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1 year post-op + Lower Face Lift

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46 Year Old - Said Goodbye to Jowls, and Neck Fullness - Raleigh, NC

I am not a big fan of topic treatments (Botox or fillers) - but I do know that if you want permanent, long lasting change, going under the knife is the only way to go. With that said, I am not a big fan of pain, and what if I don't look like myself after the procedure? So, I put it off for a... READ MORE

Horrible experience with dr Pavajeau Luis Munez in Bogota - Colombia, CO

I underwent a Rhinoplasty and a lower face lift with Dr Pavajeau. Both surgeries were unsuccessful and left me with a 30.000 dollars damages. The Rhinoplasty has left me with a weaken nasal valve and breathing problems. Despite I told hin I didnt want him to modify my nose tip. He took too much... READ MORE

I Was Sick of my Double Chins! - Orlando, FL

This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I don't mind taking close up photos any more! I felt like a frog every time I saw a photo of myself. When a photo was being taken, I always tried stretching up my head, but then I ended up hiding behind scarves! It takes a few months after the... READ MORE

Lower Facelift Experience with Dr. Singh - Chevy Chase, MD

I would call myself experienced in the realm of plastic surgeries. I've had a number of procedures performed over the years from breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Prior to choosing Dr. Singh, I researched both the lower facelift techniques currently considered state of the... READ MORE

Not Pleased but Happy Any Way! - Spokane, WA

I had lost so much muscle tone in lower face due to jaw surgery 7 years prior, so I was ready for this. The surgery definitely improved the overall "lift" in lower face, but not without a very noticeable scar to the outside of the hairline, in front of ear on one side. The other incision was... READ MORE

66 Year Old Male Looking to Look More Youthful/ Fresh - London, GB

Dominic and his staff, especially Lucy, were always charming, patient and helpful. I had no problems during or after the surgery. A minor irritation is that soreness and numbness lasted longer than expected. However, other factors such as scarring were virtually no issue at all. In fact I remain... READ MORE

Mid-Face Lift and Neck Lift - Sherman, TX

I went in for a consultation for a neck lift. Dr. Solomon met with me and my husband and showed us how a mid face lift would give me more of what I was wanting in the procedure. He called me at home after the procedure and there were no complications. I was very pleased with the results; ... READ MORE

65years Old Single Working - Australia, AU

I chose to have a lower jaw face lift as I had very heavy jowls, People had began to comment on my appearance that I was looking tired/old I wanted to continue working, without being perceived as too old for the job. The surgeon was recommended to me by a doctor. I trusted him as his results... READ MORE

Terrible Result - Lone Tree, CO

I had this procedure 18 months ago. My neck it still completely numb and I always feel like I am being strangled. I am unable to go outside if it is cold as the numbness becomes quite painful. I am a healthy 60 year old women but I have discontinued many previous activities due to the stiffness... READ MORE

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