rested + Lower Face Lift

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10 Years Wiped Away!

Completely thrilled with my lower face lift . I'm one month out and simply look young, fresh and rested. Absolutely no one has any idea that I had anything done. I know this all seems a bit crazy, people coming from out of state for this procedure with Dr. Harley, but he is a magician, and the... READ MORE

Happy Patient

I have been seeing Drs. Hendrick and Verlargo for various fillers, peels, etc., since they opened their practice. I knew I need a lower face lift for a long time, but put it off because I did not want to look like I had had one, and I was worried about the pain associated with it. I finally... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls Be Gone

My lower face started to sag and get loose when I turned 40. I researched and had consults with a few Dr's before deciding Dr Sadati was the right choice for me. During my consultation Dr Sadati assured me I would look natural and not look too tight or "pulled" in the lower face after the... READ MORE

Glad I Did It. Columbus, OH

My mother hated her double chin and more than once she said she would rather have skipped a cruise or two and had a chin lift instead. As I aged I thought about her comments. When I finally admitted that my neck and chin was going to be like hers, I decided to check into doing something about it... READ MORE

57 Year Old, MACS Short Scar Face Lift, Upper and Lower Eye Lids, and Facial Fat Grafting. Campbell, CA

I am a very active 57 year old, play competitive tennis and surf. Living near the beach all my life, my face has been exposed to a lot of sun damage. I had deep marionette lines and jowls in my lower jaw area. My lips were very thin and more than one person even commented on that fact! It... READ MORE

Natural and Ten Years Younger - Berkeley, CA

Do it for yourself! My neck lift and laser peel went perfectly. I always knew what to expect because Dr. Lee prepared me so well. And, 2 1/2 months later, the results are remarkable. I look like myself but my younger, well-rested self. The very best part is that I look so natural.... READ MORE

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