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Dr. Sadati in Newport Beach, CA - (Don't Wait As Long As I Did - Do It Now!)

This is day one - just had my neck lift /lower face lift this morning. All I can tell you is that everything I had concocted in my head was a million times worse then the actual procedure. I should have listened more carefully to Dr. Sadati because he told me what to expect and he was right. ... READ MORE

67 Year Old Grandmother Who Wants to Age Gracefully - Lakeway, TX

I am 67 years old and am not giving in to looking old. I jokingly say I act nicer when I look better. I have had many small procedurures throughout the years and will continue to do so in the future. The lower facelift done by Dr. Vendaka Erella was by far the best plastic surgery decision I... READ MORE

Finally Done RIGHT!!!

So, almost a year to the date, I find myself doing a face and necklift revision. For those of you who have been following my journey over the past several months, THANK YOU for your supportive comments and encouragement that got me to where I am today! I had my original surgery with Johnathan... READ MORE

Dr.Harley is Amazing! THRILLED WITH MY RESULTS! Asheville, NC

I wanted to share my experience to pay forward my thanks to the reviewers who helped me on realself.com. I researched facelift doctors for almost two years. It’s a huge decision since the results are with you, everyday, for the rest of your life. You can change your hairstyle, your career, y... READ MORE

46 Year Old - Said Goodbye to Jowls, and Neck Fullness - Raleigh, NC

I am not a big fan of topic treatments (Botox or fillers) - but I do know that if you want permanent, long lasting change, going under the knife is the only way to go. With that said, I am not a big fan of pain, and what if I don't look like myself after the procedure? So, I put it off for a... READ MORE

Glad I Did This - Asheville, NC

I had a lower face lift/neck lift ($6,400) and lower blepharoplasty ($2,900) with Dr. David Harley on April 13. The attached photos are before and 17 days after. I traveled quite a distance for these procedures. I chose Dr. Harley because a) he is clearly skilled and experienced, b) he is well... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck. New York City, NY

Like the Nora Ephron book said, I feel bad about my neck. Even more than the droop at the sides of my mouth, my droop under my chin drove me crazy. I had virtually no visible results on the neck from Ultherapy. I read a lot and was under the impression that a mini-lift will not make much of a... READ MORE

70 Yr Old, Severe Neck and Cheek Wrinkles - Albuquerque, NM

Truly unbelievable difference with the skin texture of my face & neck. I look and feel 10 - 20 years younger. Dr Taghizadeh was my surgeon, I had no pain during or after the surgery. I recommend this procedure with Dr. Taghizadeh to anyone, age not a factor. I could have gone back to work... READ MORE

45 Years Old, Full Neck, Jowls

I want to age gracefully and my neck and jowls were not helping. Dr. Agullo recommended a lower face lift. I also decided to have fat injected too. I saw immediate results in my neck area and can't wait to see the full effect once the swelling and bruising is gone! I experienced absolutely... READ MORE

Lower Facelift - Houston, TX

I decided to have this procedure after I took photos of myself without any makeup. I spend several visits with Dr. Yalamanchili before deciding to have this surgery. I wanted to look fresh and not tired and old! His confidence and calmness was very assuring. I think I look amazing! I feel... READ MORE

61 Year Old Lower Face and Neck Lift - Bethel Park, PA

My experience was top notch from start to finish. Dr. Chiu and Sara made the experience very comfortable. My surgery was painless (literally) took only two Tylenol after surgery and really did not need them. I did not have any bruising and only very slight swelling. The results are so natural... READ MORE

84 Male, Happy with Results - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

A facelift was something I often considered having, but was a little frightened about the long, drawn out procedure and recovery. The deciding factor with the revolutionary Conceptâ„¢ Facelift at Bella Vou was the unique local anaesthetic method and the vastly quicker and relatively pain-free r... READ MORE

Lower Facelift/Eyelid Lift - Folsom, CA

When a doctor is working on your face, you want it to be perfect. It's also hard to imagine how it will actually turn out. I put my total trust in Dr. Mabourakh, and he and his staff made this procedure easy and painless. He has a quiet, kind mannerism that made me feel comfortable, and as... READ MORE

Easy and Painless Way to Look Refreshed! Newport Beach, CA

This is the 2nd procedure that Dr. Sadati has done for me over the past 8 years. I have referred numerous patients and all have been pleased with the results and impressed by how painless the procedure is. What I like most is how Dr. Sadati makes it look so natural! People will comment that I... READ MORE

64 Years Old... Now Look 52! Lower Face Lift and Fat Grafting Changed my Life. Newport Beach, CA

I am 65 years old, and I was showing definite signs of aging. I noticed there were hollows under my cheeks and excess skin on my face, which led to a skeleton- like appearance that was unattractive. I had also had a botched face lift previously, which had left sunken areas underneath my eyes,... READ MORE

60 Year Old with Marionette Lines, A Lot of Sagging in Lower Face - Newport Beach, CA

Actual surgery was a complete breeze. Absolutely no pain, very little bruising or swelling. I didn't even need the pain medication after leaving the office. I could hear everything that was happening and being said during the surgery but didn't feel anything. I was expecting some kind of pain... READ MORE

Needed my Neck Done!! - Scottsdale, AZ

I have always had a "double chin" no matter how thin I was. I had tried lots of other things before this surgery, things including: Tumescent Lipo, Ultherapy, Botox, some type of laser and every cream know to mankind. I did a lot of research and ended up with Dr Caniglia. I liked his honesty and... READ MORE

lower face lift and lipo to double chin. Manchester, GB

I had always been complimented on my youthful appearance, with people being genuinely surprised that I was over 50. Then I turned 52, the menopause kicked in and my face literally dropped, I didn't even look like me. I had breast augmentation a couple of years ago with MYA Manchester UK and so... READ MORE

58 Yr. Old Female Needing a Lower Facelift - Columbus, OH

I can't express enough how wonderful Dr. Mike Sullivan and his staff are. I had a lower face lift on January 4, 2016. What an incredible experience. The nursing staff was AMAZING! They are all so kind and answered all my question. I would have this procedure again if needed. Very easy... READ MORE

56 Year Old. Rockville, MD

Only 4 days post op. Minimal bruising, minimal discomfort and already thrilled with results. Dr Cohen and his staff could not have been any more kind, helpful or gentle. Truly a wonderful experience. I was not put to sleep and the local anesthesia was amazing. I had no pain or discomfort. I was... READ MORE

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