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Dermatologists Trained for Lipoma Removal Procedure?

A dermatologist was going to remove a pilar cyst from my scalp that I've had for 25 years. It was getting sensitive and about 3.5 cm large. When he... READ MORE

Does Lipoma Recur?

I had a lipoma removed from my the base of my head in 1999 and again in 2004. Now it appears to be back, and it's causing extensive headaches. Is this... READ MORE

I have a quarter sized fatty lump on my forehead. Will my insurance cover it's removal?

It has gradually grown over the last 4 years and sometimes causes headaches. READ MORE

Will I be able to get this fatty cyst removed and get it covered by insurance? Will it grow back if surgically removed? (Photo)

I went to the doctor when i was 14 and got a CT for a bump on my left eyebrow. He said it was a noncancerous fatty sack and insurance would consider... READ MORE

I had a softball-sized lipoma removed from my lower back.Now I have that size of a hematoma that is painful & bothersome.(photo)

1st postop moved to 1 week post-op bc light-headed, dizzy & felt awful.Told me I was simply recovering.The next week I had surgeon draw off fluid; he... READ MORE

Lipoma recurrence after multiple removals, what can I do about it now?

I have a non-encased lipoma/fatty mass on the back of my neck (over C7, but diffuse). I'd had it for as long as I could remember; it was surgically... READ MORE

I have been suffering headaches since Dec 2015. Is there a home remedy i.e. Diet to shrink a lipoma on my left temple area?

I have a lipoma (biopsy May 2016) in my left temporal area of my head discovered April 2015. MRI shows left temporal mass. I'm in St. Louis being... READ MORE

I have a lipoma and want it removed surgically in hospital under general anaesthetic

My lipoma is based on the right hand side of my skull. I get severe headaches my balance is affected and I'm extremely moody. How long will I be in... READ MORE

Can a lipoma against spine cause headaches?

My doctor is 98% sure the lump on my back/collarbone area is a lipoma.I am scheduled to go for an ultrasound as it is against and right along my spine... READ MORE

Could brain glioma be a lipoma?

My son 25, just was diagnosed with a lipoma on his back. I've read it is hereditary, likely coming from me. His older sister has been diagnosed with a... READ MORE

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