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menopause + Lower Face Lift

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Late 40s Lower Face Lift

I'm in my late 40s and have inherited my beautiful mother's unfortunate jowls.  I have been researching lower facelifts for over a year now and found this site.  After reading many reviews and posts and researching recovery, etc...I decided that this year was the time! Although I have always l... READ MORE

Just Turned 54 and Don't Want to Grow Old Gracefully. Sudbury, ON

I'm hoping to have my neck back and no jowls. Also having fat grafting to replace loss of volume. I spent too much time in the sun and between that and menopause and stressful life style I need to do what I can now before I look any worst. So I'm having a lower face and neck lift and full face... READ MORE

Lower Facelift & Fat Cells to Malar in Melbourne Australia

I am 53 years old & have always been told I look young for my age. Until menaupause hit. Hard. Yesterday someone asked me if I was Cate Blanchett's mother! Bloody cheek! Anyway, my cheeks have been sliding down my face for quite a while now and last year I decided it was high time I did... READ MORE

52 Years Young... Except for Dog Jowls and Turkey Neck. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Noticed the last few years that my lower face had sagged. Sagging seemed to accelerate after I went into menopause two years ago. I keep my body and mind fit, but there was nothing to fix the ugly waddle except surgery. A month ago (after seeing a creepy video of my neck flapping while I talked)... READ MORE

54 Felt I looked old following the Menopause . London, GB

Following the menopause I suddenly felt like I was looking old and no longer happy with my appearance so I started researching surgeons and thinking about a lower face and neck lift to boost my confidence. After 2 years of research I finally booked a consultation with Doninic Bray and he... READ MORE

lower face lift and lipo to double chin. Manchester, GB

I had always been complimented on my youthful appearance, with people being genuinely surprised that I was over 50. Then I turned 52, the menopause kicked in and my face literally dropped, I didn't even look like me. I had breast augmentation a couple of years ago with MYA Manchester UK and so... READ MORE

Post Menopausal Woman with Sagging Chin an Neck - Saint Louis, MO

I have always been a person that's younger than my chronological age and up until a few years ago I felt that my skin looked pretty good. In the last few years since going through menopause and now in my mi-fifties I just felt my outside was not matching how I felt on the inside or how I wanted... READ MORE

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