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Should Lipomas on Shoulder and Back Be Removed?

In a year, I have developed two egg size lipomas. One in the small of my back and the other on top of my shoulder. The one in my back appeared out... READ MORE

Can Trauma Cause Lipoma?

I had an injury on my head, neck and left shoulder 2 decades ago. Since then, my left shoulder has bothered me and the area that was hit by a canec... READ MORE

How Much to Remove a Lipoma About 3 Inch Diameter?

What is the estimated cost? this picture is similar to mine. READ MORE

Concerned and Worried. Is This a Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

Have a large mass on my shoulder > 5cm it appeared quickly within a 2 week time span. My GP feels that it is a lipoma and nothing to be concerned... READ MORE

Should I Get a Second Opinion?

I went to the dr with a lump on my back near my shoulder blade. Can't be felt unless I lean forward and flex the back muscle. My shoulder also feels... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for a Lipoma to Grow?

I have a intramuscle deltoid lipoma. I changed insurance companies 8 months ago and they will only cover my surgery costs if I can prove it was not... READ MORE

Why Did the Lipoma Spread from One Arm to the Other?

First it started on my right forearm and then it came up on my left shoulder. READ MORE

I have Been Diagnosed with a Sarcoma in the Region Between my Neck and Shoulder, Best Options for me?

He surgeon told me that removal of this was going to require the removal of the trapezius muscle? Is this truly necessary? He said it was best because... READ MORE

Is It Possible This is Still Lipoma and the Dr. Just Wants a Closer Look Things?

I noticed a lump on myshoulder after painting. I thought it was muscles and massaged but it got bigger so I saw I saw my dr. She sent me for an ultra... READ MORE

I Had Lipoma Surgery Five Years Ago on my Upper Left Shoulder Blade and It Still Hurts?

Almost every day. Ironically about the only time it didn't hurt is when I was pregnant. It feels almost like a toothache. Sometimes it feels warm and... READ MORE

My Lipomas is 20cc (From Shoulder to Spine) I Have a SCS, Would it be Able to be Removed?

I am going in for removal of my lipomas and I am concern that it may have attached itself to my Spinal Cord Stimulator...what would happen IF it did READ MORE

Removing Lipoma from My right front upper shoulder

Hello, I have a 3cm Lipoma in my shoulder and I am trying to show video to my surgeon to minimize the cut, as said it would be 3cm maybe more. It has... READ MORE

Large Lipoma removal recovery estimates? How much pain, drainage, time off work?

I have a Lipoma on my neck and shoulder which is approximately 12x17x20 Centimeters . I have had it about 10 years and thought it was related to a... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Lipoma Surgery, Still Have Pain and Swelling. Is This Normal?

Top of shoulder side of neck area. General anaesthetic. As painful as day1 and it's been two weeks. Heavy tight pulling sensation. Pain extended... READ MORE

How Long Will my Recovery Be After Surgery for Unusual Deltoid Lipoma Surgery?

I have a large (6.5 x 3.5 x5 cm) intramuscular lipoma deep to the deltoid muscle and abutting the head and neck of the humerous. I have been in pain... READ MORE

How long it will take for me to get back to my normal activities from having a lipoma removed from my shoulder 9 cm X 8 cm deep?

I am 55 years of age, and have had a 9 cm X 8 cm lipoma removed from my shoulder. Most doctors from what I've read think this is a piece of cake to... READ MORE

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