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42, MWL, Lower Facelift and Necklift. Taking the Plunge to Become a Harley Honey w/Biltmore Lift!

I had quite a few consults and did not want to travel, but Dr. Harley's work and bedside manner just made me take the plunge. He is the sweetest and most personable doctor and his work speaks for itself. I had 4 consults and he was my choice. I am starting to jowl and get the turkey gobbler.... READ MORE

63 Years Old, Just Retired, and I Cannot Stand Looking in the Mirror. - Bethesda, MD

I had a lap band placed in 2013 and lost 30 pounds, which was not enough - I was supposed to lose 70 pounds - but it was enough to cause an awful "turkey neck." I started interviewing Board-certified plastic surgeons, and got many different suggestions, at many price levels. Nothing seemed... READ MORE

64 Yr Old Woman Who Needed a Little Revitilizing

Always was told I looked young for my age and have always took very good care of my skin and myself in general. Have used Retin A since my mid thirties; always use sunscreen. Have also added a derma roller, a little facial exercise, and an at home LED light to my arsenal in the last couple years... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift NC

40. Neck was looking older than me! I had crepe-y skin on my neck and a "Turkey gobbler forming." Took me three months to get in. Dr. H is a BUSY MAN. He only does two procedures and has perfected his craft. He is kind and gentle. Super humble man. Top notch staff. It a small, but finely... READ MORE

Time to Lose Turkey Neck and Droopy Eyelids 48 Yr Old Westyorkshire Uk. United Kingdom, GB

Just had pre op assessment all set for lower face / neck lift and upper blepharoplasty at spire hospital elland with Mr Nicolas Rhodes. Starting to panic abit now it's come around so fast 10 days to go.. Decided to do a review because i have struggled to find reviews in my area for face/ neck... READ MORE

Time to Get Rid of Turkey Neck! - Asheville, NC

I have been waiting to do this for over a year and I can't believe the day is finally under a week away. For several years I have been obsessed (no, actually disgusted) with my neck. I found Dr Harley by chance on RS and when my husband could not take my nagging anymore he took me to meet him.... READ MORE

Newly Retired but Not Giving in to Growing Old - Manchester, GB

Being newly retired, I didn't want to look my age, chicken neck and looking tired therefore I decided to update my look with upper eyelid surgery and a lower facelift. This has made a real difference without other people really realising that I have had surgery. A friend I haven't seen for quite... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift - Turkey Neck and Jowls

I am turning 60 this year and my turkey neck and jowls made me very self-conscious. As a real estate broker, my appearance is very important to me. I have researched for the past 5 years and have consulted with the most well known doctors in plastic surgery. I have consulted with doctors from... READ MORE

48 Year Old with Skin Laxity, Turkey Neck and Jowls and Determination - London, GB

What did Dominic do for me? In a nutshell, he gave me my face back. Was it the right decision? Absolutely, unequivocally, undoubtedly, the best decision I could have made. This is my journey. From the age of about 44, I started to feel like my face was slowly melting. My jawline was... READ MORE

65-year-old with Jowls and "Turkey Neck" - Bend, OR

After waiting to be old enough to figure it would only take one time through a corrective procedure to not ever have to do another in my lifetime, I chose Dr. Villano due to his other outstanding reviews. Good choice because - Wow! - I have a 30-years-old's jawline and neck back. The bruising... READ MORE

52 Years Young... Except for Dog Jowls and Turkey Neck. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Noticed the last few years that my lower face had sagged. Sagging seemed to accelerate after I went into menopause two years ago. I keep my body and mind fit, but there was nothing to fix the ugly waddle except surgery. A month ago (after seeing a creepy video of my neck flapping while I talked)... READ MORE

64 Years OLD, Got Tired of Turkey Neck and Jowls - Montreal, QC

I decided that I wanted to freshen up my face before I turned 65 so I went for it! It all went smoothly and I had next to no pain afterwards. Now it's been almost 3 weeks and the scar under my chin is garishly pink and puckered. I also have bruises around there. Been massaging it about 8 times a... READ MORE

62 Years Old, Wanted to Fix my "Turkey Neck"

After consulting and looking for a solution for years, I finally went ahead with the procedure after finding a board certified local doctor that seemed to have a lot of experience. The skin on my neck blistered and scabbed deeply. It is over 6 weeks since my surgery now and I have... READ MORE

Still Have Jowls, Just Have Huge Scars to Add to Them Now

Went to Turkey to tighten my turkey neck. Neck looks better, but still have jowls, don't look any younger per say and have to huge scar underneath chin and behind ears after 8 months. So disappointed. So much pain, so much money, so little satisfaction. READ MORE

59 Yo, Hate, Hate my Turkey Neck and Platismal Bands! - Iowa City, IA

Had a consult today with a plastic surgeon for a lower facelift. I would like to arrange this surgery around a bunionectomy that I've been putting off. They will be done in towns that are about 160 miles apart this fall. I can take sick time for the bunion removal and will be off work about 3... READ MORE

Feeling old too soon

Dr. Ho is amazing. He did a lower face lift for me and my eyelids. I look and feel so good. He was very professional. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and answered all my questions. His staff was great too. I felt nothing during the procedures and within 4 days I was able to go on my... READ MORE

New Lease on Life! - Brenwood, CA

I'm in the afterglow moments of having a neck and lower face lift. I wake up each morning and cannot believe that Dr. Karimi listened so well to my desire to look like the refresh button was pushed. Nothing drastic. I simply wanted to appear relaxed, like I'd had the best night of sleep. My... READ MORE

42 Years Old and Get Mistaken for 32 Frequently! - Newport Beach, CA

I have always looked a little younger than I am, but before I did not see what others did. I only saw my mothers turkey waddle making an appearance on my neck. I can honestly say I agree with others when they say I appear to be in my early 30's. I may not have needed it just yet, but this... READ MORE

60 and Turkeyneck and Jowls - Dallas, TX

I was turning 60, and feeling and looking older with a turkey neck and jowls. Dr. Sule is wonderful. He answered all my questions, and I never felt rushed. He and his staff are professional and warm and caring. It has been a year since my surgery, and I could not be happier!!! I look 10 years... READ MORE

67yo, Turkey Neck, Long Tired. Pensacola, FL

I looked much older than I felt. I had a turkey neck that I was very self conscious about. My procedure was performed in the office. The staff was so caring and kind. My privacy was respected before and after the procedure. My neck is much better and I feel 10 yrs younger. Thank you, Dr.... READ MORE

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