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59 with Neck Waggle and Under Eye Circles

My background is that I had gastric bypass 14 years ago, and lost 110 lbs, a tummy tuck 12 years ago, regained 50 lbs and lost the 50 by changing my diet using Ideal Protein (it was a fantastic diet that truly changed the way I eat). Whether a result of the lost weight or hereditary, I have... READ MORE

65 Yrs Old and S Lift with Liposuction to Jowls and Neck Area

I had already had an S lift 12 years ago to rid myself of jowls ( although looking back they were minimal) I thought at the time this will be it, I don't want to look like something weird , I will now grow old gracefully. But after 12 years, and with jowls that exceeded the ones I wanted to be... READ MORE

Gravity Strikes Again! Great Neck, NY

Im getting up there in age, but I still care about how I look. And this banding under the neck isn't pretty. And the whole jawline has lost its definition. I know we're suppose to age gracefully, but the truth of the matter no one does. Age can be hard to take on anyone. I have excepted my... READ MORE

Much Needed Rejuvenation - Martinsville, NJ

I went for a consultation because I could not stand to look an my wrinkly neck and saggy face. Botox and juvederm were no longer enough to fix these problems. After discussing my concerns with Dr Karolak, I decided to get a lower facelift and brow lift. The procedure was done under local... READ MORE

46 with Too Many Wrinkles Around Mouth and Neck Has Suddenly Fallen - Probably from Running - Wilmette, IL

I just paid my down payment for my lower face lift and fat transfer. I'm going to Dr. John Cook in Wilmette, IL. I'm beyond excited. I'm scared about the recovery. I'm only telling my best friend that is going to take care of me for the first few days. Any advice on recovery or preparing... READ MORE

finally did it! so worth it! - Newport Beach, CA

I am 58 years old. My neck sagging and neck wrinkles had been bothering me for at least five years. I knew it was genetic; my mother had the same problem. I try to take pride in my appearance, but there was no covering this area, especially in pictures. I found myself editing every picture... READ MORE

52 Years Young, So Don't Know What I'm Doing with This Old Woman's Neck! - Melbourne, AU

I've been hating my neck for the last few years. Whenever I look in a mirror, the first thing I see is my wrinkly old neck. The same when I look at a photo of myself, it would seem the only thing in the photo is my neck! Yuck! So you could say I was getting obsessed. I finally decided to take... READ MORE

50 Yr Old Female with Lower Facelift, Necklift, and Chin Implant - Aliso Veijo, CA

Hello everyone, I am a very active 50-year-old who bikes about 80 miles per week and takes martial arts lessons. Many people told me I looked younger than 50 but that youthful look was costly to achieve and maintain. Every year, for many years, I spent thousands of dollars on Botox, wrinkle... READ MORE

53 Yr. Old Grandmother of a Awesome 14 Years Old - El Paso, TX

I am extremely happy with my results!! My cheeks had a lot of wrinkles. Now you can see for yourself that my wrinkles are gone! I love my eyebrows!! My eyes look younger! I would do it all over again if I had to. But I don't think I need to go back, I love the way I look!!! Thank you, so much,... READ MORE

58 Yrs Old - London, Ontario// Dr Brian Evans in London , Ontario

Saw my wrinkled face in the van mirror in the bright sunlight with my winter toque on by did I look old . the out come is still undecided as im not happy with the neck lift saggying on one side/ the surgery was 8 hrs . I didn't feel any thing . when I was sent home one hour after recovery , I... READ MORE

70 Yr Old, Severe Neck and Cheek Wrinkles - Albuquerque, NM

Truly unbelievable difference with the skin texture of my face & neck. I look and feel 10 - 20 years younger. Dr Taghizadeh was my surgeon, I had no pain during or after the surgery. I recommend this procedure with Dr. Taghizadeh to anyone, age not a factor. I could have gone back to work... READ MORE

66 year old woman with facial wrinkles and sagging neck.

For several years I was unhappy with my sagging neck and wrinkles on my face. After consulting with several doctors I decided upon Dr. Kim because of his professional, knowledgeable manner and reasonable price. I am very pleased with the result and now feel much more positive about my... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mom of Three Wanting to Turn Back the Clock a Few Years - Commerce, GA

I've been going to Dr. Meadows for several years. I've seen him or one of his staff for every thing from colds to Botox. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. This summer, I decided to have a little more "invasive" work done on my face. I hated the area around my mouth and jaw... READ MORE

Want to Look Like Myself Again. Costa Rica, CR

I feel as if age (wrinkles and saggy skin) just crept up on me and surprised me? I'm pretty sure i didn't look this way last year. Raising a family, working full time, I think you lose yourself for a few decades and then when you finally stop and look you don't recognize yourself anymore. I... READ MORE

48 Years YOUNG. Dallas, TX

I have dry skin and small facil features, so I had developed many wrinkles before, 47, that Botox could no longer fix. I had the lower face lift, upper eyelids, and a little bit done to my lower eylid and lip implants. I cannot express how happy I am! My goal was to look like a younger... READ MORE

Turning 70, Having Lower Facelift, Lower Blephoplasty and Sitcon Laser for Wrinkles Above Lips. - Madison, WI

Totally terrified, but have a great surgeon. Doing this under twilight sedation. I have thought about this for over a year, actually since 2007. Just scared. Hoping not to regret this decision. Have virtually no support, but moving ahead. Feeling like it is now or never. Looking at this... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift Eyelids Brow - Scottsdale, AZ

After consults with four surgeons in Phoenix Az I decided to have Dr, Ramon Robles perform my lower face lift. I had what is called the Lifetime Lift, not to be confused with the Lifestyle Lift. I had the lifetime lift, brow lift and upper and lower eye lids done on March 5,2012. The results are... READ MORE

Lower Facelift for Premature Aging

I am 45 years old and have needed a facelift since my 40th birthday. That was when my age caught up with me and I experienced the sagging jowls, loose chin, and wrinkling skin typical of women 10-20 years older than me. It was like it happened all at once. I had a facelift in April and I can... READ MORE

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