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Dry Eye Causing Light Sensitivity After Lasik?

Had custom lasik 4 wks ago and am experiencing terrible dry eye, light sensitivity, and daytime glare. Is dry eye causing this? The light sensitivity... READ MORE

I Have Glares and Starbursts After Old Lasik Procedur, Is There a Way to Fix That?

All-laser Lasik is known to diminish the risk of nightime issues. I had a surgery using older methods (blade flap and laser without wavefront) and... READ MORE

Daytime Glare and Double Vision After Lasik

I had Lasik surgery March 3rd. My vision is now 20/20 in both eyes. Since surgery I have c/o glare and double vision in my R eye. My issues have... READ MORE

6 months post op of LASIK, are dry eyes the reason for the problems I am having?

I had a Lasik surgery 6 months. I am suffering from dry eyes, heavy light sensibility, glares and halos. Also I feel like my death perception is worse... READ MORE

Rainbow Glare Permanent Side Effect of Lasik?

I went in for a Lasik procedure 2 weeks ago. During the laser flap creation on my left eye I had a vertical subepithelial gas breakthrough. The doctor... READ MORE

LASIK Problems with Halos and Glare/Large Pupils?

A year ago I had LASIK done one both my eyes; one near-sighted, one far-sighted. The former took very well to the surgery, the latter did not. I had... READ MORE

Glare after LASIK

I had custom intralase lasik 9 months ago and am still experiencing terrible daytime and nighttime glare. What is causing this glare and can it be... READ MORE

The best time for the enhancement ? When should I expect glare and ghosting to go away ?

Whenever spoken of the general consensus has been that the enhancement should be done after 3 months. However my surgeon is insisting that i do it... READ MORE

Lasik or PRK best for Glare Issues?

Trying to decide between lasik and prk(8 and 8.75 myopias). Most recent consultation has Femto LDV bladeless technology and Wavelight Allegretto. My... READ MORE

I understand these complications are rare beyond 6 months but what percentage of these complications become permanent?

I have terrible glares, halos, and photosensitivity since lasik which was performed 8 months ago. It is affecting my work terribly. I have seen 3... READ MORE

I'm having rainbow glare after femto lasik done almost 2 months ago. Is this normal and is it temporary?

I am 34 yrs old, had a femto lasik for -4 myope correction 7 weeks ago. Everything was okay apart from some light sensitivity in the morning and a... READ MORE

I have glare, starbursts and blurry vision after Laser Lasik. Any suggestions?

I got laser lasik done 7 weeks ago, i had clear vision for first few days but then sharpness reduced, i thought it was due to eye drops but then i... READ MORE

Post LASIK specialist?

Hi, I still have post LASIK glare, halo, and starbursts, and dry eye . Know of anyone that could help me? I had custom LASIK and I know another... READ MORE

10 years after LASIK, developed light glare. What should I do?

Hi , I have lasik 10 years ago. Now I have experience light sensitive/ night glare in past 1 year , what should I do? READ MORE

Is there any hope for my eyes after major lasik complications? (Photo)

I decided to undergo Lasik in July 2013. I had Customized Zyoptix lasik Today, I heavy glare/halo/double vision/starbusting. Tried alphagan drops but... READ MORE

4th month post LASIK. Zero improvement in glare, halos. Ghosting at night and floaters in the day are a havoc. Please advise

I got glasses made to see if any of my problems are due to a refractive Unfortunately using glasses has only made my vision marginally sharp but... READ MORE

What medicine would you recommend for halos and glare?

I have done LASIK on my eyes 10days ago and having serious glare issues.. Is there any medicine/ eye drop i can use? My doctor have prescribed me... READ MORE

Why am I am seeing glares and bursting of lights 4 years after lasik? Mucus is deposited around eye.

I have tried most of the drops earlier before this problem started I used hydroxypropyl methylcellulose eye drops. After this problem I was using... READ MORE

Quality of vision problems after 2 yrs of performing lasik.

I have done a femto lasik 2 years back and I have obtained a vision correction 20/20 . I am suffering since 2 yrs from the following symptoms - glare... READ MORE

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