Swelling + Laser Hair Removal

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Severe Labial Burns Following Laser Hair Removal

On Fri.3/11,I had laser hair removal at the MediSpa at my plastic surgeons office. Treatment given by nurse. Intense pain and swelling during and... READ MORE

I had a laser hair removal on my face. The itching is horrible and the swelling is pretty bad. How long will this last? (Photo)

On march 28,2014 I got laser hair removal on my face and chin. The next day I had a horrible rash, redness and swelling. This morning it's still bad.... READ MORE

I have swelling after laser hair removal. Is this normal?

Hello doctors.. I recently had my 4th laser hair removal on my face a couple of days ago, only this time, my cheeks are swollen and I have a blister... READ MORE

How to reduce swelling after laser session

I was given laser session again after 2 days because hair on my upper lip was not removed.I have thick and hard growth on my upperlip. I still can see... READ MORE

Swelling and bumps after laser hair removal, is this normal? (Photo)

I just had my second laser hair removal treatment yesterday and my legs are pretty swollen, especially around my ankles. The swelling is so bad it's... READ MORE

Do I have an infection from laser hair removal?

I got laser hair removal of the Brazilian region. The day after I noticed extreme itching.. Labia swelling.. And a foul odor. Is this normal? What can... READ MORE

Permanent Lip swelling from Laser Hair Removal?

I'm a male with thick, dark, coarse hair on my upper lip. I've had two laser hair removal treatments. The last treatment removed about 80% of the hair... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal really strawberry pores?

I've had 3 laser hair removal sessions and I still don't see any progress in it. The places that don't have ingrown hair have seen progress but I... READ MORE

Still in pain from Laser Hair Removal Burn. Please help. (photos)

I was burned yesterday from the laser hair removal. After the burn they said the machine was having issues and misread the skin on my legs for 19... READ MORE

How to alleviate hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal treatment?

Had a few sessions of laser hair removal for my lower legs and underarms for the last half year. Although it worked well for my underarms, my legs are... READ MORE

After laser treatment, my face became dry. What should I do?

After treatment my face become dry first red than swallin and now dry what would i do it is more than one week i cant eat and cant open my eyes... READ MORE

How to reduce face swelling after procedure and heal a burn blister on my lip? (photo)

Yesterday I got laser hair removal, my 9th treatment and I think the lady got really close to my lip because one zap really hurt and today I woke up... READ MORE

Can having laser hair removal on my chest cause swelling in my stomach?

I had laser hair removal on my chest last Tuesday. By Wednesday evening I noticed my stomach bloated out quite significantly. I would guess by around... READ MORE

I had my laser treatment today. Can I get rid of these red spots and swelling in 2 days?

After 2 dayZ,i hav an exm.The red spots n da swelling has all surrounded my face After Lazer.Actuallt,i had lazer of chin n side lobs. cn i get rid of... READ MORE

I've Read That Swelling Red Hair Follicles Can Last Up to 2 Days, but Mine Last Up to 7 Days Thus Far. What is the Problem?

1) I've only had one session of laser hair removal 2) I had the under arms and bikini area red, but the underarms subsided after 4 days with steroid... READ MORE

Is the redness/color normal 5-days after Brazilian laser treatment? (Photo)

Had Brazilian laser hair removal 5 days ago and that evening developed a histamine reaction in that area. The itching and the swelling has gone down... READ MORE

I had my second laser hair removal session yesterday. The first time I had some swelling and small red bumps on my arms. (photo)

I had the treatment to my arms, underarms, & bikini area. After the first treatment I only had redness & bumps to my arms. Now, I have a lot more... READ MORE

Is swelling in your ankles normal after having laser hair removal on your legs?

I had laser hair removal iny lowers legs 3 days ago. The day after I could barely walk. The swelling in my ankles, and the pressure in my legs hurt so... READ MORE

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