time off work + Lower Face Lift

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I'm Up!!

I can't believe it's already time for my surgery. I had planned to do this for quite some time, and initially set my date for October 2016, but elected to reschedule for February since there is little to do in winter in Chicago but wait for Spring, mope and recover ;) I have read and re-read... READ MORE

Athletic Face Needed a Lift! - Newport Beach, CA

I have never stopped exercising since high school and had that athletic face sag- I had even stopped running as much these last few years and started biking thinking the running was making all my skin loose (maybe it was)? Unfortunately the skin does not naturally get tighter- so I visited Dr... READ MORE

Fantastic Lift !!! - Martinsville, NJ

From a young age I had always taken care of my skin. I would occasionally have the periodic fillers to maintain my youthful appearance. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to have other work done by some of the top surgeons in the tri-state area. After I turned 49 I started to see... READ MORE

Would Highly Recommend

Very pleased with the results. I had a chin lift (lower face lift) whatever you would like to call it. I didn't do this to feel or look younger. I just felt uneasy about my profile due to poor chin tone. I am not self conscience whatsoever anymore. Very happy. I did not have general anaesthetic... READ MORE

Glad I Did It. Columbus, OH

My mother hated her double chin and more than once she said she would rather have skipped a cruise or two and had a chin lift instead. As I aged I thought about her comments. When I finally admitted that my neck and chin was going to be like hers, I decided to check into doing something about it... READ MORE

Review of Michael Sullivan, MD - Columbus, OH

I highly recommend the Sullivan Center, Columbus, Ohio. The staff (e.g. front desk, OR RN, PACU RN, Anesthesiologist, etc.) was highly competent, friendly, available, explained everything thoroughly so nothing was a surprise. I had my lower facelift two weeks ago. I had very minimal bruising... READ MORE

57 Yrs. Old Wanting a Refreshed Look - Tampa, FL

I have never felt my age until recently when I looked in the mirror! I take care of my body by working out and eating right but there is only so much you can do to fight gravity..it was time. My neck was starting to look wrinkled and I had a little loose skin around my jawline. I wanted my face... READ MORE

56 Year Old, Young at Heart, Sagging Jowls - Manchester, GB

I felt that my face did not reflect how youthful and happy I felt inside. One night stay in hospital, the staff at the hospital were lovely and helpful. one week later stictches came out and I returned to work, no-one noticed I'd had surgery, ten months on and I've had lots of compliments on my look READ MORE

Miracle Surgery - London, UK

I am overjoyed with the results of my lower face and necklift performed by Dominic 3 weeks ago. I experienced only mild discomfort at worst and the recovery time was unbelievable. I was out socialising only days later and back to work after a week. The procedure has taken 15 years off me. ... READ MORE

Lower Face/ Neck Lift - Amherst, NY

I am almost 4 weeks since I had my lower facelift and as I have not had any other plastic surgery, have nothing to compare against so my comments are simply based on what I have read online from other experiences. I chose Dr Shatkin because he did a similar procedure on someone I know and... READ MORE

Lower Facelift and Neck Lift - Palo Alto, CA

After preparing by working on my facial texture, I had lower facelift and neck lift. The surgery lasted five hours but there was no real pain and I healed very quickly. I was able to go back to works in 2 weeks. It's been five weeks and I look really good. Most people think I lost weight.... READ MORE

I Look 10 Years Younger! - Plainfield, IL

She gave me what I wanted which was a soft new appearance. There was hardly any down time as I worked from at home the following day and was back at the office in 8 days. I had very little bruising and the results are amazing.    READ MORE

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