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Lower Face Lift + Fat Graft + CO2 Laser

So far so good. The procedure went really well, I barely had any pain. I am healing well and everything Dr. Weiler and his nurses told me has been spot on so far. I had a Lower Face / Neck Lift, fat graft under my eyes, in my cheeks, and a teenie bit in my upper lip. Plus I had CO2 Laser all... READ MORE

Lower Facelift & Fat Cells to Malar in Melbourne Australia

I am 53 years old & have always been told I look young for my age. Until menaupause hit. Hard. Yesterday someone asked me if I was Cate Blanchett's mother! Bloody cheek! Anyway, my cheeks have been sliding down my face for quite a while now and last year I decided it was high time I did... READ MORE

Putting Cheeks and Chin Back Where They Started - Italy

Last year I contacted my PS to lipo my tum, flanks and knees and do my upper eyelids. I said I would leave a year before trying anything else. 1) I'm a total coward and wanted to see if I could cope with any pain, 2) recovery time as I bruise easily, 3) did I really need any more done? and it... READ MORE

54 Years Old and Time to Do Something About That Neck! - Asheville, NC

About 5 years ago -- right aroud the time I started menopause in earnest - I noticed some developing sagging around my neck and jowls. I upped the moisturizer, invested in botox and fillers, began wearing a lot more scarves, and started to do that thing that 50 year old women do -- stand in... READ MORE

Looked Much Older Than I Felt! Fresno, CA

I thought about having something done for awhile. I decided to get the free consultation with Dr. Troung and I liked the office staff and him, so I decided to go for the lower facelift. I am 62 years old and a teacher and not anywhere ready to retire, but I had such saggy cheeks that I really... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck. New York City, NY

Like the Nora Ephron book said, I feel bad about my neck. Even more than the droop at the sides of my mouth, my droop under my chin drove me crazy. I had virtually no visible results on the neck from Ultherapy. I read a lot and was under the impression that a mini-lift will not make much of a... READ MORE

70 Yr Old, Severe Neck and Cheek Wrinkles - Albuquerque, NM

Truly unbelievable difference with the skin texture of my face & neck. I look and feel 10 - 20 years younger. Dr Taghizadeh was my surgeon, I had no pain during or after the surgery. I recommend this procedure with Dr. Taghizadeh to anyone, age not a factor. I could have gone back to work... READ MORE

To Freshen Up my Lower Face.

Mr Quaba is a very gentle kind man. Very professional and explains the procedure fully and what to expect from the operation. I had a lower facelift, liposuction to my neck and fat transfer to my cheeks. I am just over the moon with the results. I should also add the Anaesthetist was exceptional... READ MORE

New Lease on Life! - Brenwood, CA

I'm in the afterglow moments of having a neck and lower face lift. I wake up each morning and cannot believe that Dr. Karimi listened so well to my desire to look like the refresh button was pushed. Nothing drastic. I simply wanted to appear relaxed, like I'd had the best night of sleep. My... READ MORE

Face Lift and Fat Injection - Hawthorn, AU

It has been seven months now since my proceedure, a lower facelift and fat injection into cheeks. I am extremely happy with the result. Everything went as promised and I think I look amazing . I am 69 years old and look fifteen years younger. No wrinkles or sagging. Hoorah! I chose Howard... READ MORE

Lite Lift, Platysmaplasty, Neck Lift/Lipo-Neck, Upper Bleph. Fat Transfer to Cheek,General Anesthesia, Botox. Newport Beach, CA

At age 57, I felt great..healthy, energetic, and strong, but did not exude that, in my face anymore. I looked tired, and had sagging skin on my upper eyelids, forehead, jowls, and neck, and I wanted to look as good as I felt. Dr. Nichter made that happen for me! I come from a large family of... READ MORE

Sagging Cheeks and Neck at 50. Eau Claire, WI

I saw Dr. Rucker earlier this year for a lower face and neck lift consultation. I have no idea what these other reviewers are talking about because he was friendly, informative and very nice. He was a little too straightforward (told me I look old :( and tired) but at least he was honest. His... READ MORE

Dr. Moscoe Left Blue Suture threads in my Checks! - Austin, TX

10 years ago, I had a mini face lift with Dr. Moscoe. I was 42 years old and was going through divorce and had a slightly sagging neck that I wanted lifted. I had heard that Dr. Moscoe was a decent plastic surgeon, he wasn't the best but at the time I had conflicts and could not wait for the... READ MORE

Neuralgia After 2 Months and Puckering Ring Around Neck, Maybe a Hemotoma on Cheek -Tennessee, TN

It went good for about 2 months then it kind of fell apart. It looks pretty good except my puckered ringed neck. Took away jowls and all. Went to Italy a month after lift and it was just swollen but fairly comfortable. The pain did not start until 2-3 months after the procedure. Neck still... READ MORE

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