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Why did I wait so long!

I don’t know why I waited so long! For several years, I had been noticing an older, more tired look about myself. Even after spending time applying make-up to go out, I would look in the mirror and I looked alright. That’s it…just alright. There was something about the sagging jowls and cheek... READ MORE

How I Got Younger On My Birthday. Santa Ana, CA

For my 60th Birthday I treated myself to a Lower Face Lift. I did my research and chose Dr. Raymond Lee to do my surgery. The surgery was outpatient and the recovery was quick. The results were and have been beyond my expectations. What formerly was a saggy jawline and neck are now taunt and... READ MORE

Neck and Lower Face Lift with Dr Karam

I have to express how happy I am with my procedure. My before and after photos are truly amazing. It's only been 5 weeks now and my stitch areas are nearly invisible, even at this point. I went back to work at less than 2 weeks, but I'd recommend waiting the full 2 weeks at least. At 54 I had... READ MORE

Dr. Bray Jr is amazing!

Dr. Bray Jr is amazing. He is knowledgeable about the latest procedures. In addition he works with the individual patient to give a natural and youthful appearance! I look and feel so much younger and glad I met Dr. Bray Jr. READ MORE

45 Year Old Professional That Wants to Put Her Best Face Forward

I was really starting to see the effects of gravity on my face and had used fillers in the past to give me a lift but in researching options to look my best and turn back the clock fat transfer and a lower and mid facelift seemed the best long term option for me, plus I liked the look better... READ MORE

Beautiful results that exceeded expectations!

I spent 3-4 years considering a facelift, then another year before I took the plunge. I’ve always taken good care of myself and did all the maintenance I could hoping to postpone the inevitable - retin-A, daily sunscreen, botox, fillers, even ultherapy (which was a COMPLETE waste of money, s... READ MORE

Lower facelift and full-face laser: apprehensive pre-op, but ecstatic with the results!

I am a 56yo female with a fair amount of sun damage, very dry skin, and a lot of premature wrinkling. I never imagined that I would want nor need plastic surgery -- heck, I almost never wear makeup! -- but over the past 4-5 years, I became more and more self-conscious, and with the support of... READ MORE


If you are going to trust someone with your face, trust Dr. Karolak. He not only looks at your features, he looks at your "self" and your expectations. He answers every question completely and spends as much time as necessary to discuss procedures. His office is beautiful and his staff is... READ MORE

Facelift at 50. Australia, AU

15 years ago at age 35 I had upper and lower blephs done with Mr Mendelson for premature lid bags and was thrilled with the result. I had always thought back then I would not have a full face lift later in life as it seemed extreme, but I grew older, laxity set in and new techniques in... READ MORE

Lower Facelift - Very Pleased With Results - Calgary, AB

Dr. Zakhary is very pleasant and professional, she explained everything thoroughly to me before the surgery, and was available to me after the surgery at any time. I would recommend her to anyone considering facial procedures. Im very happy with the results, it is exactly what I had in mind. I... READ MORE

Gib - Cincinnati, OH

I was motivated to try to do whatever is possible to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible! And I didn't want the effort to be apparent to everyone. Dr. Smyth did that for me! I swear, my exwife of 30 years never knew I had a procedure done. People just said that I look real... READ MORE

"63 Y/o Wanting a Neck and Lower Face Lift to Restore a Youthfulness to my Skin and Overall Appearance. - Ohio State University

I wanted to restore my skin and appearance to a more youthful look. Since my skin still had good elasticity and not many wrinkles I decided this would be a good time to have the procedures done rather than waiting another 5-6 yrs. The best decision was that I chose Dr. Cain Linville to do the... READ MORE

56 Going on 38 As a Result of a Neck and Mid Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 56 yrs old, attractive and feel young. I stay in great shape through exercise and eating healthy. However, just this year my neck imitated a shar pei dog. One fold after the next and vertical lines on my cheeks. I have been going to Dr Hoening in Beverly Hills for a few years for fillers... READ MORE

Betsie - Sarasota, FL

I remember about a year ago, getting my new driver's license picture and seeing this double chin. I naturally blamed the new cameras at the DMV office, but as time went by, I kept thinking that I looked more like my mother than I looked like me. The procedures that I opted for were a lower face... READ MORE

Needed a Refreshed Look - Newport Beach, CA

The office staff was very supportive and helpful. I had full confidence in Dr. Sadati's skill as a surgeon and his expertise. He listened to me and only suggested what was best for me, I never felt pressured in to having a procedure done that wasn't in my best interest. The result was... READ MORE

Outstanding Results with Natural Appearance! - Washington DC, DC

Dr. Steven B. Hopping is not only an extremely skilled cosmetic surgeon, he is also a warm and caring human being. I first went to Dr. Hopping over twelve years ago for an S-Lift to address some skin sagging and neck jowls on my lower face. That procedure went extremely well, and I returned to... READ MORE

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