1 Month Post-op + Male Tummy Tuck

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Under Armour or Male Spanx After Male Tummy Tuck?

I had a extended tummy tuck with liposcution of the flanks 4 weeks ago. My doctor said to wear it for 6 weeks then I can go with male Spanx. My... READ MORE

Penis Seems Smaller After Inverted T Abdominoplasty- Normal?

It's maybe a very weird question, but i'm worried. I'm a 28 guy from germany and had 4 weeks ago my Inverted T abdominoplasty. now, after... READ MORE

Just Swelling or the Surgeon Didn't Remove Enough Skin? (photo)

It's been exactly one month since I have had my abdominoplasty done. I have lost around 32kg/5st 0.5lb within 10 months and my waist gone down from... READ MORE

Male Abdominal and Flank Swelling That Started 5 Weeks Post Op

Hi i had a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks 6 weeks ago (2.3kg of abdominal skin removed and 200cc of fat lipoed from each flank) , i developed... READ MORE

Swelling, Fat, or What? 5 Weeks Post Op TT/MR/LIPO? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post op and am kind of worried about the lower stomach. Also my BB feels real tight an a pulling sensation. The BB feeling just started... READ MORE

1 Month Tummy Tuck-lipo Post Op. Still Have a Little Belly on the Lower Abdomen, is This Normal? What Could It Be? (photo)

After losing 130 pounds (due to a gastric bypass surgery) I decided to visit the plastic surgeon. I had a tummy tuck- with side liposuction 1 month... READ MORE

Could Endoscopic Tummy Tuck Help Me? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck , hernia repair and muscle tightening about 4 weeks a ago. The upper part of my belly sticks out still. I wanted to know if an... READ MORE

Normal looking Tummy Tuck swelling? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post-op from my full tummy tuck. I am just really concerned about the bulge that starts right about my belly button and continues to the... READ MORE

Male tummy tuck (infection?) Is this swelling normal? (Photo)

I had a TT 1 month ago everything was fine except a small area had yellow fluid coming out , not much but it was on the gauze. My doctor said its ok... READ MORE

Is this normal for my new belly button to heal so slowly? (Photo)

I'm almost 5 weeks post TT with lipo. Things are going well. The scar is healing. However, my new belly button is not. It's very red, not swollen, and... READ MORE

What’s a guy to expect? Post abdominoplasty swelling, pain and muffin top. (photos)

I have painful swelling which increases by 2" (circumference at the most swollen area) by the end of the day. I also have what is best described as... READ MORE

Sex and spa services after 5 weeks. What should be okay for a male?

Early 50s male, will be 5 weeks post tummy tuck - liposuction. Would like to get massage and spa treatment with my girlfriend. Such things as aquatic... READ MORE

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