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anxiety + Lower Face Lift

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48 Yr Old Biltmore Lift, Upper Bleph

A little about me... I turned 48 this year but my skin hasn't been in the best shape for some time. I started to notice my skin changing in my early 40s. After a separation in 2009 that lead to a subsequent divorce in 2010 my skin really took a down turn. I think high levels of stress and... READ MORE

Gravity Strikes Again! Great Neck, NY

Im getting up there in age, but I still care about how I look. And this banding under the neck isn't pretty. And the whole jawline has lost its definition. I know we're suppose to age gracefully, but the truth of the matter no one does. Age can be hard to take on anyone. I have excepted my... READ MORE

Did a neckline facelift and chin lipo!

Hiya all I've decided that I'm ready for a lower facelift lift . After reading all your reviews I've decided that I'll go for other. So now I'm interviewing doctors. As I live in Switzerland I'm thinking of Germany Czech Republic or North Carolina. Switzerland is too expensive. I saw... READ MORE

Things You Need to Be Aware of Before Having Lower Face Lift

I did my research and knew the surgeon. But I'm not totally sure anything prepares you for a lower face lift. Be ready to be sore, swollen, odd looking, anxious, tired, and restricted for a while, however I am now nearly 4 months in, I look amazing but still have slight issues. Patience is your... READ MORE

Mid Face and Neck Lift

I had mid-face/neck lift surgery a few weeks ago, and I am a 56-year-old female. After seeing several doctors, Dr. Yalamanchili was my surgeon of choice. I am one of those patients that likes explanations and details and he was the one doctor that took the time to provide me with the... READ MORE

New Lease on Life! - Brenwood, CA

I'm in the afterglow moments of having a neck and lower face lift. I wake up each morning and cannot believe that Dr. Karimi listened so well to my desire to look like the refresh button was pushed. Nothing drastic. I simply wanted to appear relaxed, like I'd had the best night of sleep. My... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift to Reduce Facial Burn - Randwick, AU

I first contacted Dr Ho's office in October 2014 and spoke to his practice manager Jacikie about a burn on my face that I have had since I was a young child..it had always bothered me and affected my self confidence especially as I got older..I'm now 43 and where the burn is the skin was quite... READ MORE

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