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Lipoma Removal Near the Knee. Surgery or Lipo? And Do I Need To Wear A Garment After? (photo)

I have a 10cm lipoma removal to be done. It is on the inner side of my knee. Two questions (1) will need a surgery or liposuction will do? (2) do I... READ MORE

Lipoma on Knee of the the Right Leg for 1 Year Old Baby Girl- Options? (photo)

Hello, My Baby Girl,1 year old,got a small soft lump on her knee of right leg very recently. We observed it 4 months ago but assumed its a small... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from Behind Knee - Is It Possible for Nerve Damage to Affect the Ligament?

I had a lipoma removed behind my knee, just above the joint. Now I have numbness below the skin from the wound to the mid-section of the calf and I... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Huge Grapefruit Sized Multiple Lipomas On My Knees?

Over the past 20 years they have slowly enlarged due to injuries,weight gain, sedentary career, driving 40,000 miles every 6 months...The larger than... READ MORE

Will I require crutches and for how long? I have a lipoma below my right knee

My lipoma is directly below my right knee. E-rays showed that it is not attached to any bones. I would like to know if I would require crutches and if... READ MORE

I am 80 years old. Should I have it removed?

I have a large mass called lipoma. ( fatty tumor).On the inside of my knee( left leg and the other leg is growing, and getting larger. I am healthy... READ MORE

Cyst or lipoma? (Photo)

I have a growth that looks like a cyst or lipoma behind my knee. I've had it since my childhood, and I'm in my late 30s. I would like to know if you... READ MORE

I have large lipoma on my left knee from a fall back on October.

My knee and leg are swollen. I have pressure on my knee and pain on thigh and calf READ MORE

I have lipomas on my inner knee and lower knee; they're both pretty big. How much does it cost upfront with insurance? (Photos)

I have lipoma on my inner knee and lower knee they both are pretty big about the size of a grapefruit how much does it cost upfront with insurance READ MORE

I have a mass on left knee inferopatella? Lipoma and it's getting bigger. (photo)

The mass hurts after running or on my knees for a period. What can be done about this. It feels hard and does not move around the knee when I rub it... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my inner thigh.

I have terrible pain beside my knee, and down calf. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

23 yr old girl - lipoma removed from upper inner thigh 2 years ago. The first year was ok.

A couple of months ago ib been having pinched pains that ran along to my inner knee and felt there was a lump that reappeared but i ignored it. The... READ MORE

How to Avoid Pain After Lipoma Removal?

I have lipoma promixal to right knee. My plastic surgeon is going to do the the surgical removal in a few weeks. It went from the size of a quarter to... READ MORE

Can lipoma in hamstring radiate pain too my knee ?

Lipoma in hamstring be pressing on nerve or blood vessel ? READ MORE

Can more than 15 lipomas be removed around the site of a knee replacement?

I have a history of lipomas mostly on my right arm and breasts. Since my surgery multiple painful lipomas are rapidly growing on the inside of my knee... READ MORE

Should slightly painful lipoma behind the knee be removed in persons with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome?

Diagnosed with CRPS/RSD for seven years in lower right leg. Fortunately is has not spread even after needed surgeries. Lipoma identified by ultra... READ MORE

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