Razor Bumps + Laser Hair Removal

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How Does IPL Hair Removal Remove Ingrown Hair?

I was told that the ingrown hair will be removed by either IPL or laser hair removal. I want to know, will IPL hair removal or laser hair removal get... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Technology for Razor Bumps on Male Front Neck Region?

Advice appreciated. After reading this 500 comment thread, it seems like LHR is ideal for body hair but very problematic for treating the male... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery/procedure for Razor Bumps and Scars on African American Skin? (photo)

At this point I want surgery or a procedure Ive tried every cream, peel,potion etc. I need to get rid of the darkness and the scarring,also stretch marks. READ MORE

Shaving Issues? (photo)

I am a male and every time I shave my thighs, or treasure trail, I get these red very painful & itchy bumps(in picture). Even if I use a... READ MORE

Okay I Am Thinking of Having Laser Treatment but I Was Also Wonder if Can Take off Razor Bumps? (photo)

Like i was saying i have red razor bumps on my legs for shaving but can the laser hair removal take those away or just my hair and my razor bumps... READ MORE

Razor bumps and ingrown hair after 7 days of Light Sheer Diode Laser Hair removal.

I had a laser hair removal with a light Sheer diode machine, a week ago. However, after a week I still have razor bumps, and ingrown hair.  My... READ MORE

I have razor bumps in underarms. I am thinking of getting laser hair removal treatment? (Phoot)

It is about 4-5 years ,i have razor bumps . but now its very itchy and irritated . can you please help me to get rid off this ? will it remove razor... READ MORE

I just discovered a couple of razor bumps on my face. Will this hinder my laser treatments?

Hi. I'm a 28 yr old male. I did something foolish. I shaved when my hairs were very low and with minimum shaving gel. Don't ask why. Anyway, I have... READ MORE

Hair removal as extreme ratio to avoid pseudofolliculitis barbae and razor bumps. Advice? Are there any downsides? (photo)

After years of attempts, in avoiding pseudofolliculitis barbae (I have them on my head) , razor bumps, micro-pimples etc, I decided to take extreme... READ MORE

Does facial hair/shaving impact the effectiveness of Keloid Injections and Laser Therapy on Facial Keloids?

I have keloids on my jawline, both sides. I have been doing a combination of laser therapy and keloid injections in 3 week intervals. My keloids came... READ MORE

Why do I have excess pubic hair and how do I get rid of it? (photo)

I have excess pubic hair which grows outside my bikini onto my leg/upper thigh. Whatever I try to do I cannot get rid of it because I am left with... READ MORE

Razor Burn and Rash After Shaving - Even Though 8 Weeks AFTER Laser Hair Removal ?!!

In the past I might have had razor burn in a little area but it disappeared later. Today I shaved my legs and bikini area. I have a rash and razor... READ MORE

Red bumps looking like razor burn on bikini line after laser hair removal. (photo)

I have had two sessions of the GentleLASE laser hair removal done on my bikini line. I am pleased with my results so far, but am having an issue on my... READ MORE

Are razor bumps after laser on beard common?

I received my second laser treatment on my beard area a week ago. Right after the treatment I noticed that my face looked like I had shaved with a... READ MORE

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