3 weeks post-op + Lower Face Lift

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Old But Reliable Car !!!! Need to Trade in for a Newer Model - Bangkok, TH

Ok I am a 58 year old invisible woman and have been thinking of surgery for a long time . I research for a few months looking at different Surgeries and different surgeons After a lot of fault starts ,,,, With the more commercial providers I settled on what became the most wonderful lady... READ MORE

Sagging 57 yr old Neck and Jowels Are Gone - Vacaville, CA

I was beginning to hate my neck and Jowels were beginning to form on my otherwise thin face. Dr. Sykes suggested a neck and lower facelift with fat augmentation. I actually look like myself 15 to 20 years ago and it's only been two weeks. His affiliation with Solano Plastic Surgery in Vacaville... READ MORE

65-year-old with Jowls and "Turkey Neck" - Bend, OR

After waiting to be old enough to figure it would only take one time through a corrective procedure to not ever have to do another in my lifetime, I chose Dr. Villano due to his other outstanding reviews. Good choice because - Wow! - I have a 30-years-old's jawline and neck back. The bruising... READ MORE

62 Year Old in Need of Lift for Sagging Face - Winter Park, FL

I had a lower facelift. This procedure gave me a smooth jawline and high cheekbones once again. The doctor managed to improve all my face from eyes down and even my upper neck (without an incision under my chin). I look like a better version of myself and feel like I got a lot for my money. The... READ MORE

New Lease on Life! - Brenwood, CA

I'm in the afterglow moments of having a neck and lower face lift. I wake up each morning and cannot believe that Dr. Karimi listened so well to my desire to look like the refresh button was pushed. Nothing drastic. I simply wanted to appear relaxed, like I'd had the best night of sleep. My... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mom of Three Wanting to Turn Back the Clock a Few Years - Commerce, GA

I've been going to Dr. Meadows for several years. I've seen him or one of his staff for every thing from colds to Botox. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. This summer, I decided to have a little more "invasive" work done on my face. I hated the area around my mouth and jaw... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift Plus CO2 Laser Around Mouth - Marina Del Ray, CA

I was starting to hate my neck and was spending time in front of the mirror pulling up my face with my fingers to see if PS would make a significant difference. Decided that it was time to just do it. I am a repeat patient of Dr Stevens. I had a Breast Lift, Mini Brow Lift, Upper & Lower... READ MORE

55 Year Old, Looking for a More Youthful Appearance

I work in an office and over the past 3 years I noticed a pronounced saggy around my mouth and jaw, and a turkey neck that seemed to appear just in the last year and a half to two years. I meet with guests and community contacts and noticed my face was becoming tired looking and I was showing... READ MORE

Lower Facelift and Necklift - Coral Springs, FL

I first became acquainted with Dr. Levens 5 years ago when he performed my (then 17 year old) son’s Gynecomastia surgery. As this was going to be for my child, I performed a thorough evaluation of his credentials like any mom would. I reviewed his board certifications, hospital privileges, t... READ MORE

58 Years Old with a Much Needed Liposuction, Lower Face Lift and Chemical Peel - Toledo, OH

I highly recommend Dr. Barone and his whole staff. They provide exceptional care, time, and information. My first consult was nearly two hours long, with a huge amount of information. Don't hesitate to questions, but also do your research. I had a lower face lift, chemical peel, and... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift - Houston TX

Right now I am still in the healing process. I had a lower face and neck lift done. The feeling is still coming back in my ears and lower part of my face. I read reviews about face lifts that say a person can go back to work in a week after surgery or go to the gym. I disagree... I suppose... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift for an Old Guy - Columbus, OH

I had grown an unkempt beard during my wife's long battle with cancer and pretty much let myself go. Following her death and after a period of shock and mourning,I decided to shave my face clean and survey the damage...I was not pleased. Sagging jowls and turkey neck were the dominant features... READ MORE

56 Going on 38 As a Result of a Neck and Mid Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 56 yrs old, attractive and feel young. I stay in great shape through exercise and eating healthy. However, just this year my neck imitated a shar pei dog. One fold after the next and vertical lines on my cheeks. I have been going to Dr Hoening in Beverly Hills for a few years for fillers... READ MORE

68 Years Old with Sagging Neck and Jowls - Redondo Beach, CA

The signs of aging in my face began to bother me many years ago, specifically in the jowl and neck area. I consulted with several facial plastic surgeons before deciding upon Dr. Keith Marcus. My surgery was 4 weeks ago and aside from minor stiffness (which diminishes every day) I feel... READ MORE

San Antonio-Lower Face Lift Amazing!

The results of my lower face lift have been excellent. I have fair, thin skin, prone to bruising, and four days post-op I had no/zero bruising — a sign of Dr. Ferguson's skilled hands. I'm now two weeks post-op and have very little swelling. My husband, who'd been concerned I'd have a "... READ MORE

Brillant Surgeon - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Ackerman took on a difficult job with me as I had my chin and jawline destroyed by another cosmetic surgeon many years ago. He did a revision with lower face lift and neck lift. It's not even a month after surgery and I can tell that he has worked miracles. I am thrilled with the outcome.... READ MORE

Lower Face & Neck Lift Plus CO2 Fractional Laser – Amazing Results - Dallas, TX

I’ve spent my entire life working out and staying physically fit, it’s who I am. I've also paid the same close attention to my face. I've spent years taking good care of my skin and as I grew older that included regular visits to my dermatologist for Botox and fillers, and my esthetician for... READ MORE

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