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Pain, Swelling, and Tingling Sensation After Laser Lipo

I had Laser Lipo the week of Thanksgiving. I am experiencing a lot of pain in my skin where the procedure was done. Almost feels like my skin is... READ MORE

Just Had Laser Lipo. Is This Normal?

I just had Laser Lipo. Its 3 weeks out and Im still in pain. I had my upper/lower abs and flanks done. Im still really swollen but there are a lot of... READ MORE

Complications 51 Days After Laser Lipo?

I had laser lipo done 51 days ago on my stomach. Where the canula was entered on my left side the scar is "stuck" to what feels like my muscle or... READ MORE

Machine broke during laser lipo. Went back 2 days later and did it again. Does this look normal? (Photo)

I had laser lipo at a dr office last Wed the suction machine broke they sent me home less then half done that night about 600 of fat extr finished on... READ MORE

When do the lumps go away?

I had upper lower abs and flanks....about 16 days ago.. i dont see alot of change maybe far as my tummy becoming flat. I want yo know about... READ MORE

I had laser lipo on my abdominal area one week ago today. My pubic area is swollen and extremely painful. Any suggestion?

How long before the pain in that area subsides? I read a lot of people have swelling but not the pain associated with that area. It is difficult to... READ MORE

2.5 weeks after tummy laser lipo. I'm worried about the result, could this be final? Or is it too soon to judge? (Photos)

This is the result of lipo after 2.5 weeks I'm worried about the 2 dents especially the bottom one. It looks like my stomach is divided into 3... READ MORE

Can laser Liposuction cause permanent muscle and/or nerve damage?

I had laser lipo suction at sono bello four weeks ago I am still experiencing numbness pain and itching and hard lumps and bumps. I have very... READ MORE

Why is this garment cutting into my skin so bad after laser lipo?

I had laser lipo on 6/3 (6days ago) the garment is extremely tight and cuts its skin, I have put large pads under to try and help but still a lot of... READ MORE

10 days post laser lipo. Is this normal? (Photo)

Bulging, painful, lumpy. Doctor said this is normal and I have to do lymphatic massages. I have never in my life seen lumps this bad. What else can I... READ MORE

How is the recovery for Laser Lipo?

I would like to know how long it will take to recovery from a Laser Lipo and how painful it is. READ MORE

Redhead with bruising and pain after laser lipo on arms. Is significant bruising normal? How long will the pain last?

I had laser lipo on my arms 11 days ago and am wondering how long the pain is going to last. About 85% of the area treated is bruised...the bruising... READ MORE

It's been 3 weeks since I had Laser Lipo. Any suggestions?

The swelling was going down except the hardness around my tt scar. now since about 3 days ago me left side and towards the middle is more swollen and... READ MORE

Is this level of pain and swelling normal after laser lipo on upper arms?

I received laser lipo on my upper arms 3 1/2 weeks ago. Despite still wearing my compression garments, I still have significant swelling and pain and... READ MORE

Second round of laser lipo pain, why is the pain so bad?

Laser lipo I just had laser lipo again 10 months after the first round.. the pain is so much worse... why is this and if its scar tissue does that go... READ MORE

Why did I feel so much pain during laser lipo & cellulaze treatment?

I just had laser lipo and cellulaze of my inner/outer thighs and above my knees. I was given lidocaine injections at the start of the procedure but... READ MORE

Loose stomach skin after laser lipo?

I do not want to have a tummy tuck. i would be happy with 50% improvement. What lasers or other procedures are the best in 2017 to tighten stomach... READ MORE

Does the procedure of Laser Lipo actually cause severe pain throughout the process?

I had a Lipo and fat transfer. My dr made incisions and injected me with tumescent anesthesia. he began lipo'ing my upper and lower abs and flanks... READ MORE

Is this fluid normal after lazer liposuction? (Photo)

I have had lazer liposuction on my legs 4 weeks ago and my bottom of my legs are big bumps and my knees are huge with lumps really soar and tight my... READ MORE

Complex regional pain syndrome and meralgia paresthesia after laser assisted Liposuction.

Last year I had laser assisted Liposuction on my full abdomen, hip & love handles. I was diagnosed with myralgia paresthesia and also CRPS. In... READ MORE

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