilical hernia corrected 5 days ago and had an over night stay. I needed the toilet to pee and was helped up by a nurse. I... READ MORE

Erectile dysfunction post tummy tuck. Is this normal?

Just had a pretty major Abdominoplasty done, only 6 days post op but I am wondering if that is contributing to some ED I have and whether or not I... READ MORE

Post Surgery Garment, Bunching? (Male TT)

Recently had the procedure- No drains, no muscle repair- skin removal & liposuction of flanks. For compression garment- I'm currently in a binder (5... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck cause urinary incontinence in men?

I am a 47 year old male now 5 days post tummy tuck with lipo and no muscle tightening. Immediately following surgery I began having issues urinating.... READ MORE

Blood accumulation and hardening at abdomen after abdominoplasty. Is this common? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery after loosing over 30kg. 7 days post-op, blood drains got removed. However, my abdomen swelling seemed... READ MORE

8 days post male TT, drains removed today and I still have loose skin on my flanks. Is this normal? (Photo)

I lost over 90 pounds 3 years ago and finally got the gauls to have a TT. I noticed that over the drain site there seems to be skin still hanging and... READ MORE

How long should I wait to use nicotine supplements after a tummy tuck?

Hello, I am a 19 year old male who had a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery exactly one week ago. How long should I wait until I can use an... READ MORE

6th day after TT and chest reduction, one and only drain removed on the third day. I'm a 50 year old male.

I'm surprised I am that I want to just stay in bed. I read here that being in bed was for sleeping not resting. Yesterday I walked around the block,... READ MORE

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