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Much Needed Rejuvenation - Martinsville, NJ

I went for a consultation because I could not stand to look an my wrinkly neck and saggy face. Botox and juvederm were no longer enough to fix these problems. After discussing my concerns with Dr Karolak, I decided to get a lower facelift and brow lift. The procedure was done under local... READ MORE

Dr Waldman

I can't tell you how excited I was and how long I had saved to get a lower face lift and neck lift. Dr Waldman promised I would look at the least 10 yrs longer, though my greatest hope was to look firmer and rested and not have people ask me what was wrong and why I look so tired and upset. I... READ MORE

Would Highly Recommend

Very pleased with the results. I had a chin lift (lower face lift) whatever you would like to call it. I didn't do this to feel or look younger. I just felt uneasy about my profile due to poor chin tone. I am not self conscience whatsoever anymore. Very happy. I did not have general anaesthetic... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift Plus CO2 Laser Around Mouth - Marina Del Ray, CA

I was starting to hate my neck and was spending time in front of the mirror pulling up my face with my fingers to see if PS would make a significant difference. Decided that it was time to just do it. I am a repeat patient of Dr Stevens. I had a Breast Lift, Mini Brow Lift, Upper & Lower... READ MORE

Renewed Self Image - Newport Beach, CA

Years ago at another office, I had a silicone type of filler put in my face. The product hardened, caused scarring and hard nodules which could not be removed. I also had deep hollowing under my cheeks. My face seemed to age at a more rapid rate and it was difficult to even look at my face in... READ MORE

I Couldn't Be Happier with the Decision to Get my Lower Face / Neck Lift - Corona del Mar, CA

I had lost a considerable amount of weight which left me with excess loose skin hanging on my lower face and neck. I had given some thought to a face lift but was thinking more about getting liposuction around my waist. After discussing the lower face lift procedure with Dr. Kessler I decided to... READ MORE

Lower Facelift, Neck Lift and Upper Eyelids Instead of Lifestyle Lift - Happy with my Choice

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has posted here. I feel like you have saved my life. I have been wanting a facelift for sometime, and I happen to have the money and the time to recover so the timing was right. A friend mentioned the Lifestyle Lift~ so I tivo'd one of their... READ MORE

Bell's Palsy After Upper Eyelift, Lower Face/neck Lift

I'm one week out from a lower face/neck lift and eye lift. I'm still having pain on one side of my neck requiring a mild narcotic pain reliever. Otherwise my pain is tolerable with plain Tylenol. (I know because I tried it!). Updated Mar. 16, 2010:I had a facelift and bilateral upper... READ MORE

No Smile After Facelift (Upper and Lower Bleph, Deep Temporal Lift, and Lower Facelift)

Hello - I had an upper and lower bleph, deep temporal lift, and lower facelift 6 months ago. I encountered an infection following the surgery in my scars but this resolved itself quite quickly.The healing has been smooth and overall Im making good progress but when I smile you can no longer see... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Lower Facelift to Correct Sagging

I decided to get a lower facelift, 3 years after having a brow lift, mid facelift and upper/lower eyes. I felt I had sagging areas and wanted a slight correction. I am 44 years old. I have an area below my jawline that is swollen and puffy and hurts if I move my head at all. I am 3 weeks out... READ MORE

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