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65 Yrs Old and S Lift with Liposuction to Jowls and Neck Area

I had already had an S lift 12 years ago to rid myself of jowls ( although looking back they were minimal) I thought at the time this will be it, I don't want to look like something weird , I will now grow old gracefully. But after 12 years, and with jowls that exceeded the ones I wanted to be... READ MORE

68 Year-old Arrests Aging with Lower Face and Neck Life. I've Never Been Happier!

Although my procedure was 6 months ago...I decided to share it now because it has been so life-changing for me. I was growing increasingly unhappy with my sagging face, and very self-conscious with my drooping neck, so I decided to take some action. Having already visited one of many local,... READ MORE

67 Year Old Grandmother Who Wants to Age Gracefully - Lakeway, TX

I am 67 years old and am not giving in to looking old. I jokingly say I act nicer when I look better. I have had many small procedurures throughout the years and will continue to do so in the future. The lower facelift done by Dr. Vendaka Erella was by far the best plastic surgery decision I... READ MORE

Excited, Nervous but Goals in Sight - Florence, SC

I am 66 . Recovered from bilateral breast reduction last year- THAT was truly worth the costs! Now working on renewing/ improving facial features. Had lower face lift on Jan 30,2017. Day 3 of recovery- lots of swelling, a little bruising- mostly on the neck, some nausea. Some pressure... READ MORE

Only Skin Left After Weight Loss - Albany, NY

This is my second time trying to get this done. I wrote a review before but can't find it now. I am 65 and a few years ago lost over 100 pounds with diet and then about another 20 with diet and exercise. I was able to shape up parts like my arms and legs that I was told would never firm up. But... READ MORE

Lite Lift - Orange County, CA

I’m 66. At this stage of my life, I know I’m aging fast and I’m okay with it. It was just that my droopy and saggy face showed that I was tired and sad while in fact I was active, energetic and enjoying my life. That bothered me. A close friend had a face lift done a few years ago. The resul... READ MORE

65-year-old with Jowls and "Turkey Neck" - Bend, OR

After waiting to be old enough to figure it would only take one time through a corrective procedure to not ever have to do another in my lifetime, I chose Dr. Villano due to his other outstanding reviews. Good choice because - Wow! - I have a 30-years-old's jawline and neck back. The bruising... READ MORE

68 Years Old. Not So Great Previous Experience with Suture/thread Neck-lift - Highland Park, NJ

I am still working and my colleagues for the most part are younger than I. Because of the poor effect of the suture lift to my neck about 8 years ago I was left with skin/flesh that was hanging like two turkey necks. I looked even older than I am. It made me self-conscious. I debated having... READ MORE

70 Yr Old, Severe Neck and Cheek Wrinkles - Albuquerque, NM

Truly unbelievable difference with the skin texture of my face & neck. I look and feel 10 - 20 years younger. Dr Taghizadeh was my surgeon, I had no pain during or after the surgery. I recommend this procedure with Dr. Taghizadeh to anyone, age not a factor. I could have gone back to work... READ MORE

65 and I Was Showing It..... and Dr. Sohn Reversed a Lot of It! - Henderson, NV

I debated back and forth about the money. But eventually the fact that I'll never see 65 again convinced me to do it. On a side note, I had also lost some weight which added to the loose skin on my face. I really can't say enough good about Dr. Sohn MD and Amy, in fact all the staff at Haskins... READ MORE

Super Nervous - Tampa, FL

I'm going for a lower face-lift to take care of my jowls and banding on my neck. I had a full face lift 21 years ago and this is way overdue. I'm super nervous because I'm alone for this. I've hired a nurse to take me home from surgery and stay with me over the first night. After that I'm on... READ MORE

Love the Results! - El Paso, TX

I really never thought I would have a facelift, but at 65, I was feeling discouraged about how much my face was sagging. My doctor was recommended to me by a friend and after a consultation, I decided to go through with it. The procedure lasted about 4 hours, there was no pain, but it got a... READ MORE

66 Year Old Wanting to Freshen Up my Tired Looking Lower Face and Eyes

Spent a lot of time, effort, energy and money !! to improve my sagging lower face and tired eyes. Eventually visiting Mr Marando, I found him very understanding, approachable and professional. He explained exactly what he could do, showing me photographic evidence of other patients who had had... READ MORE

70 year old starting a new chapter

I am 700 and had a face and neck lift. My ears were so sore and now I understand. I have stiches behind my ears and in the hairline and at the back of my head. First time last night that I slept in the bed and not the Lazy Boy. I hope the pain is not he same after tomorrow and playing with... READ MORE

60 + Years Old and Wonderful Results

I wanted to look as young as I felt,but my profile ( sagging jowls and marionette lines )were making me look old. I decided to have a lower face lift and fat transfer procedure after my consultation with Dr. Hannah Vargas in Prairie Village, Ks. I am so happy with my results! My profile is a... READ MORE

Goodbye Jowls

I am not easily impressed nor entirely swayed by gushing and complimentary reports. However after tentatively looking for 10 years for a reliable surgeon to correct the drooping lower half of my face and chancing upon this website, I came across Dominic. I already had 2 surgeons in mind, one... READ MORE

67 Y/O Male - Lower Face Lift W/Buccal Fat Removal - Newport Beach, CA

I like telling people that while I may GET old I'll never BE old. Unfortunately my face said otherwise. I wanted to take years away but by the same token I didn't want to look 'done'. Now, a week later, I couldn't be happier with the dramatic results. Dr. Sadati is both an artist and an... READ MORE

15 Years off - New Jersey

As I approached 60, I noticed my neck sagging and my jowls looking more pronounced. I've always been a rather pretty girl, and to lose that with saggy jowls, and neck was rather dishearting. I decided that I wanted to lift my neck and jowls by the time I was 65. I feel better about myself,... READ MORE

70 Years Old and Scared - Newport Beach, CA

I had my jowls removed and the sagging eyelids fixed. At age 70 it was a scary decision to make. it is now 5 months latter and I am so very happy that I did it. Dr. Sadati was the right choice for me from the first consultation to my excellent results. I will recommend him to anybody without... READ MORE

66 Year Old Retired Attorney, Lower Face Lift and Eye Lid Surgery - Newport Beach, CA

I am extremely pleased with the results of my lower face lift and eye lid surgery with Dr. Miland Ambe, and feel that I look 15 years younger. I decided to undergo the procedure after I was looking at photos of myself over the past 30 years for my 66th birthday and felt that my chin and neck... READ MORE

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