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52 Yr Old Wants a Refreshed, Not Tired, Look! Lower Face/Neck Lift

For several years, when I’ve looked in the mirror, I’ve said to myself, “Wow, I really miss my chin line!” My sagging face, while just a natural progression of aging I suppose, was starting to bother me because I felt so much younger inside. I started wondering if my tear troughs and marione... READ MORE

Facelift, Necklift and Eyelid Surgery

Here I am 6 weeks post-surgery and extremely happy with my results, lower eye surgery, lower face and neck-lift. I previously had 2 other consultations before I found Dr Watts on the Realself website which prompted me to make a phone call to his office and put my trust in Dr Watts and his... READ MORE

Lower Facelift, Eyelid Surgery and Lip Lift.

I'm 54, and knew I would eventually need a lower Facelift. I began noticing my neck with loose skin when I looked down, and had also inherited my mom's jowls. So it was time! After tummy tuck surgery in January, decided to continue with the revamp and here I am! The lip lift surgery was... READ MORE

52 Yrs Old, Biltmore Lift (Lower Face/neck Lift), Possible Bleph. Asheville, NC

Finally called & scheduled my consult date, July 27! Didn't realize Dr. Harley was so far booked out...I asked to be on the cancellation list since I'm only 2 hours away (Charlotte). I kept putting off scheduling, thinking I could get some weight off & then book but I feel the time is... READ MORE

55 and It's Time for Lower Face and Neck Lift and Eyelid Lifts After Big Weight Loss - Oklahoma City, OK

Anyone googling plastic surgery will thankfully be lead to RealSelf. It's been a struggle to decide who and where to get this phase one done! But finally appointment is scheduled. My PS is highly recommended by my aesthetician who is quite conservative. I trust I am in good hands with him and... READ MORE

Over-The-Moon. Newport Beach, CA

I am over-the-moon about a much-wanted lower face and neck lift, with blepharoplasty, performed impeccably and artistically by plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati. For the past several years, I have known this was what I was going to do for myself, so that I looked on the outside, how I felt on... READ MORE

51 Year Old - Lower Face Lift and Upper Brow Lift, Lower Blepharoplsty, Vaser Chin/jowels, Fat Transfer, Vaser Inner Thighs- AU

Very excited to go undergo this procedure tomorrow 16/06/2014. I had a thread lift done 6 years and upper blepharoplasty 3 years ago. I have had regular botox injections for 10 years and started with fillers about 3 years ago. Very excited to see the result as I have been following other... READ MORE

Glad I did it!

I had a lower facelift, upper eyelid surgery and a chemical peel performed by Dr. Michael Sullivan about 3 months ago and I am glad I did. I am so pleased with the results, I look like myself, only better! My husband and I met with Dr. Mike to go over the procedure and after the consultation,... READ MORE

Feeling old too soon

Dr. Ho is amazing. He did a lower face lift for me and my eyelids. I look and feel so good. He was very professional. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and answered all my questions. His staff was great too. I felt nothing during the procedures and within 4 days I was able to go on my... READ MORE

70 Years Old and Scared - Newport Beach, CA

I had my jowls removed and the sagging eyelids fixed. At age 70 it was a scary decision to make. it is now 5 months latter and I am so very happy that I did it. Dr. Sadati was the right choice for me from the first consultation to my excellent results. I will recommend him to anybody without... READ MORE

66 Year Old Retired Attorney, Lower Face Lift and Eye Lid Surgery - Newport Beach, CA

I am extremely pleased with the results of my lower face lift and eye lid surgery with Dr. Miland Ambe, and feel that I look 15 years younger. I decided to undergo the procedure after I was looking at photos of myself over the past 30 years for my 66th birthday and felt that my chin and neck... READ MORE

52 Years Lower Facelift and Neck Lift and Lower and Upper Eye Surgery - Paris, France

I decided I wanted a lower face lift at 50 but have waited 2 years whilst researching. I had this done by Dr Olivier De Frahan in Paris. It is only 3.5 weeks in so I cannot comment yet on the outcome but I have my fingers crossed. The clinic where I had the surgery was fantastic and it was my... READ MORE

Lower Facelift/Eyelid Lift - Folsom, CA

When a doctor is working on your face, you want it to be perfect. It's also hard to imagine how it will actually turn out. I put my total trust in Dr. Mabourakh, and he and his staff made this procedure easy and painless. He has a quiet, kind mannerism that made me feel comfortable, and as... READ MORE

49 Years Old and Elated with Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck Procedures - Columbia, SC

In two months, I will be 50 years old. Unfortunately, I spent my youth in the sun with no protection. Although I was very fit and healthy for my age, my face and neck made me look 10 years older . I am overjoyed with the results I received from the Dr. Rich's Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck. I look... READ MORE

67 Year Old in Need of Lower Face and Neck Lift - Grand Rapids, MI

I did my research and had met with 4 plastic surgeons before Dr. Ringler. I felt the connection and trust immediately! He is very caring, compassionate. I am very happy I chose Dr Ringler he is a very skilled surgeon who takes the time to listen. My results of my facial procedures, upper, lower... READ MORE

38YO Lower Face Lift and Eyelid Surgery - Toorak, AU

The reason why I decided to go with Dr. Bryan Mendelson is because he is by far the best facial surgeon in the world and I was lucky enough to have him work his magic on my face. The before me was very sad and tired looking with skin starting to sag prematurely and it affected my personal... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift, Upper Eye Lid & Fat Transfer - Montreal, QC

At 59 yrs old I was not looking my best, I excercise daily and I didn't look as young as I felt. Decided to seek professional help ...I found a treasure ...Dr. Mark Samaha. He performed my surgery and I'm sooo glad I decided to proceed. I'm looking a good 10 yrs younger ...no one believes I'm... READ MORE

62 Yr Old, Severe Acne Scarring, Sagging Eye Lids, Brow Needed Lift, Lips Thin & Lost, Uneven Rough Sun Damaged Skin. Carmel, IN

I have wasted thousands of dollars in my lifetime buying temporary solutions for my face. The cost in poor self-image and worse self-esteem issues was increasing the more I aged. I just decided it was time for some facial work that would be more lasting. I opted for a brow lift, eyelid... READ MORE

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