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64 Yr Old Woman Who Needed a Little Revitilizing

Always was told I looked young for my age and have always took very good care of my skin and myself in general. Have used Retin A since my mid thirties; always use sunscreen. Have also added a derma roller, a little facial exercise, and an at home LED light to my arsenal in the last couple years... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift NC

40. Neck was looking older than me! I had crepe-y skin on my neck and a "Turkey gobbler forming." Took me three months to get in. Dr. H is a BUSY MAN. He only does two procedures and has perfected his craft. He is kind and gentle. Super humble man. Top notch staff. It a small, but finely... READ MORE

62 Year Old in Need of a Lower Facelift

Have been researching this procedure for more than 5 years & finally got to the point where I felt it HAD to be done. I was feeling so self conscious that it was affecting my everyday life. I wanted to write a review to help others who are struggling to make this decision & it helped so... READ MORE

50 year old

Wonderful experience. I could not be happier or more comfortable with Dr. M and his staff. My procedure was about 3-4 hours. I had some post-op nausea and Dr. M stayed with me for an additional 4 hours until I was able to go home. He text me throughout the night to check and had me come back in... READ MORE

48 year old with thinner skin due to medication side effects

Hello... I'm looking for encouragement/hearing your experience for three concerns. 1/ choosing a doctor. I'm sure there is someone wonderful for me to work with here in the Bay Area, CA, but I am drawn to travel to see Dr. Harley in NC. I have already had an initial consultation with him. But... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift with Co2 and Fat Transfer - Las Vegas, NV

Its been 2.5 months since my procedure. I had several consultation with different doctors both in Vegas and L.A. but I decided to go with Dr lanfranchi in las vegas. Dr Lanfranchi made me feel comfortable and secure with his consultation, he answered all my questions, he didn't promise the... READ MORE

Lite Lift - Orange County, CA

I’m 66. At this stage of my life, I know I’m aging fast and I’m okay with it. It was just that my droopy and saggy face showed that I was tired and sad while in fact I was active, energetic and enjoying my life. That bothered me. A close friend had a face lift done a few years ago. The resul... READ MORE

46 Year Old - Said Goodbye to Jowls, and Neck Fullness - Raleigh, NC

I am not a big fan of topic treatments (Botox or fillers) - but I do know that if you want permanent, long lasting change, going under the knife is the only way to go. With that said, I am not a big fan of pain, and what if I don't look like myself after the procedure? So, I put it off for a... READ MORE

Glad I Did This - Asheville, NC

I had a lower face lift/neck lift ($6,400) and lower blepharoplasty ($2,900) with Dr. David Harley on April 13. The attached photos are before and 17 days after. I traveled quite a distance for these procedures. I chose Dr. Harley because a) he is clearly skilled and experienced, b) he is well... READ MORE

Fantastic results

I had an initial consultation with Malcolm Linsell regarding what I was wanting to accomplish with my face. I followed this consultation up with 2 further appointments and Malcolm did not hesitate to spend the time with me so I could have a total understanding of the operations. His attention... READ MORE

Lower facelift revision/neck lift

I'm almost a month out of my procedure and I'm very pleased with my results so far! I had a prior lower facelift several years ago that was done badly and a subsequent Thermitight procedure (not by Dr Choe) that had ruined the area under my chin. I went to Dr Choe for help after thoroughly... READ MORE

Glad I did it!

I had a lower facelift, upper eyelid surgery and a chemical peel performed by Dr. Michael Sullivan about 3 months ago and I am glad I did. I am so pleased with the results, I look like myself, only better! My husband and I met with Dr. Mike to go over the procedure and after the consultation,... READ MORE

Incredible experience with Dr. Ambe and his team

Dr. Ambe was a true professional. My husband and I both partnered with Dr. Ambe to make sure that I looked refreshed by not completely different when I had my eye's and lower face done. The entire procedure was so easy with Dr. Ambe's guidance and each visit back was wonderful. The only... READ MORE

Best decision I made!

Dr Konstanstin is amazing! I'm more than happy with the results of the surgery! I look 15 years younger! Don't fool yourself-it's a surgery and you need a lot of time to heal, but I was able to get back to work in a week! Doctor has amazing hands! I still look like myself-just a better version!... READ MORE

Neck and Lower Face Lift with Dr Karam

I have to express how happy I am with my procedure. My before and after photos are truly amazing. It's only been 5 weeks now and my stitch areas are nearly invisible, even at this point. I went back to work at less than 2 weeks, but I'd recommend waiting the full 2 weeks at least. At 54 I had... READ MORE

Amazing Experience

Fabulous experience...explained everything. Surgery was easier then I thought and results were just as he told me they would be. Staff also were very pleasant and efficient.. answering any questions that I may have had. I highly recommend Dr. Mucci and his staff. READ MORE

Love the Results! - El Paso, TX

I really never thought I would have a facelift, but at 65, I was feeling discouraged about how much my face was sagging. My doctor was recommended to me by a friend and after a consultation, I decided to go through with it. The procedure lasted about 4 hours, there was no pain, but it got a... READ MORE

Worth traveling 3000 miles for! - Orlando, FL

What a skilled, professional, caring person! Though my procedure was only 3 weeks ago, I can already see how happy I am going to be with the final results. I had seen his work on 4 of my friends and was so impressed with their results - and their experiences - that I flew across the country to... READ MORE

So happy I went through with it! - Bridgewater, NJ

Wonderful experience with Dr Karolak and his staff! He took the time to listen to my concerns, explain his recommendations and the procedures. I felt very comfortable with Dr Karolak from first visit thru surgery and follow up. All were very professional and caringand put me at ease. The... READ MORE

Outstanding experience - Beverly Hills, CA

Outstanding doctor. Listens thoughtfully to what I had to say. Explained carefully his opinion on what I should consider doing. He does not push anything other than what my concern was. Many other doctors wanted me to add on other procedures. I trust Dr. Glassman completely. He is highly... READ MORE

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