Scar + Lip Reduction

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How to Treat Scars After Lip Reduction To Make Lips Soft?

Hello I had lip reduction 18 months ago, and my lips still feel a bit hard and tight, there are actually hard bumps along the incision lines. Is there... READ MORE

Would you consider having a another lip reduction surgery done? How can I get rid of/remove dark corners of mouth? (Photo)

Had lip reduction surgery on 12/16/14 and I am not happy at all with my procedure. It seems like I have made matters worst. Lips are life with dents,... READ MORE

I have stiff lip by scar & lack of lip's tissue after lip reduction went wrong. Any suggestions?

I had stiff and short upper lip after getting lip reduction (about 6 months ago) Can z-plasty make scar softer? I cannot smile, eat or open my mouth... READ MORE

Will lip reduction surgery leave a scar?

I heard something about lip reduction surgery leaves a scar from the inside part of lip. Is this true? If so. Is there a way to not have a scar after... READ MORE

What are typical results after lip reduction scar-wise?

I've had lip reduction a few years ago. At rest they look ok (inconspicuously thin red line, more obvious depending on lighting. Not ultra smooth... READ MORE

How visible is the scar following lower lip reduction?

I have been considering a lower lip reduction for a few years now, but I haven't followed through with it because I am concerned about the scar. When... READ MORE

How to Reduce effect of Stitches? (photo)

I had lip surgery 5 month ago and around of my lips remnant white line how can i destroying that?? and i used scar therapy gel ( strataderm) thanx for... READ MORE

I am planning to get lip reduction surgery but afraid of the scar

I am planning to get lip reduction surgery however I am scared of the scar I will face for that. When I kiss, does my partner feels the scar inside of... READ MORE

I had lip reduction surgery and I feel like my lips are rotting after I remove the stitches. Is this a problem? (Photo)

After removing my stitches my lips continued to bleed and I've observed dark and yellow spots forming around my this a problem? It seems like... READ MORE

I am considering silicone lip reduction however I am concerned about the appearance and duration of scars. Any suggestion?

I had silicone injected into my lips roughly a decade ago. My lips have since morphed rather unappealingly. I wish to regain an esthetic shape to my... READ MORE

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