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Early Forties Lower Facelift and Neck Lift

I am a week away from my lower face and neck lift and my nerves are getting the best of me! I have some sagging skin under my chin and beginnings of jowls that are forming which are making me look "stern" and I don't like it! I feel like I constantly have to have a smile plastered on my face so... READ MORE

42, MWL, Lower Facelift and Necklift. Taking the Plunge to Become a Harley Honey w/Biltmore Lift!

I had quite a few consults and did not want to travel, but Dr. Harley's work and bedside manner just made me take the plunge. He is the sweetest and most personable doctor and his work speaks for itself. I had 4 consults and he was my choice. I am starting to jowl and get the turkey gobbler.... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift NC

40. Neck was looking older than me! I had crepe-y skin on my neck and a "Turkey gobbler forming." Took me three months to get in. Dr. H is a BUSY MAN. He only does two procedures and has perfected his craft. He is kind and gentle. Super humble man. Top notch staff. It a small, but finely... READ MORE

37 Years Old - London, GB

Hi there due to have a lower facelift with Mr Dominique Bray , I feel my jowls and neck are in decline ... It's certainly time for a refresh , exited and extremely nervous .... It's my Birthday in July .. My Son turns 18 along with daughter turning 16 both in June so it's a significant time in... READ MORE

38Yo Looking for Reliable& Experienced FaceliftSurgeon in Thailand toDo LowerFace & Necklift for a ReasonablePrice. Thailand, TH

I am heading to Thailand in February - April 2017 and would like to find an experienced facial surgeon to do a lower face lift. Can any of you recommend a specific doctor or clinic? I checked Bumrungrad International already and the prices there are HIGHER than I can get here in NC. I did find... READ MORE

Sagging Jowls Be Gone

My lower face started to sag and get loose when I turned 40. I researched and had consults with a few Dr's before deciding Dr Sadati was the right choice for me. During my consultation Dr Sadati assured me I would look natural and not look too tight or "pulled" in the lower face after the... READ MORE

38YO Lower Face Lift and Eyelid Surgery - Toorak, AU

The reason why I decided to go with Dr. Bryan Mendelson is because he is by far the best facial surgeon in the world and I was lucky enough to have him work his magic on my face. The before me was very sad and tired looking with skin starting to sag prematurely and it affected my personal... READ MORE

42 Years Old and Get Mistaken for 32 Frequently! - Newport Beach, CA

I have always looked a little younger than I am, but before I did not see what others did. I only saw my mothers turkey waddle making an appearance on my neck. I can honestly say I agree with others when they say I appear to be in my early 30's. I may not have needed it just yet, but this... READ MORE

Dr. Moscoe Left Blue Suture threads in my Checks! - Austin, TX

10 years ago, I had a mini face lift with Dr. Moscoe. I was 42 years old and was going through divorce and had a slightly sagging neck that I wanted lifted. I had heard that Dr. Moscoe was a decent plastic surgeon, he wasn't the best but at the time I had conflicts and could not wait for the... READ MORE

40-Year-Old Neck and Lower Face Lift After Significant Weight Loss - Asheville, NC

Altho 40-ish may sound a bit young for this procedure, losing 50+ pounds the hard way (diet and exercise) left me with loose folds under my chin and the beginning of jowls. After LOTS of research, I decided on the Biltmore Lift with Dr. Harley and I COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED. Just as other... READ MORE

43 Years Old. 3 Kids. - Spire, murrayfield, Edinburgh GB

Lower face and neck lift with Coleman fat transfer. Initially I was cautious about fat transfer because I was opting for a subtle natural result. I was afraid I would look "over corrected". However the results are subtle and natural. I look fresh and feel like the clock has been turned back at... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift - Houston, TX

At 43 I already had jowls and sagging that aged the rest of my face. I had previously been to Dr. Siegel for a chin implant about 4 years prior and was extremely satisfied. It was logical that I return to him for the lower facelift, and I am glad I did! He answered all my questions and showed... READ MORE

Wonderful Doctor

In February 2011 I had a lower fact lift and neck lift performed by Dr. George Yang. It is almost three years later, and I could not be more pleased. At 43, my fair skin had seen far too much sun and cigarettes. In addition, I had lost and gained weight over the years, and my recent 50 pound... READ MORE

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