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Painful scar/swelling after six weeks

Hiya All, I have had a lower face/neck and lipo and have bad painful swelling to face, deep scar under chin (feels like glass inside). I know six weeks is still early but I don't feel like I'm healing much. Has anyone else had this experience and what was your outcome? I'm feeling really down... READ MORE

Excited, Nervous but Goals in Sight - Florence, SC

I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast reduction last year- THAT was truly worth the costs! Now working on renewing/ improving facial features. Had lower face lift on Jan 30,2017. Day 3 of recovery- lots of swelling, a little bruising- mostly on the neck, some nausea. Some pressure... READ MORE

Double Chin and Sagging Jowls After Pregnancy Weight Gain and Loss

In my 40's, gained and lost a lot of weight following multiple pregnancies. I also noticed that double chins seem to run in my family, even with the thinner relatives, and figured that was my eventual fate. I initially visited a plastic surgeon who was a medical director of a local large... READ MORE

Mouth Corner Lifting in Korea

I looked a little sad and unfriendly with my sagging mouth corners. Tried this procedure coz seen so many good results on the internet. The procedure was done under local anesthesic. Felt quite painful when the needles went in. The entire procedure lasted abt an hour. Right after the surgery,... READ MORE

Unaccceptable "Saggage" in Lower Face. Chevy Chase, MD

Unacceptably lax skin in my lower face and neck was BEAUTIFULLY eliminated by Dr. Khalifeh! ;-) Bruising was VERY dark from the under eye area to the collar bone for a few days; Dr. Khalifeh's nurse informed me of Arnica cream, which totally soothed my pain and reduced my bruising by 75% in 4... READ MORE

60 Years Young Femail Rejunivated Through One Procedure - Saint Louis, MO

I was motivated to seek a lower face lift/neck lift due to sagging skin and jowls, which are hereditary in my family. I never had a defined chin/neck, even in my twenties. As you can see from my after photo, I have one now, which is so gratifying. The procedure was performed under deep... READ MORE

Got a Reboot on Life! - Asheville, NC

The last few years have taken their toll: Losing my Sis followed by 2 back-to-back major surgeries. I looked in the mirror and pulled the skin on my jawline back to see what I used to look like. Even worse was seeing photos of myself taken when I couldn't prepare with the right pose - straight... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift and CO2 Laser - Henderson, NV

First, let me start by saying I thought I'd never do this. I had every intention of aging naturally and gracefully. But then my neck started getting that "ropey" look. You know, the platysmal bands separating. And I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore. Several attempts at... READ MORE

Amazing Dr Who Really CARES and Great Results - Scottsdale, AZ

I am a 52 year old female, average weight, healthy nonsmoker and vegan. My entire Scottish family has been cursed with a double chin that will not go away no matter how much weight you lose. Im 6'0 and even when I got down to a skeletal 135 the double chin hung there proudly! I interviewed... READ MORE

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! - West Perth, AU

This time last year I had just gone 'under the knife'. I still can't believe I did it but am SO glad that I did! Dr Hansen is extremely professional and his confidence and calmness was very reassuring. Beautiful Vicky (Nurse) and the lovely Wendy (Receptionist) were both wonderful throughout the... READ MORE

Fantastic, Natural Results, Completely Thrilled with the Younger Looking Me! - Newport Beach, CA

I am almost 52 years old and for some time now have been showing normal signs of aging with sagging skin in my lower face and neck. I finally decided I wanted to do something to give me a more refreshed and rejuvenated look without radically changing my appearance. It was really important to me... READ MORE

67 Year Old in Need of Lower Face and Neck Lift - Grand Rapids, MI

I did my research and had met with 4 plastic surgeons before Dr. Ringler. I felt the connection and trust immediately! He is very caring, compassionate. I am very happy I chose Dr Ringler he is a very skilled surgeon who takes the time to listen. My results of my facial procedures, upper, lower... READ MORE

67 Year Old Woman! Edmond, OK

I was looking older than I felt I should! My neck was sagging & getting really fat. My jaw line was really sagging & I began dreading going out even to have fun. So even at my age, I feel I made a good decision! I can continue with my life with a new found zip in my step. I don't feel as judged... READ MORE

Almost 50 Yrs, 2 Sons Later and a Very Much Needed Lower Face Lift - Greenwood, IN

I'm a married, mother of 2 sons nearing the 50 yr mark and hadn't felt good about what I saw looking back at me in the mirror for the past several years. A turkey gobbler neck is what I called my area that needed improvement. Luckily there was a cancellation and I was able to get an... READ MORE

53, Sagging Jowls, and Bulb Nose - Needed a Total Upgrade. Sydney, AU

I'm 53 years old and had sagging jowls - a family tradition, the hang dog look, thanks Mum. I've always hated it but as I reached my 50's it really really aged me. I've always had a bulb nose, and I've always hated that too so I figured I'd get both fixed at the same time, reasoning that it... READ MORE

Facelift Review - Austin, TX

I saw Dr. Buckingham for a lower facelift and Necklift on May 11th. I found his office online. Dr. Buckingham is an excellent surgeon. Originally, I came to his office because I didn’t like the way my neck looked. So far, I’m really happy with my results. I got exactly what I asked for... READ MORE

50 Year Old Woman Who Had an SMAS Lower Facelift - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I just had a lower facelift on February 19. I had a problem with the lower face sag (I turn 50 tomorrow and I am sure it had to do with periomenopause). I had the surgery done with local. I did quite a bit of research beforehand, and heard both good and bad about the surgery/recovery. It really... READ MORE

Tired of Looking Tired! - Cincinnati, OH

At 55, I had heavily hooded eyelids, a lower bleph from 10 yrs ago that needed correction plus a saggy neck and cheeks. All that equaled a tired, haggard look that made me feel tired and haggard every time I looked in the mirror. I traveled from Dayton to Cincinnati because I heard Dr.... READ MORE

Review of Michael Sullivan, MD - Columbus, OH

I highly recommend the Sullivan Center, Columbus, Ohio. The staff (e.g. front desk, OR RN, PACU RN, Anesthesiologist, etc.) was highly competent, friendly, available, explained everything thoroughly so nothing was a surprise. I had my lower facelift two weeks ago. I had very minimal bruising... READ MORE

Great Results from a Lower Face Lift! - Newport Beach, CA

As a 53 year old woman I had started to see the signs of aging around my jowl area. I had always had loose skin in that area but now it was wrinkling! I just couldn't look into the mirror without focusing on that area. I consulted a few clinics that focused on fillers. After hearing the cost... READ MORE

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