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Happy with my Appearance After More Than 50 Years

I have been unhappy with my appearance since early teens having a double chin and heavy lower face. As I got older--I am now 70-- with weight gain and normal sagging of skin and underlying tissues my appearance in my opinion became even more abnormal and unbalanced. I considered myself... READ MORE

Officially one of Harley's Honeys

Apparently one can tell by my photos that make-up is my friend. Dr Harley is my ANGEL in DISGUISE! I'm very pleased with surgery & still have a ways to go in healing process. Me & Dr H have more work...CHEMICAL PEELS! I didn't go this far to quit now! It was so totally WORTH IT! Thank... READ MORE

54 Years Old and Want a Tighter Neck and Jowls! - Madison, WI

Just paid for my lower facelift! Nervous and excited! After two+ years of chickening out, I'm going for it. Two weeks to go. Yikes. It's amazing how fast my lower face has dropped since I turned fifty. The only people who know I'm having it done are my husband and sister. I told them it's a neck... READ MORE

Young Body but Jowls and Neck Lost Fat and Elasticity. - Tunbridge Wells, GB

Fed up with being told I look old because I'm slim. I've always had "big chops" and age and high activity took the fat and elasticity. I am a nutritionist so despite daily exercise and excellent nutrition no cream or laser could help me. However, Amir and his team had empathy, knowledge,... READ MORE

Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself - Dallas, TX

Wow, it amazes me the negative reviews when my experience was FABULOUS! I had a HORRIBLE double chin and the transformation was amazing. AFTER, I had my lift I went to work for them because I believed in what they did. Dr. John Standefer in the Dallas office is an amazing surgeon and I am so... READ MORE

52 Years Young... Except for Dog Jowls and Turkey Neck. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Noticed the last few years that my lower face had sagged. Sagging seemed to accelerate after I went into menopause two years ago. I keep my body and mind fit, but there was nothing to fix the ugly waddle except surgery. A month ago (after seeing a creepy video of my neck flapping while I talked)... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift and Touch Ups! Jacksonville, FL

It has been 11 months since my mommy makeover and lipo on my neck, This year has been crazy!! First lets start with my neck! I have had a large hard piece of skin to deal with! I had one revision in October with NO effect! This has been the hardest to deal with because it's always so... READ MORE

70 Year Old Unhappy with Lower Face and Neck

For a very long time I've been unhappy with my lower face, jowls, neck....that look that aging causes. After meeting with Dr. Karolak and discussing the fact that I would not have to go under anesthesia I made the decision to get a NV lift and neck lift. I am 6 weeks out from surgery and... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls Be Gone

My lower face started to sag and get loose when I turned 40. I researched and had consults with a few Dr's before deciding Dr Sadati was the right choice for me. During my consultation Dr Sadati assured me I would look natural and not look too tight or "pulled" in the lower face after the... READ MORE

Simply the BEST!!! - Woodmere, NY

I recently had a lower face and neck lift in Dr. Funt’s Woodmere office. I was beyond thrilled with Dr. Funt and his awesome staff. Soon after our initial consultation began, it was apparent that Dr. Funt is passionate about his work. He listened carefully to what I wanted and addressed any i... READ MORE

Needed Lower Face and Neck Done - Beverly Hills, CA

Loved Dr. Machida. Used the Beverly Hills Facility and I was nervous, but Dr. Machida made me very comfortable, and I am ECSTATIC! with the results that he achieved with my procedure! I had my lower face and neck done. The results are amazing, and my recovery time was speedy with minimal... READ MORE

Lower Facelift and Necklift - Coral Springs, FL

I first became acquainted with Dr. Levens 5 years ago when he performed my (then 17 year old) son’s Gynecomastia surgery. As this was going to be for my child, I performed a thorough evaluation of his credentials like any mom would. I reviewed his board certifications, hospital privileges, t... READ MORE

Sagging Cheeks and Neck at 50. Eau Claire, WI

I saw Dr. Rucker earlier this year for a lower face and neck lift consultation. I have no idea what these other reviewers are talking about because he was friendly, informative and very nice. He was a little too straightforward (told me I look old :( and tired) but at least he was honest. His... READ MORE

Refreshing Lift to my Face - New York

I had a lower face/neck lift, with fat transfer, as an outpatient without general anesthesia. The procedure went well, and after 2 weeks I had no pain. After 2 months this was supplemented with some Botox and Juvederm for a "touch up" to my forehead and crows feet. It is now 3 months later and... READ MORE

64 Years Old and Feel 20 Years Younger - Melbourne, AU

I was self conscious and I had an inferior complex about ageing. I had a lower face/neck lift, fat cells to molar and laser perioral and rev rhino. Now I am confident and feel much better about my looks. I healed quickly with no side effects or drama. Appearance improves as time passes. I am... READ MORE

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