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Minimal bruising + Lower Face Lift

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54 Year Old Neck Lift Success - Mumbai, IN

I had an amazing experience with Dr Karkhanis in Mumbai. I am now on day 8 and will leave India in another week. I am astounded at the improvement in the wobbly skin under my chin as I was told that I would be lucky to get even a 20% improvement. Thankfully Dr Karkhanis was much more positive... READ MORE

Excited, Nervous but Goals in Sight - Florence, SC

I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast reduction last year- THAT was truly worth the costs! Now working on renewing/ improving facial features. Had lower face lift on Jan 30,2017. Day 3 of recovery- lots of swelling, a little bruising- mostly on the neck, some nausea. Some pressure... READ MORE

Finally Done RIGHT!!!

So, almost a year to the date, I find myself doing a face and necklift revision. For those of you who have been following my journey over the past several months, THANK YOU for your supportive comments and encouragement that got me to where I am today! I had my original surgery with Johnathan... READ MORE

Excellent Results - Portland, OR

After losing 75 pounds two years ago, I developed a very saggy neck and jowls. Since I'm 62, there was no way these were going to fix themselves. I read excellent reviews about Dr Lee on this site and Yelp, so I met with him for a consult. He answered every question I had and many I didn't think... READ MORE

Glad I Did This - Asheville, NC

I had a lower face lift/neck lift ($6,400) and lower blepharoplasty ($2,900) with Dr. David Harley on April 13. The attached photos are before and 17 days after. I traveled quite a distance for these procedures. I chose Dr. Harley because a) he is clearly skilled and experienced, b) he is well... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift - Turkey Neck and Jowls

I am turning 60 this year and my turkey neck and jowls made me very self-conscious. As a real estate broker, my appearance is very important to me. I have researched for the past 5 years and have consulted with the most well known doctors in plastic surgery. I have consulted with doctors from... READ MORE

Easily Lost 10 Years and Still Maintaining - Virginia Beach, VA

I was 58 and still enjoying life and very active wanting to look as young and vital as I felt and consulted with Dr. Choe about my options. We started small with fillers and Botox and he removed a small scar on my forehead between my eyes. It healed quickly and I was very impressed by his work... READ MORE

Approaching 65 and Needed a Refresh! - Asheville, NC

As I approached the big 65, I did a lot of research on area doctors and decided to consult with Dr. Harley even though his office was one-and-a-half hours away. His reviews were very positive, and one of the main factors was that I would not be put under with an anesthesia. I had consulted... READ MORE

It's All True! Now Harley Honey. No More Wrinkled Neck or Jowls

On July 13th of this year I took the leap of faith and had the Biltmore Lift procedure done by Dr. Harley. I traveled from California (where Plastic Surgeons can be found on every corner) after being on this site for almost 2 years & consulting with more than 5 plastic surgeons. Let me first... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mom of Three Wanting to Turn Back the Clock a Few Years - Commerce, GA

I've been going to Dr. Meadows for several years. I've seen him or one of his staff for every thing from colds to Botox. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. This summer, I decided to have a little more "invasive" work done on my face. I hated the area around my mouth and jaw... READ MORE

Easy and Painless Way to Look Refreshed! Newport Beach, CA

This is the 2nd procedure that Dr. Sadati has done for me over the past 8 years. I have referred numerous patients and all have been pleased with the results and impressed by how painless the procedure is. What I like most is how Dr. Sadati makes it look so natural! People will comment that I... READ MORE

56 Year Old. Rockville, MD

Only 4 days post op. Minimal bruising, minimal discomfort and already thrilled with results. Dr Cohen and his staff could not have been any more kind, helpful or gentle. Truly a wonderful experience. I was not put to sleep and the local anesthesia was amazing. I had no pain or discomfort. I was... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift / Chin Liposuction / 68 Yrs - Newmarket, ON

It has been 6 weeks since my surgery & I am very happy with the outcome. I have wanted to do it for a few years as the fat under my chin bothered me a great deal. Post op I felt great.....did not need any pain pills at all & was able to eat lunch on the way home from hospital. There was very... READ MORE

60 Yr Old That Now Looks 45! La Jolla, CA

The procedure went well with very little bruising and swelling. I just did my lower face, so I was able to do it under IV sedation. Recovery time was minimal. Dr. Jeff understood what I was looking for and went into great detail on what he would be doing. I did not feel rushed or made to feel... READ MORE

43 Years Old. 3 Kids. - Spire, murrayfield, Edinburgh GB

Lower face and neck lift with Coleman fat transfer. Initially I was cautious about fat transfer because I was opting for a subtle natural result. I was afraid I would look "over corrected". However the results are subtle and natural. I look fresh and feel like the clock has been turned back at... READ MORE

Review of Michael Sullivan, MD - Columbus, OH

I highly recommend the Sullivan Center, Columbus, Ohio. The staff (e.g. front desk, OR RN, PACU RN, Anesthesiologist, etc.) was highly competent, friendly, available, explained everything thoroughly so nothing was a surprise. I had my lower facelift two weeks ago. I had very minimal bruising... READ MORE

Youthful Again! - Asheville, NC

I have been unhappy with the sagging in and around my neck area and tired of carrying around a double, triple and quadruple chin!! I was referred to Dr. Harley by a girlfriend that had recently had a lower facelift...she looks awesome. I love my new look and the procedure was a snap. I had... READ MORE

I Look 10 Years Younger! - Plainfield, IL

She gave me what I wanted which was a soft new appearance. There was hardly any down time as I worked from at home the following day and was back at the office in 8 days. I had very little bruising and the results are amazing.    READ MORE

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