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Horrible Scars

My Experience with Gregory Albert was disastrous. He practically insisted on doing a chemical peel at same time as face and neck lift resulting in serious permanent scarring. My mouth is also asymmetrical due to nerve damage during the surgery. I have seen three other doctors since this surgery... READ MORE

Mouth Corner Lifting in Korea

I looked a little sad and unfriendly with my sagging mouth corners. Tried this procedure coz seen so many good results on the internet. The procedure was done under local anesthesic. Felt quite painful when the needles went in. The entire procedure lasted abt an hour. Right after the surgery,... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift with Under Chin Lipo

I had a jaw and chin reduction last year after a cycling accident left me with asymmetry in the jaw chin area, I was swollen for a very long time. The bone structure is now lovely but have been left with sagging skin and fat around cheeks and under chin area. I contacted New Look Holidays in... READ MORE

Neck of a 70 Year Old...But I'm 53! Seattle, WA

It’s funny, I'd always thought if I ever had plastic surgery it would be for my breasts, I’m something like an A+ cup. In fact if you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd be having a FL this month I'd have laughed at you. Then I went through menopause, my skin changed and suddenly I developed thi... READ MORE

Buyer Beware of This Plastic Surgeon - Virginia Beach, VA

I received a lower facelift & necklift in 2007. The procedure did not last, 9 months later my left jowl and under chin had laxed/dropped noticeably. In 2008, went in for a second consult and a 2nd procedure (lipo/touchup) at no cost, still poor results. I was informed that if I wanted a... READ MORE

Dr. Moscoe Left Blue Suture threads in my Checks! - Austin, TX

10 years ago, I had a mini face lift with Dr. Moscoe. I was 42 years old and was going through divorce and had a slightly sagging neck that I wanted lifted. I had heard that Dr. Moscoe was a decent plastic surgeon, he wasn't the best but at the time I had conflicts and could not wait for the... READ MORE

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