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Excited, Nervous but Goals in Sight - Florence, SC

I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast reduction last year- THAT was truly worth the costs! Now working on renewing/ improving facial features. Had lower face lift on Jan 30,2017. Day 3 of recovery- lots of swelling, a little bruising- mostly on the neck, some nausea. Some pressure... READ MORE

Initial Consultations, Lower Facelift, Upper Eyelid in Dec. 2015

This is a review of 3 initial consultations in Lexington, KY, for a lower facelift and eyelid lift. Hopefully this will help someone else before they decide on a plastic surgeon. First, I looked at reviews online to get an idea of who I wanted to go for my consultation. Almost all PS charge a... READ MORE

47 and Too Droopy for My Liking. Asheville, NC

After decades of yo-yo dieting, the last round of weight loss left me with a crepey neck and looseness under my chin. I also have hereditary jowls that don't go away even when I am on the slimmer side. For a while I was toying with the idea of Thermitight or Thermismooth, but after reading a lot... READ MORE

Facelift Needed at 50! - India

After researching cosmetic surgery in and around London and Europe i became dismayed with hugely inflating prices along with the not so great European attitudes toward a service that is a very personal one for the patient. It was for this reason alone i decided to cast my net further afield and... READ MORE

Over-The-Moon. Newport Beach, CA

I am over-the-moon about a much-wanted lower face and neck lift, with blepharoplasty, performed impeccably and artistically by plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati. For the past several years, I have known this was what I was going to do for myself, so that I looked on the outside, how I felt on... READ MORE

Lower Facelift & Fat Cells to Malar in Melbourne Australia

I am 53 years old & have always been told I look young for my age. Until menaupause hit. Hard. Yesterday someone asked me if I was Cate Blanchett's mother! Bloody cheek! Anyway, my cheeks have been sliding down my face for quite a while now and last year I decided it was high time I did... READ MORE

61 Years Old, I Keep Very Fit but Want to Do Something About This Face! Boston, MA

I've gotten fillers and botox for 10 years but they just weren't working anymore. I interviewed 4 Boston area plastic surgeons and decided on Dr. Raffi DerSarkissian because of his kind demeanor, the fact that he has a board certified anesthesiologist present at surgery and he doesn't have a... READ MORE

Help Needed for Lower Face, Fillers No Longer the Answer

I had been considering facial plastic surgery for quite a while, having been told other procedures no longer could improve my marionette lines or other concerns. My nerves kept me from going forward until I met and had a consultation with Dr. Mark Karolak. My concerns included undergoing... READ MORE

Eisemann Botched Facelift

When I first went to Dr Michael Eisemann in Houston, he was pleasant, if not friendly. We discussed the facelift and he said he would also do a necklift, but it would cost more. He charged me for both surgeries. He only did a lower face lift. Later, at the first post op he said he didn't... READ MORE

This Is The Surgeon I Trust - Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Hoffman and his welcoming staff provided a professional, informative and comfortable consultation when I visited him for information on a lower face lift. I know there are many non-surgical options available. I was very impressed Dr. Hoffman did not encourage this option for me as he felt it... READ MORE

Facelift at 50. Australia, AU

15 years ago at age 35 I had upper and lower blephs done with Mr Mendelson for premature lid bags and was thrilled with the result. I had always thought back then I would not have a full face lift later in life as it seemed extreme, but I grew older, laxity set in and new techniques in... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift - This Man is a Rock Star of a Doctor! Asheville, NC

I work on camera, and the aging was showing... let's just say that. I researched many doctors on a lower facelift/necklift in Bev. Hills, and I was less than impressed on their before and after photos and $16,000 price tags. I went into high gear and found Dr. Harley who brought me back 15 years... READ MORE

62. Southlake, TX

I want to work another 10 years - love my job, but average age at my company is mid-30's. I didn't want major changes; I just wanted to look my best. We decided on a lower facelift (everything but eyes and forehead). Dr. Kasden didn't try to talk me into anything or out of anything. He answered... READ MORE

Right to the Procedure Date...and then - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Needed more time to decide about the surgery but have to say this doctor is really caring. You can tell, it's not about the money with him. The staff is the best. Easy going and fall over themselves to make the experience a pleasant one. Consider this doctor for your next surgery! I don't think... READ MORE

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