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Biltmore Lift

Just gonna give a brief review here tonight. 53 year old male having the biltmore lift performed this week to just tighten the neck up a bit. I will post more in detail about the whole experience. I just wanted to write a review (before I lose my nerve) and pay it forward to the great... READ MORE

Fantastic Results!! 50 Year Old, Natural Looking Results. Lower Facelift, Lower Bleph, Necklift and Fat Grafting - Raleigh, NC

I initially went to see Dr. Law about a revision for a bad lower bleph which had been performed by another surgeon. I was so impressed with Dr. Law that I inquired about a neck lift too. I felt instantly impressed and at ease with his recommendations. My experience with Dr. Law was on a... READ MORE

Lite Lift - Orange County, CA

I’m 66. At this stage of my life, I know I’m aging fast and I’m okay with it. It was just that my droopy and saggy face showed that I was tired and sad while in fact I was active, energetic and enjoying my life. That bothered me. A close friend had a face lift done a few years ago. The resul... READ MORE

Just a Few More Days Till Biltmore Lift, Young Feeling and Fit, 64 Next Month! North Carolina, NC

Wouldn't have had the nerve without Realself. Also, was able to pick my Doc through this site because of all the lovely ladies who came forward, wrote ( and showed photos) about what traditionally is never talked about. Thank you! Real self made it easy, I told Dr. Harley that I first picked... READ MORE

50 Year Old Lower & Mid Face Lift and Neck Lift - Dallas, TX

I recently turned 50 and wanted a lower face left to get rid of my jowls. I met with Dr. Hobar and he completely understood that I didn't want anything extensive or any work around my eyes. I wanted to remain as natural looking as possible. It's only been a week since my procedure but I am... READ MORE

Dr. Derek Jones: Excellent Facial Plastic Surgeon Pensacola, FL

I had a lower and mid lift. It took about three weeks for the bruising to go away, and about a five weeks for most of swelling to go down. My results are very natural looking and just what I hoped they would be. I no longer look in a mirror and see only my sagging neck. I now can see a person... READ MORE

55 and Looking 45!

Dr Pearson is simply THE BEST! I cannot stress enough what an amazing surgeon and incredible person he is. He is with you through the entire process....each and every pre-op appointment and discussion about the procedure itself as well as what to expect during the recovery period and through... READ MORE

66 year old woman with facial wrinkles and sagging neck.

For several years I was unhappy with my sagging neck and wrinkles on my face. After consulting with several doctors I decided upon Dr. Kim because of his professional, knowledgeable manner and reasonable price. I am very pleased with the result and now feel much more positive about my... READ MORE

Dr. Reynolds made me look 20 years younger!

My results are amazing! I look so rested but in a natural way. I get so many compliments! I wish I would have done this years ago! I found out after I did it that the video worker of mine that looks 20 years younger than her age had one by Dr. Reynolds too! I never knew she did anything! READ MORE

Excellent Result! - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Raymond Lee is a fabulous facial surgeon, he made me look at lease 10 years younger and also look very natural... I am very happy with my low face left result and very much appreciate his excellent work! His staff are great as well... The first time I met Dr. Lee was 6 years ago when I... READ MORE

Lopped off 15 Plus Years - Dallas, TX

I had a midline facelift, under eye lift, chin/jowl implant, neck tightening, fat injections and lip injections. These procedures knocked 15 plus years off my face and I look natural and just like me only years younger. Dr. Katz has his operating room in his offices and you are ushered right in... READ MORE

60 Something Male

The Business envioroment as well as my own desire to match my presence with my inner thoughts, was the motivating factor that I had contemplated for a couple of years before my procedure. Work, as well as research of the actual process that would be undertaken, took some time on my part before... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls Be Gone

My lower face started to sag and get loose when I turned 40. I researched and had consults with a few Dr's before deciding Dr Sadati was the right choice for me. During my consultation Dr Sadati assured me I would look natural and not look too tight or "pulled" in the lower face after the... READ MORE

61 Year Old Lower Face and Neck Lift - Bethel Park, PA

My experience was top notch from start to finish. Dr. Chiu and Sara made the experience very comfortable. My surgery was painless (literally) took only two Tylenol after surgery and really did not need them. I did not have any bruising and only very slight swelling. The results are so natural... READ MORE

Beautiful and Natural Results - Raleigh, NC

I was very apprehensive about having cosmetic surgery for many reasons...but on the other hand, I was just not happy with the way I looked. When I visited DR Law's office and met with him for a consultation, I knew he was the one doctor I could trust with my face. His office is beautifully... READ MORE

Fantastic, Natural Results, Completely Thrilled with the Younger Looking Me! - Newport Beach, CA

I am almost 52 years old and for some time now have been showing normal signs of aging with sagging skin in my lower face and neck. I finally decided I wanted to do something to give me a more refreshed and rejuvenated look without radically changing my appearance. It was really important to me... READ MORE

Love My New Look! - Aliso Viejo, CA

After thinking, planning & researching surgeons for 2 years...I finally found Dr. Miller. Yet, even when I knew he was THE ONE, I still hesitated. I was scared! Now, I just laugh at how silly I was! From the first moment I stepped into the office, I was comfortable. As a critical care... READ MORE

Easy and Painless Way to Look Refreshed! Newport Beach, CA

This is the 2nd procedure that Dr. Sadati has done for me over the past 8 years. I have referred numerous patients and all have been pleased with the results and impressed by how painless the procedure is. What I like most is how Dr. Sadati makes it look so natural! People will comment that I... READ MORE

49 Years Old and Elated with Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck Procedures - Columbia, SC

In two months, I will be 50 years old. Unfortunately, I spent my youth in the sun with no protection. Although I was very fit and healthy for my age, my face and neck made me look 10 years older . I am overjoyed with the results I received from the Dr. Rich's Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck. I look... READ MORE

68 and Look 55 - Fort Myers, FL

I have had Co2 fractional laser done (Really like results) along with lower face lift. I have had many types of fillers since face lift. I didnt realize I would need fillers after a couple of yrs passed. I have had sculptra, (lasts 2 yrs) as well as permanent filler last yr 2016 which lasts 5... READ MORE

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