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Painful scar/swelling after six weeks

Hiya All, I have had a lower face/neck and lipo and have bad painful swelling to face, deep scar under chin (feels like glass inside). I know six weeks is still early but I don't feel like I'm healing much. Has anyone else had this experience and what was your outcome? I'm feeling really down... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift + Fat Graft + CO2 Laser

So far so good. The procedure went really well, I barely had any pain. I am healing well and everything Dr. Weiler and his nurses told me has been spot on so far. I had a Lower Face / Neck Lift, fat graft under my eyes, in my cheeks, and a teenie bit in my upper lip. Plus I had CO2 Laser all... READ MORE

Facelift Needed at 50! - India

After researching cosmetic surgery in and around London and Europe i became dismayed with hugely inflating prices along with the not so great European attitudes toward a service that is a very personal one for the patient. It was for this reason alone i decided to cast my net further afield and... READ MORE

56 Year Old Nurse, Soon to Be Facelift Patient! - Commerce, GA

No pics but injections in the t area lips and juvaderm in the cheek area. I am scheduled for a lower face and neck lift and the day I was to have it done I walked in his office and had had a severe adult acne breakout that I tried to cover with makeup. He came in the room and immediately had... READ MORE

47 and Looking Forward to a Little Maintenance. - Melbourne, AU

After recently having a consultation at Bryan Mendelson's rooms regarding a lower facelift I was left very confident and excited by the whole prospect of a refreshed look. The whole procedure was explained in thorough detail accompanied with plenty of photographic evidence with regard to the... READ MORE

Easily Lost 10 Years and Still Maintaining - Virginia Beach, VA

I was 58 and still enjoying life and very active wanting to look as young and vital as I felt and consulted with Dr. Choe about my options. We started small with fillers and Botox and he removed a small scar on my forehead between my eyes. It healed quickly and I was very impressed by his work... READ MORE

So Happy With My Results from Dr. Harley - Asheville, NC

I'm not usually a review writer but since I ended up choosing Dr. Harley from reviews that others took the time to write, I decided to share my experience. I literally was a stalker on mostly this site for about a year while researching what is involved with all these different lift surgeries,... READ MORE

Face and Neck Lift for a Florida Snowbird...- Stuart, FL

I have been following others on this site and have found it most helpful. I appreciate all of the advise and shared experiences of those who have and are going through this too. I have posted most of this before but will repeat some of it here. I am 61 and will celebrate my 62nd... READ MORE

Very Good Result - Edinburgh, GB

My lower face & neck was drooping badly compared to the rest of my face, I felt it made me look much older than my actual age, which was quite depressing. I was extremely nervous about having the operation, however, I'm so glad I did, it has made me feel so much better about myself, &... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mom of Three Wanting to Turn Back the Clock a Few Years - Commerce, GA

I've been going to Dr. Meadows for several years. I've seen him or one of his staff for every thing from colds to Botox. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. This summer, I decided to have a little more "invasive" work done on my face. I hated the area around my mouth and jaw... READ MORE

So, So HAPPY!!!! - Atlanta, GA

I cannot say enough about all the good I feel about Dr. Maloney. A good listener and compassionate; he made me feel at ease within minutes of our meeting. The prep work that he suggested to me including lymphatic massage, vitamins and expectation management were exactly what helped me come... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift Plus CO2 Laser Around Mouth - Marina Del Ray, CA

I was starting to hate my neck and was spending time in front of the mirror pulling up my face with my fingers to see if PS would make a significant difference. Decided that it was time to just do it. I am a repeat patient of Dr Stevens. I had a Breast Lift, Mini Brow Lift, Upper & Lower... READ MORE

49 and Not Going Down Without a Fight }i{ - Metairie, LA

It starts out with looking in the mirror and looking sucked in ,lines around sides cheeks ,neck with wrinkles when looking down . Just over all looking tired, old and feeling like I was. I tried fillers for a time which was great but eventually it gets to the point when Id go more frequently... READ MORE

74 Yo, Lower Facelift (Natural Facelift) and Fat Transfer - Newport Beach, CA

My primary concerns were around the jowls, neck and eye areas. My family and I performed extensive research in selecting the best surgeon, which took several years. We read volumes and volumes of information on surgeons, reviews, medical backgrounds and specific facelift procedures. Our search... READ MORE

Lovely Chin Line - New York, NY

I wanted to lift and tighten my chin line....I went to Dr. Slupchynskyj for the surgery and I couldn't be happier. He is an amazing surgeon and everything went perfectly. The healing time was so quick and the process..from the initial consultation to the end result ...was amazing. Dr. S. is... READ MORE

Dr Lanfranchi is the Best in Town - Las Vegas, NV

I had a lower face lift, chin augmentation and upper lid blepharplasty. I had contemplated doing these procedures for quite some time, but now wish that I had not waited as long as I did to have them done. I was scared of looking "overdone", but Dr Lanfranchi is so excellent at what he does... READ MORE

70 Year Old Woman Has Her Jowels Removed. - Hawaii

For many years, I've wanted to improve my appearance by removing my unsightly jowels and "turkey neck". My research revealed that I could best achieve my goal with cosmetic surgery, specifically a Lite Lift. This is the procedure developed by Dr. Larry Nichter. After consultation with Dr.... READ MORE

62 Yr Old, Severe Acne Scarring, Sagging Eye Lids, Brow Needed Lift, Lips Thin & Lost, Uneven Rough Sun Damaged Skin. Carmel, IN

I have wasted thousands of dollars in my lifetime buying temporary solutions for my face. The cost in poor self-image and worse self-esteem issues was increasing the more I aged. I just decided it was time for some facial work that would be more lasting. I opted for a brow lift, eyelid... READ MORE

Highly Recommend After Much Research and Consultation - Austin, TX

Even though in 2 days, I will only be 4 weeks post-op, I wanted to go ahead and write a review on Dr. Apostolakis and his staff. He and his staff have been so completely friendly, caring and have answered all of my questions with great patience, while still being professional. I did a lot of... READ MORE

Successful Facial Procedure - Irvine, CA

I underwent a lower facelift procedure which I choose to enhance my appearance. I went into the office and Dr. Lee's staff helped to prepare me for the procedure. I was in the chair for about 2 hours. I went home and I was having no aftereffects. The healing was very minimal. Dr. Lee was always... READ MORE

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