2 weeks post-op + Lower Face Lift

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Excellent Results - Portland, OR

After losing 75 pounds two years ago, I developed a very saggy neck and jowls. Since I'm 62, there was no way these were going to fix themselves. I read excellent reviews about Dr Lee on this site and Yelp, so I met with him for a consult. He answered every question I had and many I didn't think... READ MORE

Lower Face and Neck Lift (Biltmore Lift) - Asheville, NC

I did my research for a year on board certified plastic surgeons in and out of the country. If I could find someone in this country that had the qualifications I was looking for as well as in the price range I was able to afford I was going to have the surgery here as I have read too many... READ MORE

2 Week Diary of a Lower Face/neck Lift & Platysmaplasty at Age 59 and a Half - London, GB

I was encouraged to upload this but apologies as it's a bit lengthy. I hope it's useful to anyone considering facial surgery. First I want to say that after reading his website and then meeting him, I knew Dominic was the surgeon for me. Using no general anaesthetic, no hospital stay and... READ MORE

Glad I Did This - Asheville, NC

I had a lower face lift/neck lift ($6,400) and lower blepharoplasty ($2,900) with Dr. David Harley on April 13. The attached photos are before and 17 days after. I traveled quite a distance for these procedures. I chose Dr. Harley because a) he is clearly skilled and experienced, b) he is well... READ MORE

Sagging Skin Was an Issue for Me - Martinsville, NJ

Tired of always having to lift my neck high for photos or always making the "duck face" to disguise jowls I decided to try Reflections. After meeting Dr Karolak a lower face lift and neck lift was suggested . His experience and confidence sold me. The pictures really speak for themselves. I was... READ MORE

Past Due for an Uplifting Experience!

I am so very pleased with my choice of Dr. Rohrich and his staff. He is always so upbeat. )His staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. I am not totally healed but well on the way after 17 days. At this point I am so happy with the results and new look. I had a mid to lower face lift with... READ MORE

70 year old starting a new chapter

I am 700 and had a face and neck lift. My ears were so sore and now I understand. I have stiches behind my ears and in the hairline and at the back of my head. First time last night that I slept in the bed and not the Lazy Boy. I hope the pain is not he same after tomorrow and playing with... READ MORE

Best decision ever

2 weeks post op having had upper eyelid, lower face and neck surgery. Very pleased with the results. Fortunately I have had very little bruising and apart from soreness around the ears I can't complain. Yes undertaking surgery is scary but I did lots of online research and knew if I didn't... READ MORE

65 Year Old Grandmother with a Young Outlook and an Old Face - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I have a slim figure, keep fit and like to dress well but my face was wrinkly and my neck was scraggy. I started refusing invitations to events and parties as I didn't want people to see me looking so old. I elected for a lower face and neck lift after consultation with Dr Nakhdjevani. It was... READ MORE

Lower Face Lift, Neck Lift, and Eye Laser Procedure - Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Lanfranchi and his wonderful staff are not only talented and competent, but, are also VERY compassionate, and kind! The procedures and the results EXCEEDED my expectations, and with only a local anesthesia, my recovery and recuperation was an absolute snap!!! I highly recommend the good... READ MORE

49 Years Old and Elated with Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck Procedures - Columbia, SC

In two months, I will be 50 years old. Unfortunately, I spent my youth in the sun with no protection. Although I was very fit and healthy for my age, my face and neck made me look 10 years older . I am overjoyed with the results I received from the Dr. Rich's Whisperlift and Eyelid Tuck. I look... READ MORE

Facelift Needed at 50! - India

After researching cosmetic surgery in and around London and Europe i became dismayed with hugely inflating prices along with the not so great European attitudes toward a service that is a very personal one for the patient. It was for this reason alone i decided to cast my net further afield and... READ MORE

Sagging Skin, Jowls, Excess Neck Fatty Tissue - Rockville, MD

I felt my neck was the only part of my body that significantly aged me. I knew I wanted this procedure for 2 years and consulted with 3 different plastic surgeons in the Washington DC area. I just did not feel comfortable with any of them. One of the reasons was it was "MY FACE" .... and I had... READ MORE

Neck and Lower Face Look So Much Older Than the Rest of Me! - Scottsdale, AZ

58 year old who has been hating my neck and reflection in my iPad and car windows for five years! Up until this year I've always been told how young I look for my age. I work out and have stayed fit my entire life but my lower face gave my age away. I am two weeks out from a platysmaplasty... READ MORE

Review of Michael Sullivan, MD - Columbus, OH

I highly recommend the Sullivan Center, Columbus, Ohio. The staff (e.g. front desk, OR RN, PACU RN, Anesthesiologist, etc.) was highly competent, friendly, available, explained everything thoroughly so nothing was a surprise. I had my lower facelift two weeks ago. I had very minimal bruising... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Endoscopic Brow Lift and Lower Face Lift - Newport Beach, CA


Why Didn't I Do This Sooner? - Kansas City, KS

My face was moving south, with jowls forming next to my mouth, giving me a sad, tired appearance. On November 3 I had a lower facelift with Dr. Kriet. Thanks to him the surgery and recovery have been easy and nearly pain free with excellent results. No one would dream I had surgery just 13... READ MORE

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