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How Big Should the Lipoma Be for Surgery to Take Place?

I have big one behind left elbow along with smaller one in same area that are starting to connect. Also one in my upper left thigh size of green... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Cure Lipoma Through Homeopathic Treatment?

I am having lipoma in left hand and thigh , its sizeis big in nature , so pls advise it it possible to cure lipoma through homeopathy READ MORE

I Have Multiple Lipomas on my Thighs and Hips. They Are All Very Tender to the Touch, but a Couple in Particular on my Right?

Thigh above my knee are very painful. I get burning pain and numbness in the area. Should I see a physician and get them all removed at once under a... READ MORE

How difficult would it be to remove a 4 to 5 inch fatty lipoma on right front rib cage?

The diagnosis after my ultrasound was a fatty lipoma on the right front of my rib cage toward the right side. I'm 68 years young and am in excellent... READ MORE

Is Swelling and Pain Common After Lipoma Removal?

I had a lypoma removed from the muscle in my thigh 10 weeks ago and I am still having a lot of pain and swelling in my entire leg (mostly the knee... READ MORE

I Have Painful Angiolipomas on Thighs That Are Too Small to Be Removed, Any Alternative?

I have been diagnosed with 8-12 painful angiolipomas on my thighs. Two surgeons have told me that the tumors cannot be removed because they are not... READ MORE

Is There a Non-surgical Way to Remove Lipomas?

I have lipomas all over my hands, back, stomach and thighs, they are not huge size but they are close to each other, I think just on my hands I have... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Recovery Painful?

I am getting two lipoma lumps from my right thigh, one is about an inch across and the other is the size of a nickel. Will it be painful to walk... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma on the Inside of my Thigh Invovling Nerve Pain to my Thigh While Standing, What Type of Surgeon Do I Look For?

I Have a Lipoma on the Inside of my Thigh Invovling Nerve Pain to my Thigh While Standing, What Type of Surgeon Do I Look For? READ MORE

Pain After Lipoma Removal on Thigh

4 years before i had a large lipoma at the outer aspect of my thigh a doctor removed it, but up till now i feel pain at the same site and i cannot lay... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Cost and Will Anthem Cover the Expense?

I have numerous lipomas on my front thighs. I would like to have them removed. Would my Anthem insurance cover the procedures? READ MORE

Does this sound like a lipoma or something more serious?

I've been having severe left thigh and hip pain for the last 3 weeks. 1 week ago a mass 7cm x 3 cm suddenly appeared on my upper thigh. Er doctor did... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About the Change in the Size of my Lipoma?

1st ultrasound showed an oval-shaped unencapsulated isoechoic mass 2.6 x1.9 x 0.5 cm within subcutaneous fat on my left thigh. 2nd ultrasound, 2 weeks... READ MORE

Large Lipoma Removal - Surgery or Liposuction?

I have a large (abt the size of a small lime) lipoma on my upper thigh. I just saw a general surgeon who said it could be removed via surgery (with a... READ MORE

Big Lump in Thigh After Lipoma Removed?

Had a largish lipoma removed from the back of my thigh just over 2 weeks ago.When the pad was removed 48 hours after surgery I noticed a large lump... READ MORE

Will the dent after lipoma removal fill in on it's own?

I had a dent on the side of my thigh that turned out to be a lipoma (my lipoma did not stick out but rather sunk in causing a "hole"). I had it... READ MORE

Lipomas Treatment On My Forehands and Thighs?

I am 23 years old and have multiple lipomas over my forehands and thighs . I got one large lump surgically removed and I am worried about treating the... READ MORE

Should I Have Thigh Lipoma Removed?

I have had investigations as my thigh muscle has become quite big. I had an ultrasound done today, and the woman said it looked like I had lipomas... READ MORE

Torn Thigh Muscle That Healed As Scar Tissue and Looks Like Gold Ball Under Skin?

Hi,I tore/ruptured my thigh muscle while playing football about 10 years ago after i did it i just rested my leg as i didn't know the serious of... READ MORE

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